What President Hosted His Daughter's Prom at the White House in 1975

What President Hosted His Daughter’s Prom at the White House in 1975

What President Hosted His Daughter’s Prom at the White House in 1975? Gerald Ford, the 38th president of the USA is also the one who organized the prom party for his daughter at the White House.

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susan ford 1975

The president hosted his daughter’s prom at the White House

There was an unusual event at the White House in 1975: a President’s daughter hosted her senior prom in the East Room of the building. Susan Ford’s final year of high school coincided with her father’s rise to the Oval Office. 

As a result, Susan’s prom was held in the country’s most famous home. She even had her own car. While it’s unlikely that a young President would host his daughter’s prom, it’s a unique experience.

president hosted his daughter's prom at the White House

Susan Ford was the only daughter of former President Gerald Ford and former First Lady Betty Ford. She attended Holton-Arms School in Bethesda, Maryland, and her senior prom took place at the White House. 

The prom, which cost $1,300, was well received by the attendees. Although no taxpayer money was used to fund the event, the reception and dinner were memorable occasions for all of the students.

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Gerald Ford’s president bio

The Gerald R. Ford presidential library and museum in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is part of the Gerald R. Ford Foundation, which was created by the president. 

Gerald Ford

The library contains more than two million books, and there are biographies and images of many former presidents and other government officials. You can also read about Ford’s relationship with the Secret Service. 

After attending his daughter’s prom at the White House, he joined the Secret Service and accompanied her on a presidential yacht.

Susan Ford, the youngest Ford child, had her senior prom at the White House. It was the first time a high school prom had been held in the White House. 

Gerald Ford's president bio

Susan and her classmates raised money for the event and elected her prom queen. It remains the only prom to be held at the White House. She went on to study photography under the guidance of David Kennerly and now works as a photographer, breast cancer advocate, and trustee of the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Foundation.

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Who is Gerald Ford’s daughter?

Susan Ford is the youngest daughter of former President Gerald R. Ford. She was born on July 6, 1967. Susan and her three siblings attended the Holton-Arms School in Bethesda, Maryland, and were raised in the White House. 

susan ford daughter of gerald ford

Her senior prom was held at the White House, which is a unique experience in itself. Susan Ford also attended Harvard University, but she now resides in Texas. 

The youngest of the four Ford children, Susan was only 17 when her father became president, which may explain why she spent the last two years of her adolescent life in the White House.

After her father’s election, Susan studied at Yale Law School and became a photojournalist for the White House. In college, she studied photography with White House photographer David Kennerly. 

susan ford young

She later became a news photographer for a newspaper in Topeka, Kansas, where she worked until the time of her father’s death. After the birth of her daughter, Ford remained active in politics. 

She also served as a board member of the Betty Ford Center and served as its spokesperson during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

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The guests of the President’s daughter at which school

The first White House Prom took place in 1975 for Susan Ford, then seventeen years old. The event cost $1,300 and featured two bands, alcohol-free punch, and Swedish meatballs. 

Susan’s father, Gerald R. Ford, gave her permission to hold her senior prom in the White House’s East Room. It featured refreshments and dancing, as well as tablecloths and centerpieces.

The guests of the President's daughter at which school

Susan’s senior prom took place at the White House in 1975, and she had invited 75 students from Maryland’s Holton Arms School. The event cost $1300 and featured Swedish meatballs, rock bands, and a yacht ride. 

It was so extravagant that President Ford invited Frank Sinatra, who was attending his 70th birthday party. It was an unforgettable night for the students and President Ford.

Where did Gerald Ford hold the prom event?

Where did Gerald Ford host his daughter’s high school prom? That’s a question many Americans have asked. 

Well, as the first daughter of the president, Susan attended a prom at the White House, so that is a pretty good sign. The event was attended by 74 people. 

The first lady, Betty Ford, and the president’s sister-in-law, Janet Ford, were there, too. At the time, prom security was not at its current high level. 

White House

Each of the attendees would have to provide their Social Security numbers and birth dates to the Secret Service, which was tasked with policing the event.

The reception was held at the East Room of the White House, where over 70 teenage girls and their dates attended the event. This is the first known instance of a high school prom at the White House. 

While proms at the White House aren’t typically covered by local news media, Susan Ford’s was an exception to that rule. The celebration was a hit with her classmates and was highly successful

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What Band Played at the White House Prom?

The Vanity Fair magazine profiled the event and reported that Susan Ford’s senior prom was the first ever hosted at the White House. 

The Vanity Fair

Susan Ford was the daughter of President Gerald Ford, and the high school had raised the money to hold the event at the White House. Vanity Fair also captured many of the memories of the prom, including the flower tablecloths, dancing the bump, and the White House Press Corps’ coverage.

The 74 high school seniors who attended the event went through a receiving line on the State Floor and Grand Hall. Following the receiving line, the reception included hors d’oeuvres and punch in the State Dining Room. 

The Beach Boys

The event continued into the night with dancing in the East Room, from 8:30 p.m. until 1:00 a.m. The Outerspace Band and Sandcastle provided the music.

The Beach Boys were Susan Ford’s top choice for the prom, and after the prom, they were invited to the White House for an exclusive tour. The members of the band were also given full star treatment, which included signing autographs for fans. 

The White House is planning a special annex to honor the late Sen. Philip A. Hart, who is battling cancer. The band, “The Beach Boys,” is now a part of American history.

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