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PSEG Login, Register Long Island Account & Pay Your Bill Easily

PSEG login step by step. Are you finding the pseg foundation review, a way to access an acct to pay your bill? But before that, we will provide you the status details to create and set up account management, download to use on smartphones, public service enterprise and view gas and electric service.

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PSEG review

PSEG review

A diversified progress energy efficiency firm with its headquarters in Newark, New Jersey, Public Service Enterprise Group Inc. (PSE&G) was founded in 1903 and has long been a major contributor to the state’s economy and quality of life.

With 2.3 million electric customers and 1.9 million gas customers, Public provider Electric and Gas Co. (PSE&G) is New Jersey’s largest provider of natural gas and electricity. With 1.1 million consumers, PSE&G manages the Power Authority’s electric transmission and distribution network. 

The operations of PSE&G Power’s nuclear producing assets are integrated with its fuel supply activities. PSEG Long Island Power is a provider of energy utilization.The S & P 500 Index includes PSE&G, a Fortune 500 firm, and it has been named to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for North America for 14 years running.

About 12,500 people work here, continuing a historic legacy of devoted providers that has endured for more than a century.

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  • Gas Furnaces/Boilers
  • Central Air Conditioning
  • Gas and Electric Water Heaters
  • Refrigerators
  • Gas and Electric Ranges/Stoves
  • Dishwashers
  • Washing Machines
  • Gas and Electric Dryers
  • Natural Gas Grills
  • Gas Pool Heaters
  • Gas Outdoor Lamps
  • Gas Fireplaces
  • Gas Space Heaters
  • Heat Pumps
  • Ductless Heating and Cooling Systems


Some advantage you will get when utilize this software:

 Enroll now for MyAlerts

  • Select the notifications you wish to receive and the delivery method for them.
  • Send an SMS to charge a fee or check your profile current balance.
  • Five days before the due date, reminders will be sent.
  • Text to report strength outages
  • Receive notifications about the state of strength outages

Charge your fees quickly and easily

  • View your fee and charge it.
  • Enroll in automatic fee payment.
  • Register now for paperless billing.

Manage all of your energy-related needs

  • Join Worry Free Appliance Repair today.
  • Establish provider times.
  • Launch, halt, or change your provider
  • Keep track of several acct, including landlord accts
  • Send a meter reading in
  • Learn how to handle requests for construction and renovation.

PSEG login online tutorial

Some requirements

  1.  Internet browser.
  2. Address of the PSE&G official website.
  3. Valid available username and passcode.
  4. Have devices with reliable internet connection.

Guide to sign in to acct

Guide to sign in to acct
  • Step 1: Visit the portal at link.
  • Step 2: Put in your user name and passcode.
  • Step 3: Tick “remember me” empty box to the next connection.
  • Step 4: Then, click on the “Login” button to complete.

That’s all. Goodluck to you!

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Login help

In your using process, if you have any troubles, you can contact the system through the telephone (800) 436-7734.

Sign up an account for new users

If you still don’t have a profile, you can follow these steps below here to set up successfully. Have to profile type for you:

For residential

For residential
  • Step 1: At the Login or enroll form site, select the residential option.
  • Step 2: Then, provide your first name, last name and acct number.
  • Step 3: Now, press Register.

For business

For business
  • Step 1: Select the Business type.
  • Step 2: Enter your business name and acct number.
  • Step 3: After that, tap Register to finish.

Reset the forgotten username

Reset the forgotten username
  1. Go to the Sign in form, choose the URL “Forgot username/ passcode?”.
  2. Then, pick the “I forgot my username” option and press continue.
  3. Enter the email address linked to your profile here.
  4. Click continue again.

Retrieve the forgotten password

Retrieve the forgotten password
  1. Select the “I forgot my password” option and click continue.
  2. Put in the username of your profile.
  3. After that, the tap continues to finish.

It’s very easy. Hope you succeed!

Easy to download app 

Easy to download app 

Join in, charge your fee, and monitor your energy utilization with this safe and convenient mobile acct management provider from PSEG.

Have you already created a PSEG LI My acct? To log in, enter your utilizer name and passcode. You can simply install it on AppStore and Google Play.

