How to give up parental rights and not pay child support?

How to give up parental rights and not pay child support? Along with legal obligations like child support, parents also have legal rights. The right to make decisions about a child’s education, health care, religion, and other significant issues. However, some parents choose to give up parental rights because paying child support can be difficult for them.  Here are the ways to terminate parental rights and not pay child support.

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How to give up parental rights and not pay child support?

What happens if you give up parental rights?

All legal ties between a parent and kid are entirely severed when parental rights are terminated. 

The parent no longer has the authority to raise the child or make important choices for the child’s upbringing. You are not allowed to contact your child, and cannot email, call, or visit.  

What happens if you give up parental rights?

On holidays or on your child’s birthday, you do not get to see them.

Additionally, any child support obligations are lifted following termination of parental rights, making you and the child strangers.

How to give up parental rights and not pay child support?

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When can parental rights be terminated?

If your child’s best interests are served by terminating your parental rights, there must be strong and convincing evidence to support that decision.

Parental rights may be terminated for the following reasons:

How to give up parental rights and not pay child support?
  • Voluntarily abandons the child, either by themselves or in the care of someone else, and states their intention to never return.
  • When a parent voluntarily separates from their child, does not say they intend to come back, does not provide for them, and stays away for at least three months.
  • Voluntarily abandons the child for at least six months, either with another person or by themselves.
When can parental rights be terminated?
  • Intentionally puts or abandons a child in a dangerous situation.
  • Carries out acts or puts the child with those who carry out acts that put the youngster in danger.
  • Been a significant factor in the child’s failure to enroll in school or prolonged absence from home with a guardian without the intention of returning.
  • Signed an affidavit of parental rights surrender.
give up parental rights and not pay child support
  • Been found guilty of a crime or sentenced to community supervision after being found criminally at fault for a child’s death or serious physical injury.
  • Having lost their parental rights in favor of another child.
  • Failed to comply with a court order that outlines the steps to be taken to get the child back while they are in the Department of Family and Protective Services’ custody for at least nine months after being placed there due to abuse or neglect.
give up parental rights
  • Used a controlled substance in a way that put the child at risk, didn’t complete a court-ordered treatment program or kept abusing drugs after the program was over.
  • Intentionally committed an offense that led to their parent’s conviction and at least two years in prison.
  • Been the reason why the child is addicted to an illegal substance.
  • Voluntarily surrendered the youngster to a certified emergency infant care provider without indicating a desire to return.

Steps to end parental rights.

Parental rights cannot be voluntarily given up without a judicial decree. To revoke parental rights, one must follow these procedures:

  1. The court has no form which is available to terminate parental rights. The first step would be to create the necessary pleading, or with the help of a professional attorney.
  1. Fill out the investigation questionnaire form and include the necessary paperwork with your request for termination. If parental rights were to be terminated voluntarily, this would also have to encompass the child’s impending adoption by a stepparent.
Steps to end parental rights.
  1. Once these are finished, go to fill out a citation for hearing to request a termination hearing. This citation must be written because there is no existing court form.
  1. Send these documents to the courtroom in your area.
  1. Before a hearing is scheduled, the court will review your paperwork. A termination hearing will be scheduled 45 days from now if the documents are satisfactory.

How to not pay child support? 

You must abide by any child support orders issued as a result of your divorce or separation if you received one. However, there are a few legal ways to avoid paying child support:

  • Adjusting the current child support judgment. You could be eligible to submit a request for a change if you were mandated to provide for your kid financially. However, If you want to decrease the amount of child support you are paying or stop paying it altogether, you must provide evidence that there has been a significant change in circumstances. The forced loss of a job and sustaining an incapacitating injury are two examples of “a considerable change in circumstances.”
How to not pay child support? 
  • Renunciation of parental authority. Although most parents probably wouldn’t choose this option, it is one of the methods to avoid paying child support in Florida lawfully.
  • Waiting until your child turns 18. The support agreement expires once your child turns 18 unless there are extraordinary reasons (e.g., your child is disabled or has special needs).

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