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Kennebunk Savings Bank Login & Payments Instructions. If you are wondering how to login into your Kennebunk Savings Bank account, you’ve come to the right place. This post will meet your requirements about it. Additionally, we will show you how to register, recover your account and make a payment as well.

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Overview of Kennebunk Savings BankOverview of Kennebunk Savings Bank

Kennebunk Savings Bank, which was founded in 1871, is a medium-sized bank with assets of $1 billion and deposits of $989 million. The customer service benefits that other banks offer are not available at Kennebunk Savings Bank, which has its headquarters in Kennebunk, Maine.

A full range of products, including savings accounts, checking accounts, CDs, IRAs, mortgage products, overdraft transfer and credit cards, are available from Kennebunk Savings Bank.

Kennebunk Savings Rates, Fees, and Financial Health


The savings rate at Kennebunk Savings Bank is 0.01%, which is acceptable when compared to the national average. Because this is a tiered account, you can get a greater APY if you deposit more money. (Interest rate from 0.01% – 0.10%, APY is from 0.01%- 0.10%.)

The one-year CD rate at Kennebunk Savings Bank is 0.25%, while the five-year CD rate is 0.50%. It has a reasonable savings rate, but other well-known banks have higher rates. Take into account higher-earning savings accounts at other banks.


Compared to other American banks, Kennebunk Savings Bank checking portal often assesses incredibly minimal fees to its clients. The checking account from Kennebunk Savings Bank is ideal for those looking for a simple checking account because it has no monthly cost.

Because there are no ATM fees at Kennebunk Savings Bank, it is ideal for anyone who suddenly needs cash. With certain restrictions, Kennebunk Savings Bank reimburses its ATM expenses, making cash readily available whenever needed.

Service charge $10.00 – $120.00.

Financial Health

Currently a medium-sized bank, Kennebunk Savings Bank oversees $989 million in deposits and $1 billion in assets. The bank is in great financial form and is quite far from failure based on its Texas Ratio of 2.95%. Kennebunk Savings Bank is also FDIC-insured, so even in the event of a bank failure, your funds are still protected (up to $250,000).

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Login Kennebunk Savings Bank Steps

Kennebunk Savings Bank login business/personal account

Let’s get this tutorial going and examine the Kennebunk Savings Bank Login procedures. These are the ones listed below. Never overlook a step while logging onto your Kennebunk Savings Bank online banking account; follow the instructions below:

  1. Opening Kennebunk Savings Bank’s online banking homepage at
  2. Click the “LOG IN” button on the right-hand top corner of the homepage and a login box will appear.
  3. Choose your account type including online banking, online cash management, business bill pay, credit cards, or merchant Connect.
    How to Access your Kennebunk Savings Bank Account?
  4. Enter your Username and Password.How to Access your Kennebunk Savings Bank Account?Then press “Sign in” to get access to your Kennebunk Savings bank account.

Note: With Cash Management Business, after June 13, 2022, once you log in for the first time to Online Cash Management, a screen displaying email confirmation will appear, giving you the chance to examine and confirm the email account we currently have on file or amend it, if required.

Kennebunk Savings Bank Sign In on app

Just follow the instructions below to login into the Kennebunk Mobile app:

  • Step 1: Download, launch and then open the Kennebunk Savings Mobile app on Android and IOS. While mobile banking is free, your phone service provider may charge you for messages and data on IOS or on Android
  • Step 2:  Enter your User ID and Password. After that, click the “Log In” button to get access to the app.

Benefits Savings Bank online app

Utilizing mobile banking from Kennebunk banking checking savings is quick, simple, and secure whenever and wherever you are.

Make sure to sign up for our free online banking before downloading the Kennebunk Savings mobile app to examine recent transactions, receive alerts, transfer money, pay bills, deposit checks, and locate our locations.

You may also use the app to check account balances and monitor recent transactions. You may even sign up for text banking and quick balance!

Is it easy to carry out, right? Just do it now to login into your personal online banking, or business online banking account for its convenience.

How to Reset your Kennebunk Savings Bank Password?

If you have accidentally forgotten your Kennebunk Savings Bank password, adhere to the following instructions to reset it:

  • Step 1: Visit the Kennebunk Savings Bank homepage by opening the following URL: to get access to the website.
  • Step 2: Click the “LOG IN” button on the right-hand top corner of the homepage and a login box will appear.
  • Step 3: Move to Forgot password by clicking the “Forgot Password?” button on the box.How to Reset your Kennebunk Savings Bank Password?
  • Step 4: Enter your Username, Last 4 digits of Social Security number, and Email Address.How to Reset your Kennebunk Savings Bank Password?Then click “Begin password reset” and follow the on-screen instructions to regain your Kennebunk password.

