Is Child Support Affected By Government Shutdown?

Is Child Support Affected By Government Shutdown? This is a common question during a government shutdown. However, child support is not affected at least until new policies appear. Keep reading to know more.

Is Child Support Affected By Government Shutdown?

Is Child Support Affected By Government Shutdown?

Is Child Support Affected By Government Shutdown?

The short answer is no even if the individual providing support isn’t getting paid, the child still has to be supported. 

Child support is meant to assist in covering the child’s essential requirements, such as their food, clothes, housing, healthcare, childcare, and educational costs. But child support shouldn’t be used as a form of punishment or to leave one parent penniless, especially in the event of an abrupt, unforeseen financial setback like the government shutdown.

 The length of the government shutdown is essential because the law does offer two distinct procedures to modify a child support order when necessitated by a large change in finances, but neither procedure may be suitable when the loss in income is just temporary.

Changes in Child Support Payment Procedures

Changes in Child Support Payment Procedures

Child support payment levels may be modified or adjusted using one of two legal procedures: adjustment or modification.

To initiate the adjustment process, you must normally wait at least 24 months from the prior child support order or adjustment. Because there is no requirement for a trial, the adjustment process can move along very quickly.

A family law commissioner will assess the issue, frequently within a few weeks, once your attorney files an application with the family court demonstrating that your income has changed. 

Alternatively, the child support modification procedure can be used at any time, but it takes a lot longer and calls for a significant change in the circumstances. It may take several months.

What should you do?

Considering Your Financial Capability

Even if the shutdown has made it more challenging to pay child support and spousal support, you must keep up with these payments unless you are truly unable to. A true incapacity to pay entails the absence of income and the absence of savings, or the entire depletion of savings. You won’t be held in contempt of court for failing to pay if you can demonstrate an actual inability to do so.

Ideas for Saving Money

There may be some good news if you are a federal employee who needs to remain home because of the government shutdown. If your child stays with you during the day or is picked up after school, you might be able to temporarily drop them off at a daycare center or an aftercare program to save money. To determine if this alternative could help reduce some costs during the shutdown, talk it over with the child’s other parent and their caregivers.

Become Active

The present federal government shutdown, which has put many people through suffering, should end shortly. If it persists, discuss the possibility of submitting a motion for adjustment of child support with a lawyer. To make sure you stay in compliance if your employer deducts child support from your paycheck directly, get in touch with the county’s office of child support enforcement.

What Happens During a Government Shutdown If Child Support Isn’t Paid?

Washington State can take harsh action against persons who owe child support, such as putting liens on their personal property, withholding their tax refund, suspending their driver’s license, lowering their credit score, or preventing them from obtaining a passport. 

You should get in touch with the child support division of the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services. You also explain your circumstances if you are a federal employee who has lost your income due to the shutdown and are paying your child support through DCS.

The most common query

When was the last time government shut down?

The longest government shutdown in American history lasted 35 days. It started from midnight on December 22, 2018, to midnight on January 25, 2019.

How can child support be stopped in the US?

You would have to submit the proper papers to the county office in order to stop paying child support. Your local child support attorney can help you with the specifics of the full legal procedure and provide you with information on how to cancel child support.

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