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Gerber life insurance login article that guides how to login on the website and on smartphone, insurance agent and life grow up plan for children. If you pay attention, keep reading.

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how to logi nto gerber life insurance account

Gerber life insurance overview

Originally established by the well-known producer of baby food, Gerber Products Company, Gerber Life Insurance has been around since 1967. 

By the end of 2021, Gerber Life Insurance, which is now a part of Western & Southern Financial Group Inc., had 3.7 million active policies totaling $62 billion in life insurance.

 Although Gerber Life’s headquarters are in White Plains, New York, Fremont, Michigan serves as its operational hub.

Although Gerber sells whole and small term life insurance policies for adults, it is better recognized for its life insurance plans for kids.

Gerber Life offers a number of products, including expensive term insurance and endowment insurance, that won’t make sense for the majority of families. 

There are better insurance companies out there for the majority of your needs, but if you need whole life insurance and don’t want to deal with a medical exam, Gerber Life might be worth looking into.

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  • Makes it simpler to obtain life insurance by offering policies that don’t require a medical exam.
  • Sells insurance for all age groups, including kids, teens, adults, and seniors.
  • Child life coverage doubles at 18
  • Automatic payment discount


  • More complaints than would be expected for a company of its size.
  • Customers cannot manage their life insurance coverage using an app.
  • Very expensive term coverage
  • Need to supply email for quote
  • Low coverage limits


We obtained quotations for applicants in good health at various ages and discovered that Gerber Life’s term insurance price is significantly more expensive than that of other carriers. Quotes for 30-year term insurance with a $250,000 death benefit are provided below.

  • Male: $49.38 at age 25, $106.25 at age 40.
  • Female: $38.33 at age 25, $75.83 at age 40.

Some requirements of Gerber life

In order sign in the Gerber life insurance account, you need to check the issues list below here:

  • Internet browser
  • Address of the Gerber life insurance portal
  • Have a laptop, mobile phone, computer reliable with the internet.
  • Valid user ID and password.

Gerber life insurance login

Gerber life insurance login 1

Follow the simple way below to successfully to sign in your account:

Step 1: Access the Gerber life official website at

Step 2: At the right corner, click on the “eService login” button.

Step 3: Fill your user ID and password in the form.

Step 4: Now, click on the “Log into eService” button to finish.

It’s very easy. Goodluck to you!

Reset the forgotten user ID

Reset the forgotten user ID


Step 1: At the login site, click on the “forgot user ID” link below the user ID blank.

Step 2: After that, fill in your activated email.

Step 3: The system will send a link to retrieve your user ID to your email.

Step 4: Press that link and follow the next instruction to complete.

Reset the forgotten password

Reset the forgotten password


Unfortunately, you forgot your account password. You can recover by follow the guide below here:

Step 1: Visit the Gerber login form.

Step 2: Click on the “Forgot password” link.

Step 3: Type in your user ID and click “send email.”

Step 4: Continue to follow the next instruction to recover your password.

That’s all. Hope you succeed!

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Enroll a Gerber life insurance account

Enroll a Gerber life insurance account

Each policyholder must register before they can add a new insurance type or submit a claim online. The registration process is quick and simple. Follow the steps below to first register:

  • Visit the Gerber life login section 
  • Find and click on the “Enroll now” link.
  • After that, please fill in your policy information.
  • Next, make your user id and password and confirm it.
  • At the end, tick to agree and press the orange “Continue” button.

Gerber Life insurance agent login app

Why should you use the Gerber life agent app?

Only licensed life insurance agents can access the product quotations and information in the Gerber Life Insurance Agent Zone app. With the help of the Agent Zone mobile app, agents may easily and quickly:

  • Provide quick quotes on the go
  • View Gerber Life product information
  • Share product brochures via email
  • Directly to the Gerber Life Agent Portal to finish an online application (if you have been appointed to Gerber Life and have a valid Agent ID).

