when child support arrears are paid in full

How much is child support in Michigan?

How much is child support in Michigan? Child support is a recurring payment given by a non-custodial parent in Michigan to assist in providing for their children’s needs. Even though the sole requirements for requesting child support payments are the acknowledgment of paternity and pregnancy. 

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How much is child support in Michigan?

Michigan child support formula 2022

In Michigan, until a judge alters or ends the duty or the kid is emancipated, both parents are required to support a minor child.

The responsibility can nevertheless continue after emancipation if the emancipation was court-ordered rather than granted by statute. Marriage, military service, or getting older all constitute legal emancipation.

Michigan child support formula 2022

Even if a parent does not have primary physical custody of a kid, they must still contribute to the child’s support, even if the custodial parent earns enough money to cover the child’s expenses on their own.

Unless the child is continuing to attend high school full-time after turning 18 and has a realistic expectation of graduating, child support obligations are still in effect until the final day of the month the child reaches 18 years old.

However, under that scenario, the child’s support would end when they turned 19 years and 6 months old.

Michigan child support payment

When determining child support, the court must use the Michigan Child Support Formula (“MCSF”). According to the MCSF, the parties are required to pay three types of support:

Michigan child support payment
  • (1) a base support amount that is adjusted for parenting time;
  • (2) medical support obligations, which cover both routine and unexpected medical costs as well as health insurance coverage and premium splitting; and
  • (3) child care expense obligations.

The base assistance under the MCSF is determined by taking into account the number of children covered, the number of overnights each parent spends with the children, and the parties’ combined income.

Michigan child support formula

The amount of health insurance premiums paid for the benefit of the child and any child care costs paid by either partner are then subtracted from the base support amount.

The entire amount of child support that a parent is required to pay will be determined by the base support after accounting for health care and child care costs.

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How much is child support in Michigan per child

The price is presently $403 for one child, however it is regularly revised to reflect changing economic variables. The payer’s share is included in the support payment as it is taken into account in the support calculation.

How much is child support in Michigan per child

When extraordinary medical costs from uninsured health care surpass that amount per year for ordinary medical treatment, such costs are divided between the partners according to their incomes.

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New Michigan child support law

The important adjustments to Michigan’s child support formula for 2021 include: Increasing the amount paid in child support for a child’s medical coverage.

New Michigan child support law

Allowing non-income-generating parents to temporarily lessen their child support obligations (even paying zero child support if needed)

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