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The Somerville Homeless Coalition, Inc. (SHC) is a local nonprofit that provides emergency shelter and services to homeless individuals. In 2016, SHC operated a 16-bed adult emergency shelter that provided more than 5,500 shelter nights. It provided services for more than 40 people and helped 10 others secure housing.

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Somerville homeless coalition shelter

Somerville Homeless Coalition serves the community by providing supportive services for the homeless . They help those who are struggling to make ends meet by finding affordable housing.

The form of operation of this organization is quite similar to Colorado Coalition For The Homeless and Heart For the Homeless. Activities are usually donating to the homeless, cooking free meals and some other services.

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 They are open nine to five Monday through Friday, and also offer phone service in Spanish. They are also located near Dudley Square and across from the Post Office. For more information, please visit their website.

 For more information, visit the Boston Area Community Action Program. The website provides detailed information about services, forms, and other resources.

Somerville coalition for the homeless

The nonprofit Somerville Coalition for the Homeless (SHC) offers services to those who are homeless. Danny Leblanc is the organization’s president. He is the Somerville Community Corporation’s CEO.  

State politicians from the region, homeless prevention groups, and the Somerville Coalition for the Homeless are among the more speakers. Although the organization’s financial information is not easily accessible to the public, its governance practices are evaluated.

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Somerville Homeless Coalition runs shelters for families and individuals, manages citywide case management programs, and operates Project SOUP to help homeless meals. It also operates three food pantries and delivers meals to shut-ins and provides nutrition classes. 

It has four programs for permanent housing, including rental subsidies and rental assistance. You can find more information about the Somerville Homeless Coalition on their website. You can also call ahead of time to confirm that the organization’s services are still available.

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Somerville homeless coalition embezzlement?

Somerville Homeless Coalition employees have been accused of embezzling over $108,000 in less than 18 months. The chief operating officer (COO) added the money directly to his paycheck and annual financial forms, used the organization’s credit card for personal expenses, and added his son to the group health insurance.

The organization’s audit revealed these issues, but it did not prosecute anyone. Moreover, the organization has asked donors and recipients to keep details confidential.

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Somerville City Hall and Cambridge City Hall had no knowledge about the allegations of embezzlement by McManus five months after he was fired. However, one Somerville resident, Bob Alston-Follansbee, did not report the theft to the police.

 He also did not contact the HUD inspector general, who told him that he was investigating the matter. While he could not confirm whether his investigation was successful, he said he was disappointed.

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Somerville homeless coalition board of directors

The Somerville Homeless Coalition is a $3.1 million nonprofit human services corporation. In  this role, you will lead a four-person executive leadership team, overseeing approximately thirty other employees, and report directly to the Board of Directors. 

In addition to managing the organization’s programmatic and financial operations, you will serve as its primary representative to the community. The Executive Director will be responsible for fundraising, cultivating relationships with donors, engaging community agencies, and advocating for the homeless.

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In November 2015, the Somerville Homeless Coalition fired its executive, Warren McManus. A  letter sent to donors outlines the incident. 

The organization then reported the misappropriation of funds to HUD, which supplies one-third of its funding. HUD confirmed the theft and referred the matter to the Office of Inspector General, which investigates fraud and other misconduct.

While no one was prosecuted in connection with this case, the Somerville Homeless Coalition urged donors to keep the details confidential. In the meantime, the nonprofit organization is still operating with a small profit.

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How to become a volunteer at Somerville homeless

You may also find the way to become a volunteer or employment for this organization to help people who is homeless.

Volunteering at the Somerville Homeless Coalition can help you give back to the  city. The organization provides services to the city’s homeless population and helps them access resources and housing. 

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The organization also manages a citywide case management program and three food pantries. It offers nutrition classes and delivers food to shut-ins. Other services offered by the Somerville Homeless Coalition include a rental subsidy program and four permanent housing programs.

To volunteer at the Somerville Homeless Coalition, you can visit the organization’s main  food pantry or its rear basement location at Saint Benedict’s Church. For more  information, contact Lisa, the volunteer coordinator for food access. 

Applicants should fill out  as many questions as possible. Please note that your answers should be brief and only those questions that are relevant to you will be considered. If you have any specific interests or skills, you can also volunteer as a member of the Food Access Committee.

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If you would like to support a good cause, then you may want to consider making some Somerville Homeless Coalition donations. The coalition has been assisting homeless families and individuals in somerville since 1985. As of 2018, it serves nearly 2,500 people and offers case management services to more than 800. Donations are tax deductible, and all proceeds go toward the cause. To learn more, read on to learn more about how to make a donation to the Somerville Homeless Coalition.

Housing Case Manager, Housing Navigator, Housing Stabilization Case Manager, Homelessness Prevention Administrator

The annual Somerville 5K Road Race will take place in Davis Square on Saturday, October 1, 2022.

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