Which of these Animal Has Been Elected to Office in the United States?

Which of these Animal Has Been Elected to Office in the United States?

Which of these animals has been elected to office in the United States? It may be hard to believe, but there are some animal electoral candidates. From dogs and cats to elephants and monkeys, they’ve all been elected to office. Stubbs, the honorary feline mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska, died last year. Keep reading with Census Outreach for more detail!

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Top 9 animals have been elected to office in the US

There are many famous examples of animals running for office. From Mayor Wilbur the Bulldog to Committeeman Boston Curtis the Mule, there are dozens of examples to choose from. And while we can’t all be lions, we can all appreciate the cuteness that comes with an elected animal official. Here are a few:

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1. Mayor Wilbur the Bulldog

When Mayor Wilbur the Bulldog was elected to the office of mayor, no one could have predicted it. The election of Wilbur was a success for a number of reasons. For one, he has a knack for people.

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Wilbur is also a popular figure on social media, where he regularly posts about the town’s business. He is also a popular source of advice for the town’s Champ and Major.

2. Mayor Stubbs the Cat

If you’re looking for a fun way to promote your business, you’ll want to check out the latest news about Mayor Stubbs the Cat, who was elected mayor of the fictional city of Nagley, Pennsylvania.

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This hilarious cat ruled for 20 years and survived BB gun attacks, a dog attack, a fall into a cold fryer, and a broken sternum. Stubbs was so popular that even his pet kittens voted for him!

3. Mayor Bosco the Dog

It is an enlightening fact that a dog has been elected to office in the United States. During the 1980s, Bosco Ramos was mayor of Lyon’s, CA. This town had been devastated by a fire, so the people invited Bosco to attend a pro-democracy rally.

bosco the dog

After the fire, Bosco decided to run for mayor as a ‘Re-pup-cant’ and became the first dog elected to office in the United States. The election of Bosco the Dog has polarized political views, and the Dog is now the symbol of democracy and freedom in the United States.

In the 1980s, Bosco became the first dog elected to office in the United States. In Sunol, Bosco led the Halloween parade and attended town events. He also often wore a tuxedo.

4. Committeeman Boston Curtis the Mule

A brown mule named Boston Curtis was recently elected as a precinct committeeman for the city of Milton, Washington. Curtis was an uncontested candidate who won the election in an unusual manner.

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His win was surprising because he ran without a campaign or a platform, and his election was the result of a popular vote, not a primary. The story goes that the mule’s election was engineered by the city’s Democratic mayor, Kenneth Simmons.

Simmons placed a mule’s hoofprint on the required documents and then signed his name over it. This event subsequently appeared on Ripley’s Believe It Or Not radio show and was even featured in a nationally syndicated cartoon.

5. Lincoln the Goat

Despite the name, Lincoln the Goat has not become the first caprine or quadruped to hold office in the US. In fact, a goat has twice served as mayor in the past, including during the time of Abraham Lincoln.

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Many Americans, however, choose to believe the predictions of groundhogs. While a goat may not be the most likely candidate for office, its election in Fair Haven, Vermont, has earned national media attention.

The town of Fair Haven, Vermont, has elected a goat as its honorary mayor. Lincoln is a three-year-old Nubian, which has also been trained in drug detection and tracking. When not on the job, he visits local schools.

6. Clay Henry IV the Goat

A goat named Clay Henry IV has been elected to the office of mayor of Lajitas, Texas, by a local town’s voters. His brother, Clay Moore Henry, also ran for the office.

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The first time a goat was elected to the office of mayor in the United States, it happened in Texas. In the early 1980s, a beer-drinking goat ran for mayor of Lajitas. He was elected and received many votes, but was ultimately defeated by a goat. A few years later, a goat was elected to the office of mayor in another town.

7. April the Cow

While write-in candidates often have a hard time winning elections, April the Cow has been a success story. April the Cow was elected mayor of Eastsound, Washington. She spent most of her time chewing her cud.

April the Cow

Other notable write-in candidates include Sweet Tart the Cat who was elected mayor of Omena, Michigan. Voters could pay $1 to cast their votes for this cat, and Punkin the Dog, who was elected to represent the village council.

8. Pigasus for President of the United States

In the fall of 1968, the New York Times wrote obituaries about the presidential candidate, Pigasus for President of the United State. The obituaries of three New York Times columnists were particularly notable.

Dennis Dalrymple, Abbie Hoffman, and Jerry Rubin wrote about Pigasus’s nomination as President during the Democratic Convention. Nevertheless, this presidential candidate never won, and no one was elected.

igasus for President of the United States

The campaign for a real pig began with a 1968 press conference held at Chicago’s Daley Plaza, which was the beginning of a week of political unrest.

This event remains an important memory of the counterculture, and the reenactment of it is a unique opportunity to celebrate the anti-war movement while examining the limits of political disruption and theater. Pigasus for President of the United States has been a favorite of American theatergoers for decades.

9. Colossus for President

In 1992, a 500-pound silverback gorilla named Colossus ran for president of the Vegetarian Party in New Hampshire’s primary election. The gorilla was backed by a local chimpanzee, who served as its campaign manager and handled all paperwork.

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While the gorilla never reached the White House, his owner insisted that he was a legitimate candidate. Today, it is a political thriller with a social message.

Upon announcing his run for the presidency, Colossus telegraphs a message to the world. Declaring himself to be the voice of world control, the colossus presents a choice between the unburied death and peace of plenty.

Why Non-human electoral candidates

There are many reasons why non-human electoral candidates have been elected in our nation’s history. Some non-human candidates have become the object of folklore or parody. In the 1817 novel Melincourt, an orangutan is named parliamentary candidate.

In Sneaky Pie for President, a detective cat, Mrs. Murphy, runs for president. Electing an animal isn’t impossible. Non-human electoral candidates have also been elected to municipal offices as symbolic representatives of protest.

A goat, named Cacareco, was elected to the city council in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The goat’s electoral candidate was a PR stunt. The city had to protest a new administration. While some municipalities have elected non-human mayors, they have also barred animal mayors from holding office.


Whether these animal candidates could be elected to public office depends on election regulations. Some constituencies require that candidates be human and sign legally on legal forms. Some animal candidates have been rejected, however. Some animals have been elected, however, and others were rebuffed. So, who should we elect? We should remember to keep our fingers crossed. We hope these examples will inspire other animal candidates to seek public office!

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