Homeless man spends $100

How Does a Homeless Man Spend $100?

How does a homeless man spend $100? In this documentary, Josh Paler Lin provides an insight into the life of a homeless man. The story of how he gave $100 to a man on the street is remarkable, and it become viral on Youtube. This film is highly recommended. Read it for the thought-provoking questions it raises. The ending will make you wonder: “Why would an honest man return money that he’d given to a homeless man?”

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Josh Paler Lin gave a homeless man $100

YouTuber Josh Paler Lin usually makes videos of people pulling pranks on one another, but this time he did something different. He gave a homeless man $100 and filmed him spending it on various things, including alcohol.

The video went viral, with over 1.2 million views since it was posted yesterday. You will be amazed by what the man does with his newfound money. Watch the video to find out what he buys!

The video shows how Lin followed the homeless man around after giving him the money and watched as he spent it on booze. Later, the man told Josh that he was grateful and told him that he would give it to other homeless people.

This kind gesture is true to the spirit of the holiday season, and it shows that there is no reason to give anything without considering the feelings of the recipient.

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Homeless man does incredible act

It is impossible to believe, but a homeless man did an incredible act when he was given a hundred dollars. Josh Paler Lin, a YouTuber, was secretly filming the man’s every move as he gave him the money.

homeless helps others

He was expecting the homeless man to beg for change and was surprised when Josh handed him a hundred dollars. The homeless man, whom he named Thomas, expressed his gratitude by saying that his gift was “incredible” and hugged Josh.

Despite being a homeless man, he tries to help the community. During a recent video, he posted the story to social media. After receiving the $100 from a stranger, the man goes to the liquor store, where he sees other homeless people begging for food.

lonely homeless man

Though the man tries to catch the homeless man, the man continues to serve the homeless. He spends the money on food, blankets, and even other items for them.

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After being raised $100 by a YouTuber, the homeless man immediately entered the small supermarket. And then he used that money to buy some food and distribute it to other poor homeless people like him. What a kind heart!

There’s a new viral video that shows the heartwarming story of a homeless man who found a wallet full of cash, returned it to the owner, and changed many lives. The video features Elmer Alvarez, a man who is homeless and lived on the street.

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