The 2020 Census:
Nonpartisan Data & Civic Engagement for Democracy

Local governments, funders, and nonprofits can play a critical role in ensuring a fair and accurate count of immigrant and low-income communities in the 2020 Census.
Budget cuts and changes made to the 2020 Census will directly affect representation in Congress and electoral college votes, compliance with federal civil rights laws, and the annual federal distribution of $700 billion to states, cities, and vital human services programs from 2020 to 2030.
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New Census Bureau Study: Text Messages Are No. 1 Requested Follow-Up Method.
Source: Page 60, 2020 Census Barriers, Attitudes, and Motivations Study

Provide Trustworthy Answers and Combat Misinformation


Get your Census questions answered quickly and confidentially. Automated or in-person help available 24/7. Accessible in multiple languages.

Misinformation Reporter

Enable communities to easily, quickly, and confidentially report misinformation or other problems with the Census to one another.

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Provide Workforce Development Opportunities

Field Staff Recruiter

Build and nurture a pipeline of local candidates

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Maximizing On-the-Ground Outreach

Canvassing Optimizer

Track canvassing efforts in real time

Community Motivator

Automate follow-ups to engage hard-to-count individuals

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Webinar: California State Funding for Counties and Administrative CBOs for Census 2020: Info and Q&A
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