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Uhaul Pos Login instructions & Customer services. When utilizing Uhaul.Net or the Uhaul Net website for the first time, if you are unfamiliar with the requirements for Uhaul.Net and the login procedure, you may experience certain difficulties. This tutorial will walk you through logging in, creating a new Uhaul Pos account, and retrieving a forgotten password.

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About Uhaul Pos

U-Haul is a company with headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona that hires out moving and storage equipment and has been in operation since 1945.In Ridgefield, Washington, Leonard Shoen (also known as L. S. “Sam” Shoen) established it in 1945.

About Uhaul Pos Login
About Uhaul Pos Login

In his wife’s garage, he initially launched the company, which he eventually expanded through gas station franchises. Self-storage, moving supplies, tow hitches, and trailer rentals are some of the services this business offers. This company provides a variety of services, including self-storage, moving supplies, tow hitches, and trailer rentals.

The guidelines in this article will assist you if you’re looking for instructions on how to access your Uhaul Pos online account, log in to your account, register for a new Uhaul Pos account and recover the forgotten password.

Benefits of Using Uhaul Pos

It’s an affordable approach to control your operations and inventories while maintaining client satisfaction. The cloud based Uhaul POS system has a number of benefits over traditional data collection methods. Additionally, installation or upkeep are not necessary:

No hardware has to be purchased

You can track equipment in real-time with the Uhaul POS, a comprehensive solution for your equipment rental business. You don’t need to make an upfront equipment purchase because Uhaul supplies all the hardware you require to get going, including tablets, barcode scanners, printers, and accessories.

Inventory management with customization

By designing custom reports that are catered to your unique requirements, the Uhaul POS enables you to streamline your company procedures. In order to make it simple for anybody to access and utilize, you can build reports for any number of users depending on their specific jobs or grant access to your staff.

Mobile compatibility

The Uhaul POS system is easily accessible via the app on your tablet or mobile device, allowing you to be connected and productive at all times and from any location. This is particularly advantageous when it’s time to return equipment because you can ensure that it is processed correctly and returned on time as soon as it’s back in your control.

The Integration Center

All of the top eCommerce and accounting solutions are integrated with the Uhaul POS system, making it simple to link your inventory database to already-existing platforms. You may design specialized integrations to fit the needs of your company for any number of people, making it simple and quick to gather information from numerous sources in one location.

Comfortable to Use

There are no longer extended workdays or mountains of papers to sort through. The Uhaul POS system provides a simple, all-inclusive platform for running your business renting out equipment, which can help you save time and money. The Uhaul POS is the greatest rental

Some requirements to Login Uhaul Pos

  • An Internet-capable device, such as a personal computer with a suitable operating system, modem Internet access, and a suitable web browser are required.
  • Internet banking is done through the Internet and doesn’t require any specific software or access to a private network.
  • You can do Internet banking from almost anywhere in the globe if you have a computer with Internet access, a modem and telephone line, an Internet browser, and have registered with your financial institution for Internet banking service.

How to Login in Uhaul Pos online account on the website?

You must first log in on the Uhaul Pos login page in order to enjoy all the features of your Uhaul Pos online account. Therefore, read the instructions below to learn how to log in.

  • Step 1: Go to the Uhaul Pos’s login site by clicking on this URL: https://pos.uhaul.net/secure/POSLogin/Login.aspx
  • Step 2: Enter your username and password. If you want to sign in more quickly, you can type your location.
  • Step 3: Click on “Sign In” button to access your Uhaul Pos online account.
Type your username and password to login Uhaul Account
Type your username and password to login Uhaul Account

U Haul Dealer login

  1. You need to open U Haul Dealer page login page at https://uhauldealer.com/launcher
  2. Type in your Username and password
  3. Click Sign In to access your dealer account

U Haul Employee Login

  1. Open U Haul Employee page at https://uhaul.net/login_main.aspx
  2. Enter your System Member ID (SMID) and password
  3. Click Sign In button then

How to Recover Your Uhaul Pos Online Account’s Password?

  • Step 1: Go to the Uhaul Pos’s login page. On the left side of the login area, press on “Forgot your PIN?” link as the image shown below.
  • Step 2: The directed page requires you to enter your SMID and birth date. If you do not have a SMID or cannot get on the system, please contact HR Services at: 1-866-495-6745 ext. 513500.
    After filling in all the details, click on “Submit” button.
  • Step 3: Follow the rest of the prompts until you complete the verification process. After that, you have to create a new password to sign in your Uhaul Pos account.
Enter the required information to reset your password
Enter the required information to reset your password

Why should Use the Uhaul Pos mobile app?

Your relocation will be made easier with the help of the official U-Haul Moving & Storage app.

You can use the features of the Uhaul Pos mobile app listed below by logging in with your current account login information, including:

  • You can rent and return a trailer or car straight from your phone.
  • Take charge of every aspect of your relocation, from making the reservation to arriving back home.
  • There are options for order management, account management, self-storage renting, and rapid move-in.
  • Hire moving help, order boxes and other moving supplies for pickup or delivery inside the store, and much more.

The steps listed below must be followed if you want to download the Uhaul Pos mobile app and login into your online account.