Using on your mobile phone

You can download this app on your phone by two ways:

Login to Gerber life app

You can log into your account on mobile after downloading. Please refer to the advice below:

Step 1: Launch the Gerber life Insurance smartphone app.

Step 2: Click the “login” button and enter your password and user ID.

Step 3: Next, click “login” once more to access your account.

It’s quite simple. You are capable of success.

Gerber life insurance eservice account management

Have you recently registered and wish to look around your online account? You should be aware of some of the online features and privileges available to you. You are specifically permitted to:

  • View and change the policy data
  • Make regular payments (single or recurring)
  • Print or download ID cards.
  • Viewing the past invoices
  • update user information
  • Contact the support line

Gerber life insurance plans

Gerber life insurance plans

Grow-Up plan

This straightforward strategy may turn out to be quite beneficial for your youngster. You may purchase the plan for as little as one dollar every week for kids aged 14 days to 14 years. The Grow-Up Plan’s core benefit, lifetime insurance protection for your child, starts at $5,000.

Term life insurance plan

 effective alternative that can provide young families with reliable security for their financial future. You get to choose the duration and coverage amount ($100,000-$300,000). (10,20, or 30 years). Applying for this plan is fairly simple, and frequently there is no need for a medical checkup.

Guaranteed Life insurance

This policy provides full life insurance protection and can be used to pay for funeral costs, debts that are still owing at the time of death, and medical expenses. 

In this plan, life insurance is guaranteed for participants 50 to 80 years of age, regardless of medical history. Over time, the value of the insurance rises, and you can even borrow against it if necessary.

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Accident protection insurance

This provides coverage for an injury that results in disability as well as an accident death cash payout of up to $100,000. You are guaranteed acceptance after submitting an application for this plan, which is open to those between the ages of 19 and 69, and the premium amount won’t ever go up regardless of your age or health.

The college plan

With this endowment life insurance policy, you can be protected with life insurance for adults while also receiving a guarantee of financial growth. You get to decide how much cash you can afford to set down each month. 

If you pay your premiums, you are certain of receiving between $10,000 and $150,000 for education costs or any other purpose you choose. If you die before receiving the monetary benefit, your child, who is your beneficiary, will still receive the cash benefit.

Gerber Life young adult plan

The Grow-Up Plan is the same as this one, but it is intended for young adults who are 15 to 17 years old. The cost of the Young Adult plan is the primary distinction between the two plans.

Gerber life insurance login payment

You can manage your insurance or make online payments for bills by logging into your eService account. You can pay for premiums and check your payment history via eService.

  • the preferences for billing and payments.
  • Refresh your contact details.
  • Look at the policy documents.
  • Fill out forms for policy changes.

Customer service – Info contact

If you have problem with the Gerber, you can get help via some way:

  • Phone number: 1-800-704-2180
  • Fax: 231-928-3078
  • Address: Gerber Life Insurance Co., 445 State Street, Fremont, MI 49412
  • Hours operation: Mon to Fri (8 a.m – 7 p.m ET); Sat (9 a.m – 5 p.m ET)



Can I cash out child life insurance?

Answer: Yes. As long as the premiums are paid, you are able to take out a loan against the cash worth of the insurance. Loans from policies are charged an 8% interest rate and may have an effect on the cash value and death benefit. You can also return the policy and get the monetary value that is still in it.

Does Gerber Life insurance have cash value?

Answer: The sum of money Gerber Life accumulates each time you make a premium payment is your policy’s cash value. This implies that the cash value of your coverage will increase the longer you keep it. The monetary value of your policy never expires, which is the best part.

What happens to my life insurance if I quit my job?

Answer: Your life insurance coverage will typically expire after you leave your employment if you don’t have any other options. This means that based on your present age and health status, you will need to apply for new coverage (either at your new employment or independently from a life company or broker).

What occurs to Gerber Life Insurance if a child reaches the age of 18?

Answer: The coverage will automatically double without additional cost on the anniversary date of the insurance in the year that your child turns 18. For instance, if you initially purchased a Grow-Up policy for $25,000, it would double into a $50,000 policy, and so on.

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