Grantham University Login Step-by-step Guidelines

Grantham University Login Glife Online Guidelines

Grantham University Login Step-by-step Guidelines. If you are wondering how to login into your Grantham University account, you’ve come to the right place. This post will meet your requirements about it. Additionally, we will show you how to recover, enroll in your account, contact customer service, and some information about Grantham University as well.

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Overview of Grantham UniversityOverview of Grantham University

Grantham University is now the University of Arkansas Grantham.

Grantham University formally became the University of Arkansas Grantham on November 1, 2021, when it joined the University of Arkansas System. In order to better serve the thousands of students already enrolled in more than 50 completely online degree and diploma programs, UA Grantham has strengthened its institution.

Grantham has worked to increase adult learners’ access to education ever since it was founded in 1951. Since it is now a member of the University of Arkansas System, UA Grantham is in a stronger position to increase the quantity of high-quality, reasonably priced, and professionally relevant programs it provides to students in Arkansas and around the globe.

Features of the University of Arkansas GranthamFeatures of the University of Arkansas Grantham

A major metropolitan university, an 1890 land-grant university, two regional universities serving southern and western Arkansas, seven community colleges, two schools of law, a presidential school, residential math, and science high school, a 100% online university, and diverse educational opportunities are all part of the UA System’s tradition of excellence.

The UA System has a budget of more than $4 billion, more than 28,000 employees, and more than 70,000 students enrolled.

Graduates and former students of Grantham University will still be able to obtain diplomas, transcripts, and student records from the new University of Arkansas Grantham. New graduates will start receiving their University of Arkansas Grantham degrees and certificates in January 2022.

The Grantham degree, already a prestigious certificate, will now be supported by the solid reputation of Arkansas’s top higher education system. UA Grantham is still dedicated to its purpose of offering high-quality online learning options.

The University of Arkansas Grantham Accreditation

Since 1961, the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC), now known as the Distance Education Accreditation Commission (DEAC), has granted national accreditation to the University of Arkansas Grantham.

Additionally, because UA Grantham is a part of the University of Arkansas System, credits earned there may be transferred to other institutions in the system. The Higher Learning Commission has granted regional accreditation to the other UA System members.

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Why Choose Grantham University?

More of What You Need

They have been working to improve the lives of adult learners all across the world for more than 70 years. Institution of Arkansas Grantham offers degree seekers a top-notch education that is more accessible, more flexible, and more affordable as an accredited public university and a pioneer in online learning. With UA Grantham, this is the time for you to accomplish more.

More Value

The Grantham University of Arkansas is more reasonably priced. They actually boast some of the most affordable tuition in the country, along with a variety of other cost-saving options. There is also nothing stopping you because there is never an application cost. They will even give you a laptop for free when you enroll in a degree program.

Your Experience Matters

They consider your prior experience both inside and outside of the college classroom because high-quality learning can occur in a variety of settings. At the University of Arkansas Grantham, you may be able to receive college credit for your credentials, corporate or military training, ongoing education, professional experience, and volunteer work, saving you time and money.

Better Student Experience

What distinguishes the University of Arkansas Grantham from other traditional universities nowadays when many offer courses and even full programs online? It’s easy; they were designed for this.
The University of Arkansas Grantham experience is made to be more flexible in every way possible, free from time and place restrictions. You can complete your college degree whenever and wherever it’s most convenient for you thanks to no established class schedules, 24/7 access to course materials, and an intuitive mobile app.

More for Military

The University of Arkansas Grantham, consistently recognized as a top military-friendly institution, is committed to helping those who defend our country by providing the Heroes program to active duty personnel, veterans, and their families.

For undergraduate and graduate degree programs, tuition is considerably lower for students at $250 per credit hour, and there is no resource charge, which covers books and software, for any course.

Since almost half of our students have a military background, they are aware of when duty calls and are prepared to assist you as you balance your studies with military deployments, reassignments, and other obligations.

How to Login into your Grantham University Account?

Let’s get this tutorial going and examine the online Grantham University Login procedures. These are the ones listed below. Never overlook a step while logging onto your Grantham University account; follow the instructions below:

  • Step 1: Check out the homepage of Grantham University by pressing the provided URL:
  • Step 2: Select “G LIFE Login” and you will be directed to the login page.
  • Step 3: On the page, fill in your Username and Password.How to Login into your Grantham University Account? After that, click the “LOGIN”  button to login into your Grantham University account.

These steps are so simple, right? Just follow it to log in to your account!

How to Reset your Grantham University Password?

If you have accidentally forgotten your Grantham University Login password, adhere to the following instructions to reset it:

  • Step 1: Visit the homepage of Grantham University by clicking the following link:
  • Step 2: Select “G LIFE Login” and you will be directed to the login page.
  • Step 3: On that page, click “FORGOT PASSWORD?” to move to the Reset Password page.
  • Step 4: And then, enter a valid address that you have used to receive university communications and click “Submit”.How to Reset your Grantham University Password? Next, adhere to the following prompts to reset your Grantham University password.

How to Retrieve your Grantham University Username?

