TCI Student Login Portal Guide - Teachers' Curriculum Institute

TCI Student Login Portal Guide – Teachers’ Curriculum Institute

TCI Student Login Portal Guide – Curriculum Programs. If you want to manage your TCI Student account, you’ve come to the right place. This post will show you how to login into your account in detail. Additionally, we will show you how to sign up, and recover your account, and some information about TCI.

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Overview of TCIOverview of TCI

TCI is a K–12 publishing company that develops scientific and social studies curricula to help teachers become better at including kids from different backgrounds in the classroom.

Its Values

  • Improve whatever you do.
  • Find ways to work together.
  • Adopt a productive way of life.
  • Make a commitment to lifelong learning.
  • Share your enthusiasm.

Why TCI?

  • A flexible, simple-to-use curriculum effortlessly integrates with the ways that teachers now practice.
  • TCI specializes in making the adoption and execution of courses simple.
  • Their teacher-first strategy integrates classroom reality with student needs to provide a curriculum that simplifies instruction for teachers.
  • Teachers can implement lessons with ease because of sample lesson plans, interesting activities, and a committed support staff.
  • With the help of their curriculum, educators have all the tools and resources at their disposal to swiftly change or adapt lesson plans to suit the demands of each unique classroom.
  • TCI’s core principles include the use of distance and hybrid learning.

Features of TCI

  • Their K–12 curricula and services for educators are founded on tried-and-true instructional approaches that make learning engaging and effective in the classroom.
  • By providing teachers with a K-12 online curriculum, social studies textbooks, science textbooks, and K-12 lesson plans that enable them to create a more exciting learning environment for their students, TCI is revolutionizing the way education is taught at all grade levels.
  • Their K–12 programs make learning engaging and produce consistent, beneficial classroom results because they are based on tried–and–true teaching methodologies.
  • The curriculum at TCI has been meticulously crafted to satisfy state requirements, encourage participation in lessons, and aid students in understanding the material through practical and experiential activities.

TCI ScienceTCI Science

Students are inspired and engaged by TCI’s Bring Science Alive! program and online science textbooks as they make meaningful connections between the material and their daily lives.

  • Elementary School Science – Science instruction for pupils in grades K–5 is intended to cultivate their curiosity and motivate them to become tomorrow’s explorers.
  • Middle School Science – Bring Science Alive! represents the new philosophy of science education, emphasizing big-picture ideas and teaching pupils how to “practice science” rather than memorization of facts.
  • Middle School Integrated Science – The main objective of TCI’s Bring Science Alive! Middle School Integrated curriculum was to aid students in mastering the three-dimensional learning that is outlined in the NGSS framework.

TCI Social Studies

  • Elementary Social Studies – The elementary Social Studies Alive! program from TCI helps lay a solid foundation for tomorrow’s leaders.
  • Middle School Social Studies – The goal of TCI’s middle school social studies curricula, History Alive! and Geography Alive!, is to create diverse, engaged global citizens.
  • High School Social Studies – The high school social studies curriculum at TCI is designed to provide students with a solid foundation for success in academic settings, the workforce, and civic engagement.

TCI Student Login Instructions

Login Requirements

Before you may sign in to your TCI Student account, you need the following:

  • Web URL for TCI Student Account Login.
  • Teacher Email or Username, Student Username and password for TCI Student.
  • Suitable web browser for the TCI Student login page.
  • A dependable internet connection on a laptop, PC, smartphone, or tablet.

You may log in and start managing your account online with these pieces of information.

Let’s get this tutorial going and examine the TCI Student Login procedures. These are the ones listed below. Never overlook a step while logging onto your TCI Student account; follow the instructions below:

Login on Web

  • Step 1: Visit the official website of TCI by clicking on the following URL:
  • Step 2: On the home page, click “Student Sign In” to move to the Student Sign-In page.
  • Step 3: Type your Teacher Email or Username, Student Username, and Password.TCI Student Login Instructions
  • Step 4: Press on “Sign in” to get access to your TCI Student account.

You can login into your TCI student account by Google account.

Login Help?

If you have troubleshooting in the process of logging into your TCI student account, you can contact TCI customer service to get support by calling 800-497-6138 and fax to 800-343-6828 or email to or mail at:

1049 El Monte Avenue
Ste C #607
Mountain View, CA 94040

TCI Teacher Login Procedures

If you are a teacher or Coordinator who wants to login into your account to view your Student Text, complete Lesson Games, and more, follow the steps below to do this:

  • Step 1: Go to the official website of TCI by clicking on the following URL:
  • Step 2: On the home page, click “Teacher Sign In” to move to the Teacher/Coordinate Sign-In page.
  • Step 3: Type your Email or Username and Password.TCI Teacher Login Procedures
  • Step 4: Press on “Sign in” to get access to your TCI teacher account.

TCI Student Account Signup

To login into your TCI student account, it is necessary for you to create an account. Follow the instructions below to conduct this:

  • Step 1: Visit the official website of TCI by clicking on the following URL:
  • Step 2: On the home page, click “Student Sign In” to move to the Student Sign-In page.
  • Step 3: Click the “Create Account” button and you will be then redirected to the registration page.
  • Step 4: Fill in your Teacher Email or Username, Last Name, and First Name. Then create your Username and Password.TCI Student Account Signup
  • Step 5: After that, click “Create Account” and follow the next given instructions on the website to create a TCI student account.

You can also sign up for a TCI student account with Google.

Is it easy to carry out, right? Just do it now to login into your account for its convenience.

TCI Student Password Reset

If you have accidentally forgotten your TCI Student login password, the only way to reset it is to ask your teacher for help. They can reset your password from their My Classes page.

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TCI Privacy Policy

Teachers’ Curriculum Institute (“TCI”) is dedicated to protecting your privacy and personal data. They want you to be aware of and confident in the procedures they follow to protect the data you submit to TCI websites, such as their online application service for students and teachers (“Application”) and the corporate website.

FAQs about TCI Student LoginFAQs about TCI Student Login

How does TCI address my school/district’s tax exempt status?

The states of AL, CA, FL, IL, KY, MD, MI, NJ, OH, OK, PA, SC, TX, VA, and WA are among those where TCI collects sales tax. TCI is not permitted by law to extend the sales tax exemption of a school or district to a person using a personal credit card to make a purchase.

If your school or district has sales tax-exempt status and you are using a school credit card with a billing address at the TCI Store, please fax or email a copy of the tax-exempt certificate with your purchase number to within 24 hours (800-343-6828).

When you submit the order, a line item for sales tax will appear, but before your credit card is charged, it will be deleted. Unless you have a tax-exempt certificate on file with them, sales tax may be charged to your order if you fail to email or fax a certificate within 24 hours.

What is TCI science curriculum?

Their science curriculum offers the Investigation Kit materials, blended learning resources, online science textbooks, and customizable assessments that teachers need to support student success both now and throughout the year. It was created from the ground up to align with the Next Generation Science Standards.

Does TCI integrate with Google classroom?

Yes. You can quickly share information, submit TCI assignments automatically, and sync student grades with TCI and Google Classroom. By providing a direct access to TCI content and assignments within Google Classroom, the upgrade makes navigating for your class simpler.


You can find all the information you need about your TCI student account in this post. In order to accomplish this, you can log in, sign up and recover your account. In order to help and save you some time, several FAQs have also been addressed.

We appreciate you reading the content. Census Outreach believes that this article will be useful to those of you who frequently use your TCI student account for its convenience.

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