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Download report: "7 Things to Do to Reduce the Likelihood of Undercount in Census 2020"

Significantly Reduce Immigrants and Minority Undercount

Nonprofits have one chance to add unconventional housing locations to the Census Bureau's mailing list

2000 CA Complete Count Census Report

2010 CA Complete Count Census Report

Includes a planning timeline for 2020

A Census That Mirrors America

What the stakes are and what we can do

Philanthropy and the 2020 census

A once-in-a-decade chance to get it right

Differential undercount of Mexican immigrant families in the U.S. Census

by Edward Kissam, Statistical Journal of IAOS, August 2017.

2020 Census Operational Plan

GAO Report

Lessons Learned Regarding the Enumeration of Migrant/Seasonal 

How Much Money the Census Count Brings to Each State and Issue Area in 2010

by Andrew Reamer, research professor at George Washington University

Sample Census Bureau Hiring Application

from the Recruitment for Census Test

Sample Letter to California State Requesting Budget for Census Outreach

California Capitol & District Staff Census Webinar

California Census Outreach Briefing

Capitol California Countdown to Census Day

Highlights of 2010 CA Complete Count Census Report

Includes a planning timeline for 2020

How Municipalities Can Improve Census 2020 Accuracy and Address Immigrant Undercounts

Imputation, Apportionment, and Statistical Methods in the U.S. Census: Issues Surrounding Utah v. Evans

2020 Census
Community Partnership and Engagement Program

2020 Census
Complete Count Committee - Training Manual

Community Outreach Toolkit

The Road to 2020 Census

An Effective Strategy To Reduce Census Undercount: Results from California Pilots of Community-Based Address Canvassing

Factsheet on the Census, Confidentiality and Japanese Internment

Community-Based Address Canvassing Training

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