In some cases, if you can not remember your username to get logged in to your account, follow the instructions given below to retrieve it:

  • Step 1: Click the provided UL: to navigate to the Grantham University homepage.
  • Step 2: Select “G LIFE Login” and you will be directed to the login page.
  • Step 3: On that page, click “FORGOT USERNAME?” to move to the Forgot Username page.
  • Step 4: Enter a valid address that you have used to receive university communications and click “Submit”. How to Retrieve your Grantham University Username?Next, adhere to the following prompts to retrieve your Grantham University username.

How to Enroll in a Grantham University Account?

Fill out Grantham University online application to set up your user account. GLife, the entrance to all things UA Grantham, may be accessed via your user account. Just adhere to the following actions:

  • Step 1: Navigate to to access the Application form.
  • Step 2: Include your Social Security Number in the required area (this is also one of the form’s requirements). As you’ll need it to log on again later, make sure to write down the password you choose. Click Submit following that.
  • Step 3: Check your email for a message from us verifying your submission after submitting the online application form (be sure to check your spam or promotions folders).

Congratulations! You can log in to GLife, which serves as the entrance to UA Grantham, after submitting your application and responding to the email sent as verification.

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How to Transfer Credit at Grantham University?How to Transfer Credit at Grantham University?

In order to give you credit for the time you’ve already spent on your education, they, at the University of Arkansas Grantham, analyze your prior learning and experience both inside and outside of the classroom. This can save you both time and money while you pursue your degree.

The University of Arkansas Grantham allows transfer credits from schools accredited by organizations recognized by the Council for Higher Education and/or the U.S. Department of Education. A case-by-case analysis is done for previously taken courses that are outdated in terms of current advancements, procedures, or technology.

The student is responsible for making sure that official transcripts are on file for all previously attended schools before course registration in order for UA Grantham to assess potential transfer credit.

If a course has the same amount of content and value as the relevant UA Grantham course, transfer credit will be given for that course (s). With the exception of repeats for subpar course grades, a credit will not be given for courses whose content is a repetition of material from a previously completed course or an exam for which credit has already been issued.

Here are some ways to transfer credits:

College Transcripts

An official transcript is one that the registrar of the issuing educational institution sends directly to the University of Arkansas Grantham. All official transcripts must be examined and on file with UA Grantham before you can register for a course if you want to transfer credit.

Credit by Examination

According to ACE credit recommendations, the University of Arkansas Grantham accepts credit by examination from sources. Learn more at

Foreign Transcripts

Foreign transcripts must be translated into English and reviewed by a member of the Association of International Credential Evaluators or the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services ( (

Transcript Submission

When requesting your transcripts from your former college(s), please specify that official transcripts should be addressed to:

University of Arkansas Grantham

Attn: Office of the Registrar

16025 West 113th Street

Lenexa, KS 66219

Email to request official electronic transcripts.

Grantham University Customer ServiceGrantham University Customer Service

Contact Grantham University’s customer service with the following information for support if you need it with any issues:

University of Arkansas Grantham

2404 N. University Ave.

Little Rock, AR 72207


(888) 947-2684


(866) 842-6365


8 a.m. – 5 p.m. (CT)

Monday – Friday

Customer Care

New Students

(800) 955-2527

Returning Students

(913) 309-4677

F: (866) 914-4557

Advising for Current Students

Monday – Thursday 8 a.m. – 7 p.m. (CT)

Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. (CT)

(800) 955-2527 ext. 807

F: (866) 842-6365

Career Services

(800) 955-2527 ext. 378

Education Verification

(800) 955-2527 ext. 126

F: (866) 842-6365

Financial Aid

(800) 955-2527 ext. 839

(866) 850-2980

F: (866) 839-5658

Veteran Services

(800) 955-2527 ext. 300

University Outreach

(800) 955-2527

Corporate Partners

(800) 955-2527

Media Inquiries

(913) 309-4754

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Social Media Platforms

  • Grantham University’s official Twitter:
  • Grantham University’s official Facebook:
  • Grantham University’s official LinkedIn:
  • Grantham University’s official Instagram:
  • Grantham University’s official Youtube:

FAQs about Grantham University LoginFAQs about Grantham University Login

How long does it usually take to earn a degree?

The number of hours a student spends in the program, the degree level, and whether or not they continue without taking breaks from one term to the next all affect how long it takes to complete a degree at the University of Arkansas Grantham.

Of course, transfer credits can speed things up. Find out the duration of the program you’re interested in by speaking with an admissions representative.

How do transcripts work?

All previously attended schools and universities where prospective students seek to have their earned credits reviewed for transfer into a University of Arkansas Grantham degree program must be reported.

Before enrolling in a course, students who seek to transfer credit must have certified transcripts evaluated and on file. Through their Transcript Ordering Center, students and alumni who want a copy of their official transcripts from UA Grantham can request them.

How much is the tuition? Is financial aid available?

The University of Arkansas Grantham works to maintain tuition fees for students as low as possible. Their tuition is less expensive than many other colleges, at $295 for undergrads and $350 for graduate students per credit hour.

A special military (or government employee) rate lowers prices even further for qualified students, and additional scholarship and grant options can also help certain students maintain cost-effectiveness. Federal Student Aid is also permitted to be provided by the university.


You can find all the information you need about your Grantham University account in this post. In order to accomplish this, you can log in, register, and recover your account or contact Grantham University Customer Service. In order to help and save you some time, several FAQs have also been addressed.

We appreciate you reading the post. Census Outreach believes that this article will be useful to those of you who frequently use your Grantham University account for its convenience.

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