Rick James & Ike turner south park: chef aid album

Rick James & Ike turner south park: chef aid album

Have you ever heard about “Rick James & Ike turner south park: chef aid album”? The South Park Album is a compilation of songs written and performed by Rick James and Ike Turner. The album has two versions, one with a special limited edition cover called “Disco Chef.” The second one, titled “EXTREME,” will be released on December 7 and will include the same songs.

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chef aid album

Rick James & Ike turner South park: chef aid album

The South Park soundtrack album “Chef Aid” was released in 1998 and stars  several famous artists. Producer Rick Rubin has produced the album, which contains songs based on and inspired by the show. 

The album was released during the second season of the show and features several of the show’s stars. Isaac Hayes plays the titular Chef throughout the album. 

“Wake Up Wendy” is a song produced by Rick Rubin and written by Bernie  Taupin. It was featured in an episode of “Chef-Aid” and became a European hit. 

The song also spawned a skit with Rick James and Ike Turner poked fun at the music industry. The album features a range of songs by these two soul icons.

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South park chef aid album song list

The Rick James & Ike Turner South Park Chef Aid Album is a collection of songs that feature two of the most influential artists of the decade. The album contains original songs and extended versions of other tracks, including the popular “Love Gravy” by Ike Turner. 

Ike Turner

Chef sings this track as his character Ned Gerblansky. Ned served in the Vietnam War with his Uncle Jimbo and was injured in the process. Since he can’t speak properly, he communicates through his cancer kazoo. He is accompanied by Chef on backing vocals.

The album features songs from several episodes, including the popular “Chef Aid” episode. In addition to songs from Chef Aid, it also features tracks from other episodes of the popular animated series. 

There are some outstanding songs in the chef aid album:

  • South Park Theme
  • Brad Logan 
  • Simultaneous
  • Bubblegoose
  • Horny
  • Feel like makin’ love
  • It’s a Rockin’ World 
  • Nowhere to run
  • Come sail away 
  • Live Gravy
  • Wake up wendy 
  • Tonight right for love
  • Mentally Dull
South park chef aid album song list

There are also two versions of the album to choose from, the clean version and the extreme version. The latter version features songs that would be too risque for most children, but it’s not the only version.

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Chef aid meaning

The song “Love Gravy” on the Chef Aid album by Rick James and  Ike Turner bears very little resemblance to the “Love Gravy” track on the movie “An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig.” 

Whether it is the words or the fact that the two stars share a name, though, the song’s meaning is a mystery. Despite its unlikely origin, the song has a significant meaning for South Park fans.

The title of the song is a play on the South Park episode “Chef Aid.” Apparently, the song is about a man named Isaac Hayes who needs financial assistance after being fined $2 million for harassment.

 However, the song was stolen by Alanis Morissette, who plagiarized it for her latest album. Rick James & Ike Turner’s album Chef Aid has a very strong message, but it is not entirely clear what its meaning is.

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American musician Rick James performs. He makes an appearance in “Chef Aid,” a Season Two episode, where he gives the lads money to aid Chef. On Chef Aid: The South Park Album, Rick James sings “Love Gravy” with Ike Turner.

Isaac Hayes, a soul singer, makes several cameo appearances on the album as Chef, a character that resembles a chef. Executives Rick Rubin, Matt Stone, and Trey Parker (exec.) Chef’s Aid: There are three different versions of The South Park Album: “Clean,” “Explicit,” and “Extreme.”

There are an absurd number of songs that Parker and Stone have written for “South Park,” and almost all of them manage to do three very difficult things: they’re consistently crude and absurdly funny, they’re almost always catchy enough to stick in your head, and they always advance the storylines of their episodes.

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