Misinformation Reporter

Get the Right Information to Your Community


Intentional misinformation campaigns directed toward hard-to-count communities will discourage people from completing the Census


There is no centralized place for people to report messages, forum posts, articles, or videos that may be spreading Census misinformation

Misinformation can go undetected by current social media listening tools, as it is often spread through targeted channels or languages


Enable communities to easily, quickly, and confidentially report misinformation or other problems with the Census to one another


  • Easily allows people to report misinformation about the Census or other problems on the ground
  • Accessible in multiple languages
  • Available 24/7
  • Administrators are immediately notified of reports about intentional misinformation campaigns
reporting service via SMS

How It Works

For Individuals

To report misinformation or other problems with the Census, send a text to a phone number, to a FB page, or call and receive Interactive Voice Response (IVR).

What you heard

When you hear about it

Who or what the source was

A screenshot (if via text) or description or the misinformation

An option to submit a URL (if via text)

An option to provide a transcription through an automated service (if via IVR)


Provide your contact info and permission to follow up if more information is needed.

For Administrators

Log in to secure platform and see incidents reported.


Get e-mail notifications with the information as well as the attachments, links, or audio transcription.


Assign different incident tickets to different agents to review.


Easily download data and images.


Quickly review overall incident reports on your dashboard or generate custom reporting through our API.