Child custody child support

Joint Custody Child Support

Joint custody child support is one of the most prevalent shared parenting agreements following a divorce or separation. It is when both co-parents share responsibilities for the day-to-day care of their child or children.

However, many parents are still unaware of the connections between joint custody and child support. 

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Joint custody

Do you pay child support with joint custody?

An affirmative answer is yes. Joint physical custody and shared parenting obligations are still subject to child support obligations between the parents.

However, a number of important variables may have an impact on the amount of child support due.

Child support payments are normally made by the other, non-custodial parent when one parent has sole physical custody.

These child support payments assist the custodial parent in meeting the basic needs of their children, including housing, food, clothes, and other essentials.

what is child support cover

However, if physical custody is split, each parent will be responsible for giving such necessities to their children on their own.

Because of this, some co-parents might assume that their state’s child support laws do not apply to them, but this is untrue.

Others states provide courts the option to decide whether it’s acceptable to diverge from the state’s child support guidelines, and some may do so in cases involving shared physical custody.

However, this is not a certainty, and a change from the commonly used child support guidelines might still result in one parent being in some way accountable for paying child support.

What factors in couples with shared custody impact the amount of child support due?

While child support laws vary from state to state, they are always designed to ensure that children experience the same level of life following a divorce as they would have were their parents living together.

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Factors used to determine and compute child support obligations is: 

Percentage of Income Model

As the name implies, this model bases child support obligations on a parent’s monthly wages as a percentage.

For the various income levels of the obligors. Some states use different percentage rates, while others continue to apply the same flat rate for all income levels.

Percentage of Income Model

Income Shares Model

This model considers the number of children as well as the parents’ total monthly income when calculating child support obligations.

The court will split the debt between the parents according to how much each parent contributed to the total monthly income.

Parenting time

The amount of time parents stay with their children is a significant factor in determining how much child support should be paid each month in many states.

Even parents who do not share parenting time equally might have their child support obligations reduced.

Parenting time

The number of overnights each parent spends with their children is regularly used by courts to determine How parenting time should impact how much child support is required.

To assist co-parents in figuring out how many nights each will have over the course of a year, several court websites include worksheets or parenting time calculators.

When modifying child support obligations, several states additionally take “comparable care” into consideration. The phrase “equivalent care,” may have a different meaning in your state.

It refers to time spent with one parent without an overnight stay. But during which that parent nonetheless pays expenditures that are essentially similar to those of parenting time with an overnight stay.

Parent Income

What happens if parenting time is distributed equally between parents who make around the same amount of money each month? Co-parents are often free from paying child support in that situation.

Parent Income

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However, they must guarantee it would be in their children’s best interests before coming to a collaborative shared child custody arrangement.

However, the majority of parents earn varying amounts. The amount of child support that must be paid is impacted by this.

Can you prevent 50/50 custody?

A parent may occasionally want to prevent joint physical custody. The most important feature of joint custody is that if one parent can show that circumstances have changed. A parenting arrangement can be changed at any moment.

Reasons for Refusing to Receive Primary or Joint Physical Custody

It is in the best interests of the child to have a relationship with both parents, so many courts encourage joint physical and legal custody for both parents. 

However, if one parent has a history of mistreatment or neglect that could put a child or children at risk. The court will grant sole physical possession to a single parent.

Reasons for Refusing to Receive Primary or Joint Physical Custody

In addition, if one parent has a history of substance abuse or mental illness that would make it difficult for them to care for their child adequately, the court may reject shared physical custody.

The court will make every effort to reintegrate the other parent into your child’s life, even if you are given sole physical custody, by granting family visitation rights, monitoring if required, or by ordering mediation and treatment.

Similar obstacles may stand in the way of a parent gaining shared physical custody as they do in the case of shared legal custody.

  • Relocation
  • Mental health problems
  • Domestic violence
  • Habitual drug or alcohol abuse
  • Mistreatment, neglect, or abuse of children
  • Incarceration or jail time

Counsel for You

The most crucial fact regarding shared custody is that it can be changed at any time. If one parent petitions and can show that there has been a shift in the circumstances. 

If you have joint custody of your child, whether you are a custodial or non-custodial parent. You should understand how child support is calculated.

However, determining or computing child support obligations can be challenging because it is based on many factors. You should still think about contact with a reputable law office or legal expert.

Contact lawyer is necessary

The laws governing custody vary from state to state and jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

If you have questions concerning custody to find out more about child support agreement, and child support order. We advise that you need to contact a knowledgeable family law attorney in your area

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