When does child support end in Florida

When does child support end in Florida?

When does child support end in Florida? This is one of many questions of parents who are paying monthly child support payments. In Florida, This obligation automatically ends when a child reaches the age of 18 as many U.S. states or other regulations exist. Following Censusoutreach’s article below to explore this topic

child support end in Florida

Understanding Child Support Laws in Florida

Child support pays for your child’s upkeep, maintenance, education, and other necessary expenses. Parents are bound by a legal and moral commitment to support their children’s needs and upkeep, therefore they cannot refuse to pay court-ordered child support.

Child Support Laws in Florida

What is the Florida child support payment cutoff date?

In Florida, the end of child support shall not be fixed. Each of these different case will have a different end time. Such as:

End of Child Support at Age 18

If one of the following situations applies, the noncustodial parent may decide to stop paying child support before the child turns 18:

  • The child marries
  • The child engages in the U.S. military
  • The child becomes independent or emancipated
  • The child dies.

Child Support Ending at Age 18

According to the Florida law governing child support, unless the parties agree differently, monthly support payments will stop when the child is 18 years old. If there are many children involved, the monthly child support obligation will diminish proportionately when each child reaches the age of 18. The final child support court order should include all of these dates. These dates should all be set out in the final court order addressing child support.

Child Support Ending at Age 18

Support for Children Ends at Age 19

If certain conditions are met, child support may be continued until the age of 18, sometimes even until the child is 19. These instances vary depending on the child’s age at the time of high school graduation, as follows:

  • Support stops when a child’s 18th birthday if they complete high school before.
  • Support terminates after the child graduates from high school, even if they are under 19 and over 18.
  • Child support ends on the 19th birthday if the child graduates after turning 19 
  • If a child is not on schedule to complete high school by age 19, funding ceases on his or her 18th birthday.

Continued Child Support After the age of 19

If a child has exceptional requirements that make them dependent such as mental or physical incapacity. Florida law permits child support to continue through the age of 19—and maybe indefinitely. 

receive a consultation of family lawyer

In this case, if your child has special needs previous to the child support order. Make sure the situation of prolonged support is correctly addressed.

You should always request a modification of the order that will get rid of the initial termination date because of special requirements if a kid becomes incapable at a later time but before becoming 18 years old.

You are unable to request continued child support once your child turns 18, even for dependence.


The laws of Florida have a clause that extends child support until your child is 19 years old. Child support will continue until your child graduates from high school if they have not done so by the time they become 18 years old.

Florida law exempts parents from paying for their children’s college tuition. After the end of the academic year in which the kid becomes 18 years old, a judge cannot order a parent to continue paying child support.

a 19-year-old

In Florida, the oldest age at which a child can receive child support is 19. Child support will stop on the day of graduation for any high school graduate who turns 18 before turning 19 years old

Florida child support typically expires when a kid reaches the age of 18. Florida allows for the continuation of child support until the kid is 19 or graduates from high school. In Florida, children with special needs may receive ongoing child support indefinitely.

Determinations of child support are crucial for ensuring that your children get the upbringing they deserve. If you are contemplating divorce, getting child custody, or want to change an existing child support agreement. Do not hesitate to contact an experienced family law attorney or law firm to receive a consultation.

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