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Lasrs Statres Login portal can help people’s life better and offer them any connected services. I’ll walk you through every step of the LaSRS login process in this article. In order to learn more about LaSRS dashboard and reset password, please continue reading if you are unaware of  LaSRS Login online. You can not skip to content this. Let’s start!

LaSRS login

Overview LaSRS statres com

What are LaSRS Statres ?

Louisiana-based Statistical Resources Inc. is a privately held business. It has given statistics information to several government ministries for almost 30 years. This business conducts all of its business transactions at Currently, the Department of Health provides services to four main categories, including:

  • The Citizens with Developmental Disabilities Office.
  • Through the Medicaid Vendor Administration
  • Aged and adult services office
  • Behavioral Health Office’s main objective is to provide information on those people so that state offices, authorities and government ministries can improve their lives and supply any services they need.

Let’s learn everything there is to know about’s user registration process, sign-in procedure, requirements, and more.

What are the Requirements for LaSRS login?

The LaSRS Statres Login Requirements are shared below. Once you have everything you need, follow the step-by-step instructions to log into the LaSRS portal. You will need the following items.

  • You can access the official LaSRS website at
  • Password and username for LaSRS.
  • Internet accessibility
  • A device is something like a laptop, phone, or tablet.

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Why should I choose LaSRS login?

  • The LaSRS system is available to providers. Smartphone use is permitted for employees that own them.
  • On average, 1% of a provider’s 1GB of data is used each month when LaSRS is in place. Following the 7/8-minute rule, EVV services are rounded.
  • Verification that GPS service conforms with requirements of the Federal Cures Act.
  • For those who are Medicaid Excluded and hence are not employable, you can run an algorithmic search.
  • Real-time access to information on staff, participants, and services reduces the need for manual data entry.
  • Reports are delivered more quickly, and the website is accessible from any smart device with an internet connection and a web browser.

Free Login

  • The ability for personnel to see prior services is conceivable.
  • When workers arrive and leave after midnight or during the day, there is no need to re-clock.
  • Outstanding data to manual timesheets At SRI, client information and prior approval are uploaded throughout the day when paper CPOCs and revisions are processed. Workers for specific participants according to agency management.
  • Additional data, including details on the participant’s designated Support Coordinator, is available online to provider agencies.

How to login LaSRS online account?

To help you successfully login to, we are providing a step-by-step approach for LaSRS Login. To prevent missing any, be sure to finish each step in the order stated below. Otherwise, trying to log in may provide difficulties.

A simple approach can be used to access the LaSRS information. To visit, please follow the instructions provided below.

Open your browser

  • Step 1: Go to the login page at laSRS
  • Step 2: Click the login button after that.
  • Step 3: Input your email and password.
  • Step 4: Click the Login button to finish. Your login information will be validated by the blog before access to your account is granted.

LaSRS Statres app download for mobile

Make sure the following conditions are met if you plan to log in using a mobile app.

  1. Find out if the application requires logging in.
  2. Open the app.
  3. Search for the Sign Up or Login button.
  4. Select the identifying text field.
  5. Please enter your contact information.
  6. Please enter your password.
  7. By clicking the login or Sign In button, you may log in or sign up.

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Troubleshooting Login Procedures? 

Users occasionally may have issues logging into the LaSRS login system. The troubleshooting methods described below can then be used.

  1. Recheck your internet connection. This is the most typical cause of login failure. A failed connection or timed-out requests are to blame.
  2. Verify that you’re logging in with the correct credentials. You have the option of watching as your password is entered. Make sure no one is nearby while you write the password because they might be able to see it.

sign in

  1. Double-check your password entries to make sure they are accurate. Check to determine if your passwords are in uppercase or lowercase letters and whether the caps lock is on or off.
  2. Infrequently, passwords in your cache may prevent you from logging in. You can clear your cache of everything in your history browser.
  3. It’s possible that the website is included among those that are forbidden. You can check your settings to determine if switching between servers is permitted and if your VPN allows it. If it still doesn’t work after that, disconnect from the VPN and try again in a little while.

How to Register login at LaSRS statres?

In order to sign into LaSRS for the first time, you must first register. We’ve already completed the steps for logging in. Now let’s examine the Sign-in procedure.

Opening Website

Step 1: On the website, enter in “register.” On the page, provide answers to the questions.

Step 2: Fill full the information

  • Company name:  Please mention the agency’s name if you are connected with one of the organizations.
  • Provide your email address so that we can contact you further.
  • Phone number:  to ensure immediate communication.
  • Session: Choosing the desired session from the drop-down menu
  • Region: They can more accurately evaluate.
  • Individuals participating in the training: Menton the number of participants in the course.
  • Key Attendee’s Name: Identify the individual who arrived first in this section.

Step 3: Confirm

Finally, a mathematical captcha will be presented to you, such as the addition or subtraction of any two integers, in order to confirm that you are a human and not a robot.

How to Reset LaSRS Dashboard Login Password?

You can use the methods mentioned below to reset your LaSRS Login password if you’ve forgotten it.

  • Step 1: Navigate to LaSRS website at
  • Step 2: On the screen, look for “Can’t access your account” and click it.
  • Step 3: Enter your username for the account.
  • Step 4: Click the submit button and follow out the subsequent procedures.
  • Step 5: Click the submit button and carry out the subsequent procedures.

You can quickly recover your forgotten username and password by carefully following the directions provided above.

LaSRS Customer Service

LaSRS Customer service

Phone Numbers: Call a customer care representative at 225.922.0600 (local) or 800.256.3000 (toll-free)
Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m


How is LASERS retirement calculated?

The formula for calculating retirement benefits is created by multiplying the member’s final average compensation (FAC), benefit accrual rate, and years of service credit. The member may only receive this much in retirement benefits.

What is the company’s age? has been providing its services for over 30 years under the management of Statistical Resources Inc.

Can I, being an individual, sign up for LaSRS?

No, you cannot sign up independently because this is very private information on the citizens of the states; you must be employed by an agency.

That was all about the Lasrs Statres Login. Thank you for reading the article. Censusoutreach hopes you will like and find this post information, if you have any more questions then feel free to leave a comment. 

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