How to Enroll a New Kennebunk Savings Bank Account?

The steps to register a new account is simple and easy to follow. You can read the terms and conditions pdf before enrolling. The instructions are as follows:

  • Step 1: Visit the Kennebunk Savings Bank homepage by opening the following URL: to get access to the website.
  • Step 2: Click the “LOG IN” button on the right-hand top corner of the homepage and a login box will appear.
  • Step 3: Redirect to the Enroll page by pressing “Enroll Now” on the box.How to Enroll a New Kennebunk Savings Bank Account?
  • Step 4: Choose your type of account and then fill in your Account number, Social Security number, PIN, Date of birth, Email address, and Confirm email address.How to Enroll a New Kennebunk Savings Bank Account?After that, click “Begin enrollment” and follow the next given instructions to complete the enrollment process.

Secure Tips: Don’t set easy-to-guess or used passwords for your other accounts. Please add special characters and numbers.

How to Make a Kennebunk Savings Bank Payment?How to Make a Kennebunk Savings Bank Payment?

You can pay your bill via Online Bill Pay. Finding and adding bills to Online Bill Pay is simpler than ever before. This essentially does all the work of adding a bill to your account for you.

Bills can be located and added by:

  • Simple: They locate your eligible bills using their user-friendly technology.
  • Quick: Selected bills are automatically added to your account, lowering the chance of human error from manual entry.
  • Smart: Bills are added in a matter of seconds, allowing you to return to what really important.

To get started, log into your online banking Kennebunk Savings online banking account, select Bill Pay from the menu bar and enroll by following the on-screen instructions.

How to Find your checking Routing and Account Number?How to Find your Routing and Account Number?

The second set of numbers written on the bottom of your checks, to the right of the bank routing number, is your checking account number, which is typically 8 to 10 digits long.

The routing number for Kennebunk Savings is always 211274502.

Kennebunk Savings Bank Customer ServiceKennebunk Savings Bank Customer Service

Contact Kennebunk Savings Bank’s customer service at the following information for support if you need it with any issues:

Bank number

Report suspected fraud or lost/stolen card:

  • Debit or ATM Card:1-800-339-6573
  • Credit Card: 1-866-821-8411

Customer Care: 1-800-339-6573


Hours of Operation

Mon–Fri 8:00 AM–5:00PM

Sat 8:00 AM-12:00 PM

They have 13 branches in Maine and 5 branches in New Hampshire. You can find the nearest to get help in person.

Guide To Book Appointment

  1. Click on “Book an appointment today” on the homepage
  2. Choose services you want to get support: Personal accounts, business accounts, loans, mortgages, digital services, and general services.
  3. You can see the details service on the right and the estimated time.
  4. A select phone call or video
  5. View and choose Meeting Details
  6. Provide your details and complete them.

Kennebunk Savings Banks Holiday Schedule

On the following days, all Kennebunk facilities are closed in honor of federal holidays. But you can have 24/7 access to their ATMs, online banking, and mobile banking.

  • New Year’s Day Saturday, January 1
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Monday, January 17
  • President’s Day Monday, February 21
  • Memorial Day Monday, May 30
  • Juneteenth Day  Monday, June 20 (Observed)
  • Independence Day Monday, July 4
  • Labor Day Monday, September 5
  • Indigenous Peoples’ Day (ME)/Columbus Day (NH) Monday, October 10
  • Veterans Day Friday, November 11
  • Thanksgiving Day Thursday, November 24
  • Christmas Day Monday, December 26 (Observed)

On the following days, all Kennebunk Savings facilities will be closed early:

  • Christmas Eve – December 24 – Closing at 12:00 pm
  • New Year’s Eve – December 31 – Closing at 12:00 pm

Kennebunk Savings Bank near me

FAQS about Kennebunk Savings BankFAQS about Kennebunk Savings Bank Login

What is the routing number for Kennebunk Savings Bank?

The routing number for Kennebunk Savings is 211274502.

Can I prequalify for a loan before I find a house to purchase?

Yes, it makes sense to get prequalified for a mortgage loan before you start looking for a home. We will assess your financial condition when you seek to prequalify for a home loan. The maximum loan and purchase price will then be specified in a letter that is based on the data you gave the bank.

To demonstrate to your real estate broker that you are a sincere buyer, you might hand them this letter. To begin the mortgage application process once you’ve found the ideal house, just give your Residential Lending Officer at Kennebunk Savings a call.

How many branches does Kennebunk Savings Bank have?

In York County, Maine, and on the seacoast of New Hampshire, there are 18 branch and office locations.

We appreciate you reading the content. Census Outreach believes that this article will be useful to those of you who frequently use your Kennebunk Savings Bank account for its convenience.

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