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Shiftnote login guide. Have you ever known the way to access the employee scheduling software like Shif Force? Today, we will show you how to sign in, sign up an account and log book online manager.

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Shiftnote overview

Shiftnote employee overview

Online worker scheduling tool also serves as a manager’s timesheet and offers options for internal communication. With this, managers and supervisors can quickly build the weekly or monthly work timetable.

Your managers can then utilize the application to send out the most recent shift and role assignments to everyone using an internal email system.

You can also keep track of incidents with ShiftNote that might have an impact on how you assign tasks and timetable time slots. In addition, the solution provides access to weather forecasts. 

By doing this, you can make sure that you have enough staff to handle any potential customer influx. As a result, you can maintain a positive guest experience and boost sales.

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Planning feature

  • Automated planning: Timetables are generated automatically based on business requirements, worker qualifications, and their availability.
  • Messaging: Utilize system messages to communicate.
  • Resource Management: Effective and efficient utilization of a company’s human resources.
  • Vacation/Leave Tracking: Request, monitor, and control moment off and vacation requests.
  • Worker Database: Keeping contact information and job status of workers electronically.
  • Mobile Access: Use mobile devices to remotely access the software.
  • Timetable Distribution: Ensure that everyone in a group understands the timetable.
  • Worker planning: Assign working shifts to workers.
  • Reporting/Analytics: View and track pertinent metrics.
  • Shift Swapping: Organizing and exchanging shift information among personnel.


The timesheet in this software ensures that nothing is overlooked and that shifts run smoothly. You can write and keep track of shift notes in their mobile timesheet, as well as establish tasks, to-do lists, follow-up tasks, and more. The communication tools in their timesheet will help you live a better life and run a better business.

  • Establish online
  • Establish tasks and to-dos
  • Upload documents and pictures
  • Meeting topic tracking
  • Deposit drop & cash counts
  • Daily shift signing for personal tracking
  • Multiple location dashboard
  • Events and important dates calendar
  • Broadcast messages and announcements
  • Weather feed and historical information
  • KPI and stat tracking retail stores
  • Daily reports and instant alerts
  • Petty cash enter
  • Accountability read reporting


Daily Logbook Platform $34.95 per location monthly average price
Daily +Scheduler Platform $64.95 per location monthly average price

Shiftnote login tutorial

Some requirements of Shift Note sign in

  • Internet browser.
  • Address of the Shift Note official website.
  • Valid email, ID and password.
  • Have devices with reliable internet connection.

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How to sign in to a Shift Note account?

How to sign in to a shift Note account

Follow the instruction below here to access your account succeed:

  • Step 1: Visit the portal at
  • Step 2: Enter your privacy ID and password.
  • Step 3: You can tick on the empty box “remember me on this computer” .
  • Step 4: Then, click on the green “Sign in” button to finish.

Shift Force sign in

Shift Force sign in

It works for Shift Force, so in order to sign in to your account, you can follow these steps below here:

  • Step 1: Go to the homepage of ShiftForce at url link.
  • Step 2: Select the “Sign in” option at the right of the top corner.
  • Step 3: Choose the “ShiftForce” button.
  • Step 4: Put in your valid email address and password.
  • Step 5: Press Sign in.

It’s very easy. Hope you succeed!


Please adhere to the guidelines below if you’re having trouble signing into your account.

Prior to entering into your account, enter the upcoming instructions in a new window. You may follow along with the stages by viewing them!

  • You need to provide your signature in detail in the next step. You will receive this information either at the moment of sign-up or directly from a licensed domain representative.
  • As soon as you see the phrase “Successfully signed in,” you are connected.
  • Due to a malfunction, the sign-in device might not accept your information. We suggest that you follow these specific instructions to help with the solution to this issue.

Sign in help

In your using process, you can contact us through the telephone number 1-877-312-3061 or send an email to

Shift Note sign up

Shift Note sign up

You have an key to access but still don’t have an account, you can try to utilize the way below here to set up: 

  • At the sign in portal, click the link “Have your access key but need an account”.
  • After that, put in your access key.
  • Your first, last name, phone number, email address and password need to be entered.
  • Then, tap the Send button to complete.

How to reset the forgotten password?

How to reset the forgotten password

  • Tab forgot your ID and password.
  • You’ll be directed to a separate website.
  • Put in your email.
  • Press Submit

Force app download

ShiftForce was established specifically to make planning and workforce management simpler. With features and functionality created for teams, you can accomplish more while worrying less about your work. You can easily download it on AppStore (IOS) and Google Play.

How to get the mobile app?

You can quickly bookmark the web application to your device’s home screen so that you can later access it by pressing the icon rather than opening the mobile browser every moment.


  • Your preferred browser
  • Visit
  • In the upper right corner, press and hold the three vertical dots.
  • Add to Home Screen by tapping Add.


  • Your preferred browser
  • Visit
  • Click the share icon located at the bottom of the screen.
  • The Add to Home Screen button.
  • Hit the “Add” button.

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Staffing scheduler

Staffing scheduler

No matter how many workers you have, ShiftForce makes creating schedules simpler, quicker, and more effective. To work more efficiently rather than harder, establish schedules quickly, publish them, and share them with your colleagues. Let us demonstrate how you may start shortening the moment it takes to interact with, schedule, and control your staff right away.

  • Worker requests for swap, drops, and pickup shifts are easily controlled.
  • Limit and block time-off requests (RTO).
  • Strong, efficient templates.
  • PC and mobile applications.

Customer service support

  • Telephone number: dicovery call 1-877-312-3061
  • Email support:
  • Address: P.O. Box 413913 Kansas City, MO 64141


Is there an app for shift notes?

Answer: With over 75,000 utilizers, It is a manager’s timesheet and worker planning tool with customers like California Pizza Kitchen, Landry’s, and Red Robin. The software is utilized by workers to manage their timetables, choose shifts, and interact with managers and other workers.

Is Shiftsmart a real app?

Answer: A gig economy app called Shiftsmart can assist you in finding part-time work so you can supplement your income. Because it will pay you for completing the tasks you find in the app, the app is legitimate.

Does Shiftsmart pay daily?

Answer: Payments for authorized shifts are normally processed between 24 and 72 hours after the shift has ended. As stated in our terms of service, payments can take up to 5 business days, depending on the position.

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