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How Government Agencies Can Get Involved

Download report: "7 Things to Do to Reduce the Likelihood of Undercount in Census 2020"

How Government can ensure a fair and accurate count for the 2020 Census

A fair and accurate Census in 2020 is crucial for states and counties who want to protect their most disadvantaged. ‘Unconventional’ addresses are often undercounted in the Census, and folks living in these addresses tend to represent low-income and minority groups. Securing federal funding and political representation for these groups requires an accurate count. 

City and county governments can register for grants to assist with LUCA submissions, and those grants can be used to enable nonprofits in your area to collect LUCA submissions.  Click here to learn more about incentives for Cities and Counties in California.

​Info needed for LUCA submissions: 

1. Longitude and Latitude
2. 100-character location description and street-style address if possible 

Census Outreach enables simple collection of address information by nonprofit volunteers using mobile phones.

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Deadline for Submitting Addresses

As early as mid-February 2018 and as late as end of March 2018. Once a city or county gets the Census Bureau Master Address File, the clock starts ticking and they have 120 days to submit additional addresses.

A schedule of LUCA Technical Workshops is now available.  These workshops will provide detailed information on what materials will be provided, how the participants will review the Census Bureau address listings, and how to report changes, such as missing or duplicated addresses, to the Census Bureau.

If you want to learn more about our tools or registering for LUCA, please contact us.