How to Log in Uhaul Pos online account on Mobile App?

Sign in Uhaul on mobile app
Sign in Uhaul on mobile app
  • Step 1: Download the Uhaul Pos Mobile App on App Store and on Google Play.
  • Step 2: You launch the program you installed. The screen for logging in will display.
  • Step 3: You need to enter your username and password. Then, click on “Log In” to access your Uhaul Pos online account.

Why am I unable to get access to the Uhaul Pos Mobile App?

You might not be able to access your account using the app for a variety of reasons. The primary cause is incorrect account and login credentials. By verifying your information one more before submitting it, you can prevent this.

  • Android phones like the Samsung S8, Galaxy J7, and others are unable to download the Uhaul program owing to memory limitations (less than 1GB). You cannot download them via the Google Play Store because these phones have a limited amount of storage.
  • Due to insufficient RAM, Android phones like the Moto E4 cannot install the Uhaul app (less than 2GB)
    The installation process abruptly ends and displays the message “Installation Stopped.”

Requirements for connecting with U-Hauls

In order to be compatible with our system, you can use one of the following devices:

  • Android 4.0 or higher
  • iOS Devices with at least IOS 6.1 installed

These include IPads and iPhones that have cellular service available. If you are using an iPad device without cellular service, then it will need to be connected to a wireless network in order for you to rent a truck.

Best Services of Uhaul Pos

Which payment methods does Uhaul accept? Regardless of how you plan to pay, the whole projected amount for your rental is payable when you pick up your gear. Cash, debit cards, or credit cards can all be used to make payments. Rentals of pickup and vans are taken in cash.

Employees use the U-Haul

Employees have access to a number of benefits and resources offered by the business through Pos.Uhaul.Net Login. Only the Uhaul Pos Login ID and password need to be entered upon login. Users should go to the official site and provide their credentials as employees in order to genuinely sign in.

Newest trucks and moving tools

To keep you secure when moving, U-Haul trucks are very well maintained and fitted with backup cameras and GPS safety tracking systems. For your convenience on moving day, they also provide free dollies, ramps, and furniture blankets at the time of renting. The fact that they rent trucks on an hourly basis is the nicest aspect. It can therefore be returned as soon as your move is complete.

Provide a range of moving supplies

To make moving easier for you, Uhaul also carries a selection of moving supplies like boxes, tape, and bubble wrap. If you’re searching for a decent rate on a significant holiday like Christmas or New Year’s Eve, Uhaul also offers discounts on regular movers. If you want to save some extra money, it is always advised that you phone and inquire about deals or coupons before making the transfer.

Rapid social media support

Another good incentive to follow Uhaul on social media is that they have an active social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube where they often post information on the deals and discounts they are currently offering. Therefore, if you want to save some additional money, follow Uhaul on social media to be informed about their current promotions!

Customer services for U-Haul

Customer services for U Haul Pos Login
Customer services for U Haul Pos Login

Contact by Phone

  • Customer Service: 1-800-789-3638.
  • Reservations: 1-800-468-4285.
  • Retail Web Orders: 1-866-277-6855.
  • Corporate Sales: 1-800-528-6042.
  • Storage Reservations & Existing Customers: 1-800-468-4285.
  • Used Trucks for Sale: 1-866-404-0355.
  • Report Impounded or Abandoned U-Haul Equipment: 1-888-886-0782.

Contact by Email Address

  • Used Trucks for Sale: trucksales@uhaul.com
  • Corporate Sales: corporatesales@uhaul.com
  • Retail Web Orders: store@uhaul.com
  • Moving Help: support@movinghelp.com
  • Credit Department: credit_department@uhaul.com
  • Public Relations: publicrelations@uhaul.com
  • Become a Storage Affiliate: saleswss@uhaul.com

FAQs about Uhaul Pos  

How can I know if my device is prepared to connect to the Mobile POS network of U-Haul?

If the mobile point of sale app is installed on your smartphone and cellular connection is accessible, you may tell that you are prepared to connect to the U-Haul network. You can hire a truck utilizing the “U-Haul Mobile Point of Sale System” as long as the app is installed, and you are aware of your customer number.

Using this POS system is exactly like using any other, with the exception that you may access it 24/7 from anywhere. The U-Haul Mobile Point of Sale app is available for iOS and Android users to download from the Apple iTunes Store.

What timeframe does this Uhaul Mobile POS technology have?

This is a trial run for a potential permanent program. Uhaul is constantly looking into new technologies and concepts to improve your overall experience! Visit the Uhaul website’s FAQ page if you have any more queries about mobile point-of-sale systems.

Can I register online and pick up my truck later in a store?

Of course! While you can reserve a truck through the U-Haul website, you must pick up the necessary documents and truck keys from your neighborhood U-Haul shop. Customers who want to pick up their rental on the same day that they reserved it are not currently allowed to do so using mobile point-of-sale systems. All reservations from clients must be made one day in advance.


You can access the Uhaul Pos Sign In procedure at https://pos.uhaul.net/. This material should be interesting and useful to you. However, since I appreciate helping everyone, if you have any questions about the Uhaul Login, please leave a comment.

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