Field Staff Recruiter

Build and Nurture a Pipeline of Local Candidates


The Census Bureau struggles to hire enough field staff due to a strong economy, cumbersome online application, and a short application window. For enumerator jobs, there is a long waiting period and lack of targeted outreach in hard-to-count communities.


County and city governments as well as nonprofits can source a pipeline of eligible candidates and ensure that strong, local candidates remain engaged through the process


  • 500,000 field staff - the majority of whom are enumerators - will be needed in 2020
  • Enumerators must be U.S. Citizens over 18 who can work part-time
  • Effective enumerators need to be locals familiar with the hard-to-count communities they will engage with
  • The application process is long and complex, taking months to complete
  • There is a long waiting period between when candidates apply and when they are trained and deployed
  • The Census Bureau provides limited information to support the application process


  • Build a pipeline of local candidates with language skills
  • Keep qualified candidates engaged and motivated
  • Enable viral sharing of job opportunities
  • Reporting: Administrators can see progress of recruitment efforts on live dashboards so as to better coordinate sourcing efforts

How It Works

  1. Easily enable people to opt-in to receiving job info from caseworkers, events, etc.
  2. Recipients will automatically receive a series of informational messages about the job.
  3. Recipients can be automatically pre-screened for eligibility.
  4. The campaign automatically provides nudges and reminders to complete the application, as well as links to resources, such as instructional videos or practice assessments.
  5. Data dashboard tracks candidates and keeps them engaged through the long waiting period.
  6. Share with a friend: Candidates can virally share the opportunity with other community members to further build pipeline.
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