Help Desk

    Get automated or In-Person Help


Hard-to-Count communities are likely to have questions about the census or need help to fill it out


Provide a resource that can help find the nearest in-person assistance center, or can provide automated answers quickly and confidentially


  • Hard-to-count individuals may not know where to go for in-person help to fill out their census
  • People may have sensitive questions about the census and hesitant to call the Census Bureau for help
  • Staffing burden for cities, counties, and nonprofits to answer questions
  • Staff may not have sufficient Census knowledge to answer questions


Automated Help:
  • Removes staffing burden on city, county or nonprofits
  • Available 24/7
  • Accessible in multiple languages
  • Reporting: Administrators can get live data, such as what questions people have asked
Find In-Person Assistance Center:
  • Get links to map and directions to locations closest to your zip code
  • Get info on hours open and languages spoken
  • Get reminders and other help options
  • Reporting: Administrators can get live data, such as how many people were referred and to what assistance centers

How It Works

  1. Send a text to a number or mobile messaging app if you need help.
  2. For in-person assistance, provide your zip code and get info on the nearest in-person assistance location with hours, languages provided, map, directions and reminders
  3. For automated answers, simply type your question and the chatbot will automatically answer routine questions - 24/7. Answers (when possible) will be linked to official Census FAQs and instructions.
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