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Ihg Merlin Login – You will learn how to log into IHG Merlin and the precise enrollment process in this post. Please read the page through to the end if you want to learn more about Ihg Merlin and its several other processes. Let’s begin!

IHG Merlin

What Is IHG Merlin?

IHG launched Merlin, an intranet for employees that links all of its hotels globally, a number of years ago. Merlin is now the go-to place for business intelligence, training opportunities, and corporate and HR news. The login portal offers current business intelligence so that colleagues at all IHG sites may keep informed about what’s occurring there.

Merlin now serves as IHG’s primary source for news, HR, and corporate information and offers training opportunities as well as a vast library of additional resources for staff.

How to login IHG Merlin?

Open websit IHG Merlin

Step 1: Open website Merlin at IHD.com

Step 2: Fill up your Merlin information including: 

  • Username
  • Password

Fill your necessary data

Step 3: Click “Sign In” button

  • Click on “Sign in ” button
  • Logged in successfully

Enter Login button

How do I make an IHG Merlin account?

Step 1: The “LogIn” button -> The User Sign In page

Click Login

Step 2: The Merlin Sign In communicate -> Merlin’s website “New User Creation

Step 3: Click the “Create User” button after entering the enter information.

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How to reset your password IHG Merlin?

  1. Click “Self-Service Password Central”  button: Password Central 
  2. Choose your domain /user ID/ accept the Privacy Statement and Terms of Use, 
  3. Press “Change PasswordReset your password
  4. Hit old password -> New password -> Continue
  5. When your password is changed -> Press Continue to exit.

How do I unlock my IHG Merlin account?

  1. Visiting Self-Service Password Central is possible at https://mypassword.ihg.com/aims/ps/.
  2. By choosing your domain, entering your user ID, and accepting the terms of service and privacy policy, you can log in.
  3. From the menu, choose “Unlock account.”
  4. Three of the security questions you chose at enrollment will be answered by you. After answering each query, click “Continue.”
  5. You will be informed that your account has been successfully unlocked when you have correctly answered 3 of your secret questions.

How to access IHG Rewards Club?

You may accumulate IHG Merlin points for complimentary nights at IHG properties when you use your IHG Premier Credit Card. The first year’s yearly cost of $89 is waived when using the credit card. However, if you don’t like IHG, you could choose to consider general travel credit cards instead.

Visit the hotel’s website online to register for the IHG Rewards Club at Merlin IHG. You must first establish a username and password in order to proceed. A working email address is required to create your account. If you forget your password, you may also reset it. The procedure is quick and easy. Being an IHG Merlin club member has countless advantages. So sign up right away to gain from the many advantages!

IHG Rewards Club

IHG Employee Room Benefits Program

You must work for IHG Merlin in order to take advantage of the Merlin IHG Employee Room Benefit program. You may reserve up to 7 nights at the employee rate each year by using this program. A minimum of 60 days must pass before making a reservation.

Prior to making a reservation at an employee rate, finish the IHG Rewards program. Simply to the website from Merlin’s home page and choose the modify profile option to start using the software.

An employee must have a Merlin ID and an IHG Rewards Club membership in order to register for the Employee or Worker Room Benefit Program. The employee or employees will then be enrolled in the program by the hotel room manager. You must renew the endorsement every six months because it expires after that time.

Employee and worker rates are always available, but you need a valid ID to enter the rooms. You need a Merlin ID in order to access the IHG workers or Employee Room Benefit program.

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IHG: Listening to the Heartbeat of Millions of Guests

IHG must keep an eye on the customer experience as customers check in and out of its 798,075 hotel rooms every day. IHG teamed up with Medallia and Ipsos Loyalty to advance its HeartBeat survey program in order to comprehensively assess and enhance customer experience across its numerous locations.

Users of Medallia have increased from 7,500 to about 40,000 since 2014. Additionally, hotels are paying greater attention to social data: since the social tool’s introduction in 2017, 88% of IHG’s worldwide estate regularly reacts to social review notifications.

Why can’t I log into my IHG Merlin account?

If your account has been locked, it’s likely because you attempted to log in with the wrong password too frequently. You’ll need to change your password in order to obtain access to your account again. Click “Sign in” in the top right corner of any page. You’ll be sent to the sign-in page for members.

How to connect your Merlin ID and IHG® Rewards Club number?

  1. You need to login to your account first.
  2. On menu section, choose Self Service -> Profile Update -> For Me
  3. On the next page, choose “Update IHG Rewards Club”
  4. Enter your IHG Rewards Club number
  5. Click Submit button

Customer Services IHG Merlin

Self service

Africa, the Middle East, and Europe


Dial +800 2222 7172 for free calls internationally. 

Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and United Kingdom

Arab world: +973 6 500 9 296**

For all other nations and regions, dial +44 1950 499004

Fax: +44 1950 491716 **



+800 2222 7172 is the global freephone number.

Thailand, Malaysia, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Korea, and the Philippines

Mainland China 800 830 1128 or 021 20334848 

Asia: 800 965 222 China:

Macau China: 0800 728

Taiwan China: +801 863 366

Hours of Operation:

Mon–Sun 7:00 am–11: 00 pm BJS


Hours of Operation: 9:00am–6:00pm JST, Monday–Friday


Hours of Operation: 9:00am–6:00pm KST, Monday–Friday

Other nations and regions: +632 8857 8788

Fax: +632 8857 8787 **


Can I add my partner to my IHG account?

When using IHG Rewards points to make a reservation for someone else, be truthful and include the person’s name and travel dates when making the reservation from your IHG login account. Whether you’re paying with points or a regular transaction, IHG allows you to create a reservation for anybody else.

How much is an employee discount at IHG?

The IHG Employee Room Benefit Program system, also known as the IHG Employee Rate Program, provides workers with significant savings when they visit IHG facilities for leisure. The savings may be substantial and can be anywhere between 50% and 75% off the normal hotel rate at any specific facility.

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Does IHG have a friends and family rate?

Friends and family of all full-time and part-time employees of all IHG enterprises, as well as IHG hotel owners, managers, and franchisees, may book rooms at the Friends & Family Rate. A stay can include a maximum of 7 nights and 5 rooms.

How do I criticize IHG?

Contacts for InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) complaints

  • Go to Customer Service.
  • To reach customer service, dial (800) 621-0555.
  • Visit the contact page for customer help.
  • Send an email to ihgrewardsclub@ihg.com for IHG Rewards Club customer care.
  • IHG (InterContinental Hotels Group) Customer Care should be followed.
  • Adhere to IHG Rewards Club.
  • Individual Paint by Number

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