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Graduation Alliance Login Student Payment Portal 2022

Graduation Alliance Login instructions & Services for students. Graduation Alliance works to provide students of all ages with the tools, flexibility, and support they need to achieve their educational objectives and get ready for what comes next. You can gain access to your online account details, your courses, and other essential academic functions in this article.

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About Graduation Alliance

Graduation Alliance offers flexible routes to high school graduation for both adolescents and adults, encourages college and career exploration, and links employers with qualified candidates.

About Graduation Alliance Login
About Graduation Alliance Login

Since 2007, Graduation Alliance has collaborated on recruiting, re-enrolling, educating, and mentoring students with more than 650 state agencies, school districts, community institutions, and workforce boards around the nation. The Northwest Accreditation Commission, a part of Cognia, completely accredits

Provide our full-service diploma completion programs. These programs are supported by technology, coaching, mentoring, transcript analysis, recruiting, social emotional learning assessment, and extensive support services.

Benefits of Graduation Alliance for students

Successful Plans

In order to make sure that all students are on pace to graduate and make plans for successful post-secondary lives, Graduation Alliance offers a broad range of data-driven solutions.

Design programs: and also offer tailored, on-demand solutions, such as extensive curricula, social emotional learning tools, college and career planning resources, and many different levels of academic and social support, particularly for people who are dealing with serious life challenges.


Many applications for the multi-Course tier.

• Homebound or in a hospital.
• Inadequate credit.
• Participants in on-site part-time alternative programs for students.
• Districts seeking to provide opportunities for integrated learning.

Assistance Services

To fulfill the needs of individual students who are facing life issues and are unable to attend school yet require additional layers of assistance to assure success, Graduation Alliance has developed a virtual curriculum solution.

The Help Services layer can be used for a variety of situations, including expulsion; confinement at home or in the hospital; chronic absenteeism; a lack of administrative support; and districts want to provide blended learning choices with student support.

Dropout Reduction

A Graduation Alliance-led approach to provide the population at risk with all-around support:

This level offers additional layers of social and emotional support through assessments and local advocates, post-secondary planning for college and careers, 4G internet-enabled laptops, transcript review, learning plans, student registration, academic coaching, and 24/7 tutors in addition to the unlimited teacher-led courses, transcript reviews, learning plans, and student reporting that are included in the higher tiers.

Requirements for Student to login Graduation Alliance

The following prerequisites must be met by students in order to use the Graduation Alliance portal:

  • The student portal must be registered with by the students.
  • To access your account, you must have created a special username and password.
  • You are using a secure device to access the portal.
  • You have a functional internet connection.

How to Log in Graduation Alliance online account on the website?

You must first log in on the Graduation Alliance’s Student login page in order to access all the features of your Graduation Alliance online account. Therefore, read the instructions below to learn how to log in.

Step 1: Go to the Graduation Alliance ‘s official website by clicking on this URL: https://www.graduationalliance.com/

Click on “Log In” white button on the top right corner of the homepage as the image shown below to open the login area.

Step 2: On the login page, type your email address and password to login Graduation Alliance

Type your email and password to login Graduation Alliance Page

Alternative Login

You can login through google by login your email address

Step 3: Click “Login” once you’ve decided how to enter the one-time security code.
To access your Graduation Alliance account, enter the one-time security code and click “Login” on the directed page.

Recover Graduation Alliance Online Account’s Password

You may easily reset your password if you’ve forgotten the one you used to get into my Graduation Alliance account. The steps listed below should be followed to reset your Graduation Alliance student password: also, more

Step 1: Click on “Forgot your password?” to move on to the recovery page.

Step 2: The new window is now open on your device.

  • Fill in the username and email address before continuing.
  • Your password will be reset for you shortly.

Type your username or email address to reset your password

Continue to follow the instructions until the verification procedure is finished. You must then set up a new password to access your Graduation Alliance’s online account.

Sign Up for Graduation Alliance online account

Step 1: Go to the Graduation Alliance’s official website. The link is already specified in the website login section above.
Click request for Infor button to move on to the recover

Step 2: Enter your information account to create your account

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email
  • Phone number

After filling, click send to complete.

Step 3: Continue to follow the instructions until you have finished the registration procedure. You then possess a personal WGU online account.

Sign into Graduation Alliance Login Portal on Mobile App

Through the mobile app, students have access to all services and features. Since this mobile app is synchronized with the internet portal, any changes you make there will also be reflected on the mobile app. You can pick up where you left off in your online course as well.

Step 1: Click the link below to install the Graduation Alliance Login mobile app for your Android or Apple smartphone or tablet.

Download the Graduation Alliance App on App Store and on Google Play.

Step 2: You launch the program you downloaded. The screen for logging in will appear. You need to enter your user ID and password. Then, click on “Sign In” to access your Graduation Alliance account.

Why am I unable to get access to Graduation Alliance Mobile App?

  • For many reasons, you could be having trouble logging into your app account. The most frequent cause is an incorrect account or login information. Before checking in, double-check your information to help prevent this.
  • Periodically, you won’t be able to log in, but you’ll be informed in advance. There will frequently be software updates.
  • If the login page doesn’t appear, make sure your browser’s login account type is set to the appropriate one or try a different IP address.

Customer services for Graduation Alliance

Customer services for Graduation Alliance

Since 2007, Graduation Alliance has provided schools and communities all throughout the country with the tools and assistance needed to help people fulfill their educational.

Headquarters: 310 S Main St 12TH Fl, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84101, United States

Graduation Alliance phone number: (855) 486-8855

Website: www.graduationalliance.com

FAQs about Graduation Alliance Login

Is Graduation Alliance free? How much does the graduation alliance cost?

Free state program to assists students in obtaining a high school diploma. The student incurs no costs.

How does Graduation Alliance work?

Graduation Alliance collaborates with organizations that are committed to providing alternate routes to graduation from high school and career training, including schools, districts, private colleges, workforce development organizations, companies, and others, to engage with students of all ages.

How can instructors communicate with parents by getting their email addresses?

Like in a typical learning setting, parents can be crucial to their child’s success, but not all parents are able (or willing) to assist in the same way.

That doesn’t mean, however, that a parent doesn’t want to hear from you or collaborate with you on behalf of their child if you can’t reach them via email.

We are grateful that you stopped by our page. Census Outreach feels that those of you who make regular use of your Graduation Alliance account due to the ease it provides would find this post to be helpful.

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