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Ms unemployment login and filed a weekly claim

Ms unemployment login is the first thing you should do to Review your claim status in detail, submit a claim for weekly benefits, and apply for unemployment benefits online. So, if you don’t know how this is done, Stay and see an article below by Censusoutreach.

The Mississippi Department of Employment Security: Everything You Need to Know

The Mississippi Department of Employment Security

accesses.MDES’s login portal for the Mississippi unemployment program. For anyone affected by a job loss, provides online access to the UI benefits and payment system. It’s also in charge of supporting those who require financial help or are seeking work.

The Mississippi Department of Employment Security’s mission is to assist Mississippians in finding employment. MDES connects potential employees with companies through its network of WIN Job Centers. Mississippians can also get job training at the Job Centers to hone their professional abilities.

Additionally, MDES is responsible for managing the unemployment benefits program, which pays Mississippians who lost their jobs due to no fault of their own. The focus on finding new employment is made possible for jobless people thanks to this interim remuneration. 

MDES strives to increase the number of jobs available, the quality of the workforce, and the state’s production through these initiatives.

In addition to the employment services made accessible to you as a resident of the state, if you have previously registered with the system, your account will have access to all of the services currently stated.

What requirements must you meet to be eligible?

A claimant can normally be deemed eligible for UI benefits by completing the following eligibility standards, however, no eligibility finding is definitive until a claim is examined.

  • The claimant’s lack of employment is not their fault.
  • The claimant files a weekly claim as required
  • The claimant is physically and intellectually capable of working a typical workweek for the sort of job that they do.
  • The claimant must be willing to take the full-time job when offered, along with having established suitable transportation and childcare arrangements
  • The applicant must be actively looking for work and must make regular, sincere efforts to locate positions open.

www.mdes quick access

If you are a registered user, follow the steps listed below to log in to your MDES account.

Step 1: Visit the Mississippi Department of Employment Security website

You can do it by searching on the browser or clicking on this

Mississippi Department of Employment Security website

Step 2: Enter your account

Fill in your User ID and password on the request locations

 log in to your MDES account.

Step 3: Complete login

Check again to make sure the input information is accurate, after that click on Login.

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Register with MDES

You can register via MDES Online Services if you are not currently a member of MDES. Additionally, you can register in person or over the phone at the WIN Job Center.

  1. Click on “Sign up” on the MDES website.
  2. Enter your name, contact information (email or phone), and birthdate, and choose Next.
  3. The verification code was sent to you through email or text. Then select Next.
  4. Now that you’ve logged in, you may use all of the capabilities of your MDES ID.

Mississippi Weekly Claims for Unemployment

Mississippi Weekly Claims for Unemployment

Through MDES’ ACCESS MS system, you may submit your most recent weekly claim certification online. You must sign in using your username and password, or create new ones if you are a new user. Outside of regular business hours, you can file online.

Additionally, you have to submit a weekly claim and confirm your eligibility every week. You may be eligible for benefits if you are working for an employer less than full-time due to a lack of a job and your earnings are less than your weekly benefit amount + $40.00.

You will occasionally be required to show up at your neighborhood WIN Job Center for reemployment services appointments while submitting weekly claims for assistance.

Unless you have resumed your full-time employment, you should arrive at all appointments on time. If you don’t show up for your planned reemployment services visits, your benefits might be delayed or denied.

MDES UI Claim Contact

Mississippi Department of Employment Security Office

1235 Echelon Parkway
P.O. Box 1699
Jackson, MS 39215-1699

Contact Center Phone Numbers

Claim Service Line: 601-272-8332

Where the questions are received and answered



Regular Claims for Unemployment Insurance

You can apply for unemployment insurance benefits online or by calling 601-493-9427 if you worked and received pay in Mississippi. On the Sunday following the week in which the claim is lodged, your claim for benefits will take effect.

You can choose to have your payments deposited directly into your checking account or received via debit card.

Through MDES’ Online Unemployment Services, you may submit your certification for your current weekly claim online. You must sign in using your username and password, or create new ones if you are a new user. Outside of regular business hours, you can file online.

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