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What is the Average Age of a father of a Newborn Baby in the United States?

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What is the average age of a father of a newborn baby in the United Stated?

Data on the average age of a newborn baby’s father in the United States has been largely lacking until recently when a Stanford study used information from the federal repository of birth records to find out. While the average age of a newborn baby’s dad has increased by more than three years in the past 40 years, fathers are still the second most common group to give birth.

Men of Asian descent are the oldest, while white men are the youngest at thirty-one. In addition, paternal age has increased with higher levels of education, so the average age of a newborn baby’s dad with a college degree is now 33.3 years old.

In the past four decades, the average age of a U.S. dad has increased significantly, from 27.4 years old in 1972 to 30.9 years old in 2015. Fathers today are often older than they were when they had their first child, and that delay is often associated with fewer children. For this reason, men should take time to consider their decisions before deciding to become a father.

The average age of dad to have a child in the U.S

The average age of a man to have his first child has steadily risen in the United States. In 1968, a man was 27 years old, while today’s average is 31. That means that men are two years older than their mothers were in 1968, according to a recent study.

While the age of a man to have his first child has increased, women’s average age at first childbirth has remained fairly stable over the past few decades. The average age of dads to have children has increased since 1991. Men with higher education are more likely to become parents than non-degreed men. Asian-American fathers are also slightly older than white men.

Men who completed college degrees are more likely to become fathers than non-degreed men. But in general, fatherhood is becoming more common as women age. In fact, a man’s age increases by one year every four years.

At what age should fathers have children in America

In the U.S., men who were born in the last year were two years older than their mothers. This trend is likely to continue as more men enter the workforce and women delay having children to advance their careers. But the longer men wait to have children, the greater their risk for serious health conditions, including autism and chromosomal abnormalities.

In fact, older men are fathering children compared to those who are just a couple of decades older. Fatherhood rates vary depending on the race and education level of the dad. Asian and Vietnamese-American dads are the oldest at 36, while Black fathers are the youngest at thirty-three.

The average age of fatherhood varies by region, with older dads being more likely to have more education than those with lower education. Despite this, the average age of fatherhood has increased since 1992.

Average age to have children around the world

The average age to have a child in 141 countries varies from 26.4 years in the U.S. to 31.2 years in South Korea. Similarly, women in Greece, Luxembourg, and Japan are much younger than in the United States. In all, it takes almost 29 years to have your first child.

Women in the United Kingdom are about two years older than women in other countries. These differences are probably due to the fact that women in those countries are not as educated as women in other countries.

While in the early twentieth century, women were generally young enough to marry and give birth, the average age to have their first child was 23 years old or younger. In the mid-1970s, that age increased to 26.7 years. But this period has also seen a gradual increase in the number of children born to mothers. As a result, the average age to have a child today is much younger than it was during the 1960s.


30.9 years old

The median age gap between children is between 24 and 29 months, with one-third of all couples becoming pregnant within roughly 18 months of the birth of their first child. Although shorter age gaps are more frequent than longer ones, births with 10-year age gaps account for 5% of all births.

It may seem like a youthful age—32, on average—but Guzzo emphasizes that it also includes women who are nearing the end of their reproductive year

  • Alaska (13.7)
  • South Dakota (13.5)
  • Texas (13.2)
  • Nebraska (13.2)
  • District of Columbia (13.1)
  • Oklahoma (12.6)
  • Kansas (12.5)
  • Mississippi (12.4)


According to a study, the average American dad is now nearly three and a half years older than he was 40 years ago. The researchers analyzed federal birth records and found that men over 40 now account for 9% of all U.S. births, while men over 50 now make up just 1%. The average age of mothers at childbirth has also increased. Follow https://www.censusoutreach.org/ for more detail!

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