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Maxine Waters Tells Homeless to Go Home (Threatens LA Times Reporter)

In a Los Angeles Times article titled Rep. Maxine Waters tells the homeless to go home and threatens LA Times reporter, there is some context for the comments. When she’s not working on legislation to improve the lives of the homeless, Congresswoman Maxine Waters is busy tweeting and blogging about the problems in California’s cities. A recent study found that more than 161,000 people in California were without a home on any given night, according to the USA By Numbers.

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maxine waters tells homeless to go home

Maxine Waters told the homeless to “go home”

In a recent event, Los Angeles County Rep. Maxine Waters told homeless people to “go home” after inviting them to a food distribution event. Waters told them to leave because they stayed too long.

It’s a reminder that politicians don’t care about the people, they only care about getting re-elected. But how can one really blame them? In this case, it’s clear that the homeless don’t care about Waters, she simply doesn’t care.

Maxine Waters

After hearing about the outraged reaction of the homeless people, Maxine Waters requested that the Los Angeles Times not publish the story. She tried to quash the story, but it was published and has since been criticized.

She also asked the reporter not to write a story about the incident, despite multiple requests from the homeless community. In fact, Waters has asked the Los Angeles Times not to publish her story.

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Los Angeles Times reporter threatened by congresswoman

In her latest appearance, Los Angeles City Council member Maxine Waters told a homeless man to go home. This is in stark contrast to the previous two occasions in which she’d told the same man to go home.

In fact, this time, her comments were accompanied by a threat, which she reportedly responded to by telling the reporter, “You’ll hurt yourself.”

The outrage over this incident was so intense that Congresswoman Waters tried to quell the story by telling the reporter not to write the story. The Los Angeles Times reported that Waters told the reporters not to publish the story because she did not want the homeless people to hurt themselves.

Waters was speaking to the homeless community at a non-profit event in South Los Angeles. The group is called Fathers and Mothers Who Care and is a self-proclaimed homeless triage center.

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Unofficial social media post erroneously promised Section 8 housing vouchers

A congressional member is under fire after a Facebook post erroneously promised homeless people Section 8 housing vouchers. The congresswoman used an F-bomb to defend her efforts to fight homelessness and also tried to persuade a reporter not to publish the story.

Unofficial social media post erroneously promised Section 8 housing vouchers

The event was intended to help homeless individuals find emergency shelter but turned tense when a social media post incorrectly promised Section 8 housing vouchers. The government program is intended to provide subsidized permanent housing to low-income families.

The vouchers are accessed through an application process, and applicants are usually placed on a waiting list.

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Response from LAHSA

During a recent press conference, Los Angeles City Councilwoman Maxine Waters invited the homeless to a food distribution event and later told them to “go home” after they remained for too long.

This was a shameful display of hypocrisy, but the implication was clear: Politicians aren’t interested in helping the homeless; they only care about getting re-elected.

Response from LAHSA

The congresswoman’s office declined to provide an explanation for the incident, but the District Director’s office referred to a local television station’s coverage of the event. When asked about Waters’ reaction to the homeless, Blanca Jimenez, the organization’s district director, did not respond to detailed questions about her actions.

She provided a link to coverage of the event. In the meantime, she addressed a crowd of unused individuals gathered in the heart of Waters’ congressional district. At the event, dozens of unhoused people waited in line for hours outside a painted metal door.

Fathers and Mothers Who Care

One of the people who opened the door was Linda Kelly, the operations director of Fathers and Mothers Who Care, which organized the event.

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