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Taz Credit Card Login instructions & Make a Payment. Taz credit cards are a highly desired credit card, but not everyone is aware of the registration, login, and payment procedures for Taz credit cards. So, I’ll show you how to sign up, log in, and pay for Taz credit cards with this tutorial. I hope you will read the entirety of this post because it is really detailed.

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About Taz Credit Card

The Taz credit card, provided by First National Bank, is currently quite popular. However, the reality is that not many people are aware of how to register, sign in, and use a credit card number.

About Taz Credit Card Login
About Taz Credit Card Login

You may manage your personal accounts, make online payments, and more after logging into your credit. An internet-connected device, such as a computer, smartphone, or tablet, is necessary for online banking services. You can use your credit card quickly and conveniently to make payments whenever and wherever you choose.

The Taz Credit Card is an online credit builder that aids in credit history repair. It is available for download on Android and iOS and is secure to use. It also has a website that appears to be very static and is not overrun with alternatives.

Benefits of using Taz Card Account

  • You will get exclusive deals just for Taz credit card holders when you use your card to make purchases at Taz stores. Additionally, you have the opportunity to obtain discounts and rewards based on how much you spend while buying at Taz.
  • You have the option of shopping online utilizing the card app on your phone or the more conventional web manner. Without needing to visit the store, get assistance updating your information online.

It is among the most recent products to enter the credit card industry. It provides a range of advantages that no other card on the market can match.

  • The Taz card is free each year.
  • It gives a balance transfer option and zero percent interest on purchases for the first 12 months.
  • Additionally, it provides a rewards program that offers 2% of all purchases back.
  • This is twice what the majority of other cards give.

Several prerequisites to access Taz Card Account

  • To connect to the Internet, a computer must have the appropriate operating system, modem Internet connectivity, and the required web browser.
  • Because it is done over the internet, internet banking can be done without the requirement for specialist software or access to a private network.
  • You can do online banking from practically anywhere in the world as long as you have a computer with Internet access, a modem, a phone connection, and an Internet browser. You must also have registered for online banking with your financial institution.

How to Log in Taz Credit Card?

  • Step 1: Open a new tab on your favorite web browser. We recommend that you use a reputable and widely used internet browser, such as Chrome for Windows or Safari for Apple devices, for any monetary transactions.
  • Step 2: Visit the Taz Credit Card’s official website by clicking at: https://tazcc.com/.
  • Step 3: Enter your username and password, then click on “Log In” button to access your Taz Credit Card online account.
Type your username and password to login Taz credit card login
Type your username and password to login Taz credit card login

How to Recover Taz Card Account’s Username/Password?

Let’s start with this guide and then look at the online options for getting your Taz Credit Card username back. How to regain the online username for your Taz Credit Card. Carefully follow the instructions below to restore your username.

  • Step 1: Visit Taz Credit Card’s official website. The link is already specified in the login section above.
  • Step 2: Click on “LOGIN” button on the top right side of the homepage.
  • Step 3: Click on the “Forgot Username/Password?” link” as the image shown below.
  • Step 4: Provide your account information Account number, Expiration Date, Card Security Code, Last 3 digits on the back of your card, Last 4 digits of your SSN.
    After filling out the form, click on “continue” button.
Enter the required information to reset your password
Enter the required information to reset your password
  • Step 5: Till the verification procedure is finished, adhere to the remaining instructions. You will then be taken to the login screen where the username has already been entered.

How to Sign up for a Taz Credit Card account?

Follow the instructions below to sign up for a Taz credit card account. However, before beginning the registration procedure, keep your credit card number or personal details close to hand.

  • Step 1: Visit the Taz Credit Card’s official website. The link is already specified in the login section above.
  • Step 2: Click on “LOGIN” button on the top right side of the webpage.
  • Step 3: Click on “Sign up now” link that is beneath the “Forgot Password?” link as the image shown below.
  • Step 4: Enter the required information including Credit card number, Exp. date, Last 4 of SSN, Username, Password, Confirm password, Contact, Email address, Confirm email address, and Mobile phone number
    After filling out the form, click on “I prefer not to add my mobile number” button to continue to sign up your account
  • Step 5: Click Register button to complete to sign up your account. Follow the rest of the prompts until you complete the registration process. After that, you have your own Taz Credit Card online account.


  • You give us permission to contact you for account servicing purposes, including but not limited to customer support, suspicious transaction activity, and collections, by submitting your mobile number.
  • You will receive a code to activate your mobile number after registering. After activating your mobile number, you can choose which alerts are available.
  • Data and message tariffs are in effect. The bank doesn’t charge for text alerts. Message volume varies depending on the mobile alert type you choose.
  • Reply STOP to stop receiving texts in the future or HELP for assistance when you receive a text message.

How to Sign in Your Taz Credit Card account on Mobile App?

Sign in Taz Account on the mobile app
Sign in Taz Account on the mobile app
  • Step 1: Install the Taz Visa Mobile Access App on App Store and on Google Play.
  • Step 2: You open the program you installed. The screen for logging in will display. You need to enter your username and password. Then, click on “Sign In” to access your Taz Visa Credit Card online account.

Why am I unable to get access to Taz Visa Mobile Access App?

  • For a variety of reasons, you could be having trouble logging into your app account. The most frequent reason is incorrect login or account information. To avoid this, double-check your login information.
  • You will always be alerted if and when you are unable to log in. There will be frequent software updates.
  • If the login page does not appear, check that your browser’s login account type is set to the proper one or update your IP address.

How to Make a Payment for Taz Card Account?

Make a Payment by Phone

It can be reached at 1-866-333-0560. Additionally, you can use Gmail or the Taz card website to make payments online.

Make a Payment by Mail

Payment Address

Taz Visa
PO Box 2876
Omaha, NE 68103

Correspondence Address

Taz Visa
PO Box 5081
Sioux Falls, SD 57117-5081

Customer services for Taz Credit Card

Customer services for Taz Card Account
Customer services for Taz Card Account

This is the way to contact to credit cards employee:

If you are having trouble accessing the online terms and conditions or completing the online response form. Please call us at 1-605-782-3647
If you have any inquiries about this offer, please get in touch with us at:

Taz Visa
PO Box 5081
Sioux Falls, South Dakota 57117-5081

You may also send your acceptance form to the following address:

Taz Visa
PO Box 5080
Sioux Falls, South Dakota 57117-5080


What safety precautions is the Taz Visa website using?

To protect the information, you provide us over the Internet, we employ cutting-edge encryption methods. When you see a locked padlock shown at the bottom of most browser windows, the session is secure. Additionally, we use the sign-in or enrollment information to confirm the cardholder’s identification before publishing any transaction activity information online.

Even though my payment has been posted, my available credit has not changed. Why?

We reserve the right to set a maximum 12-day credit limit on the amount of credit made available as a consequence of a payment. These limitations, which are for security purposes, are based on a number of different variables. The “Credit Card Contract and Initial Disclosure Statement” that you got when you applied for your credit card contained this information.

We reserve the right to restrict available credit resulting from any payment for up to thirty (30) days, according to the “Paying Your Bill” section. In general, payments made with guaranteed money are unrestricted and do not reduce your credit limit.

What is an OTP (One Time Passcode)?

When we need to confirm your identification, we generate and send you a One Time Passcode (OTP), which is a special number, either via email or confirmed SMS (text). Depending on the choice that is available or the distribution mode that you have chosen, either email or SMS (text) messages will be delivered.

We appreciate you reading the post. Census Outreach believes that this article will be useful to those of you who frequently use your Taz Credit Card account for its convenience.

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