  • Make remittances.
  • Control and compare energy utilization.
  • Report a failure.
  • Control payment methods.
  • Speak to client support.

Pay your bill option

Automatic Bill Pay

Direct debit fee payable is cost-free. You offer permission for automatic monthly withdrawals from your checking or savings acct. On the day the fee is due, we’ll take the real amount owed out of the specified bank profile.


Through my  

  • Charge whenever it suits you.
  • When you utilize your confirming or savings acct, it’s free.
  • Utilize a credit card from Visa, Discover, MasterCard, or American Express to make a purchase. There is a third-party processing charge because we don’t offset the price of this provider with client rates.
  • Enroll, log in, or continue as a guest.

Utilizing your bank

Charge your fee whenever it’s convenient by utilizing your bank’s fee payable provider. Ask your bank whether there are any provider fees.

Via Mobile App

Utilize your My acct passcode to log in to our app after downloading it.

  • Deposit money from your confirming or savings acct on the same day.
  • Plan your payment
  • Utilize a credit card from Visa, Discover, MasterCard, or American Express to make a purchase. There is a third-party processing charge because we don’t offset the price of this provider with client rates.

By Phone

To charge for anything free utilizing your bank acct, dial 1-800-553-7734.

To charge with a credit card, dial 1-833-277-8710. There is a third-party processing charge because we don’t offset the price of this provider with client rates.

By Mail

Only send money orders or confirms to:

PSE&G New Jersey, P.O. Box 14444

New Brunswick, NJ 08906

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In Person

Client provider Centers for PSE & G

  • At a PSE&G cashier, you may charge your fee for nothing in cash, confirms, or money orders.
  • Locate a provider provider

Agent for Western Union charge

  • For $1.50, charge your fee at a Western Union location using cash, a confirm, or a money order.
  • Locate a Western Union.

Other Billing/Payment Options

  • Equal Payment Plan (EPP)

Reduce the seasonal spikes in your energy costs! Based on your energy use from the prior year, we’ll determine your yearly energy cost and divide it into equal monthly payables.

We’ll evaluate the energy you’ve utilized to the payables you’ve made so far after six months and, if required, change your monthly payable. We will revisit your utilization and payables one more at the conclusion of your EPP year. 

The revised modifications from the prior year will be included on your first statement for year two of the plan. Our company will credit your acct if you overpaid. If you have a balance, we’ll include it in the amount due under the Equal payable Plan.

  • Deferred payable Arrangement (DPA)

A deferred payable arrangement, or DPA, may be able to help you catch up if you’re behind on your fees but are unable to charge the entire past-due total at once. You may spread out the payable of your past-due debt. Log in to My acct to set up a Deferred payable Arrangement.

Regardless of your prior payable history, you may make a DPA to help our consumers through this difficult time for little to no money down. Additionally, we have increased the time frame for payback. 

You will continue to charge your regular monthly payable throughout the DPA term, as well as the DPA amount toward your past-due debt. Please contact me to take advantage of these extended DPAs.

Paperless Billing

Eliminate the mess! You get unlimited, safe access to your fee anytime and wherever you need it with free paperless billing. Each month, in place of a paper fee, you’ll get an email with your amount, the date it’s due, and a link to your comprehensive statement.

Customer service

Starting at 7:00 a.m., our client provider representatives are on duty. – 8:00 p.m. from Monday through Friday. We have a 24-hour automated phone provider.


How do I find my PSE&G profile number NJ?

Respond: There are two areas on your fees where you may get your acct Number. Your acct Number is located on the first page’s top right corner, just over the “acct Summary.” The acct Number is given in the upper right corner of the last page.

Why is my PSE&G fee so high in NJ?

Answer: You can receive a bigger fee than anticipated if PSE&G misjudged your consumption. Your fee’s electricity section indicates the months in which your usage might have been guessed.

Is PSE&G gas or electric on Long Island?

Answer: PSE&G serves 2.3 million electric consumers and 1.9 million gas clients, making it the state’s largest natural gas service and electric utility. With 1.1 million consumers, PSE&G controls the Power Authority’s electric transmission and distribution network.

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