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Who is The Homeless Woman in the SOA?

Who is the homeless woman in the SOA? The Homeless Woman has been a source of mystery ever since the Son’s of Anarchy debuted, but has it been revealed that she represents Jesus Christ in human form? Kurt Sutter’s explanation has been controversial, but he has hinted that the Homeless Woman represents both the beginning and the end of things.

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Olivia Burnette, who plays the homeless woman in the Son’s of Anarchy

If you’re looking for a star on Sons of Anarchy, you’ve probably noticed the role of the homeless woman, played by Olivia Burnette.

This character appears eleven times in the series, usually right before violent incidents involving death. The role has also been linked to spirits and angels, so if you’re wondering what exactly Olivia Burnette’s relationship with these entities is, you’ve come to the right place.

The SOA has two main characters: Homeless Woman and Housewife Emily Putner. The former is played by Olivia Burnette, who plays the part of the former.

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The latter, played by Charleigh Parker, is a Latina woman who has never appeared in the series. She has also done video game voice work. Olivia Burnette’s character was first introduced in the series’ season one episode, “The Sleep of Babies,” where she interacted with Gemma and Jax. The episode ‘Caught in the Act’ saw her return in the final season, where she gave Jax a blanket.

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Kurt Sutter’s explanation: “Is the homeless woman in SOA a Ghost?”

Fans of the SOA TV series have long speculated that the Homeless Woman maybe Jesus Christ in human form. Sutter’s comments about the character support this theory. But is Sutter right? The Homeless Woman is a mysterious, unnerving character with a mysterious aura.

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It’s unclear why she appears and what her purpose might be. In this article, we’ll explore Sutter’s explanation of the Homeless Woman. The mysterious Homeless Woman has a long and mysterious past.

Fans have speculated that she may be a ghost, a specter, or even a manifestation of Jesus Christ. But Kurt Sutter explained that she is a benevolent spirit who is just a harbinger of death.

This mysterious figure appears during some of the worst times in Jax’s life, including when baby Abel is kidnapped by the IRA and in the final episode of season seven.

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She represents both the beginning and the end of things

Fans have long suspected that the homeless woman in the SOA series is a specter or a recurring hallucination. But, the character’s creator Kurt Sutter has clarified her role as a benevolent harbinger of the dark.

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She appears to the group at the most unfavorable moments, like when Jax is following the couple who adopted Abel. Similarly, her appearance in the finale of season seven fueled fan theories.

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Homeless lady Sons of Anarchy angel of death

Soa was a powerful woman with a deep faith in God. She died peacefully at home on February 22, 2017, leaving behind a legacy of God’s Grace and Love.

homeless lady soa angel of death

She was a shining example to those who knew her. Here are a few things to remember about SOA. In her own words, “Sister, I’ve come to preach the Gospel.”

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The catastrophe that happened as a result of John Teller’s collision with the semi-truck claimed the life of the homeless woman, Emily Putner. Brooke, who hurled the rock at the ice cream shop, is her daughter.

SOA features Emily Putner on multiple occasions. Whenever Gemma or Jax are making an emotionally charged decision.

Consequently, someone who represents Jesus has been watching over Jax and Gemma during their difficult times. When Jax dies later in the episode by riding John Teller’s bike right into a semi-truck, much like his father did, the image of the bread and wine is brought full circle. However, this time, it’s blood instead of wine.

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