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Extended Reach Login Portal extendedreach.com Guide 2022

Extended Reach Login – Are you trying to login to Extended Reach? You’ve found the proper place because it contains all the information you need to complete the Extended Reach login.

The page has all the information you need, including instructions on how to sign in and foster care software  of the Extended Reach.

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What is Extended Reach?

To assist child and family social care health organizations with scheduling, billing, and data administration, extendedReach is a cloud-based case management platform with privacy policy. It makes it possible for organizations to automate their processes and increase overall operational effectiveness.

Information querying, signature collection, and document scanning are some of extendedReach’s key capabilities. Users can sort data according to situations and gain insights into customer KPIs like expiration dates and placement levels using the company’s compliance service. It has a scheduling element that aids caseworkers in managing appointments and getting alerts. Agencies can manage case-related financial documents, such as invoices and insurance claims, thanks to the billing functionality.

There are numerous reports already included with extendedReach. It is accessible with a monthly membership, and phone and online help desk service is offered.

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How to login to Extended Reach?

Extended Reach login require

Before you login Extended Reach, you should attention some requirements to be sure have no problem with you:

  • Official Extended Reach Login webpage.
  • Your legitimate ExtendedReach Login and password.
  • Updated browser.
  • Internet available.

Extended Reach Login 2

If you want to know how to login Extended Reach, please follow some instructions process below here:

Extended Reach Steps

    • Step 1: Visit extendedreach.com to see the official Extended Reach Login page.
  • Step 2: Please proceed by clicking the Login option at this time.
  • Step 3: You can now input your password after entering your email.
  • Step 4: By clicking the Sign In button, the procedure will be finished.

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How to Reset Extended Reach Password?

Yon can see guides at this article to reset your password successful:

Reset Login Password

  1. Open the Extended Reach Login official site at extendedreach.com. 
  2. Now click Login at the top.
  3. Give your password after giving your email.
  4. Please select the ‘Forgot your password’ option now.
  5. A little pop-up window will now appear on your page stating that the email has been delivered to your inbox and displaying your current password.
  6. Your password will be in the email you get from alerts@Extendedreach.com. Now you have to sign in with your email and password.
  7. If you are having trouble logging in with your current credentials, please email support@Extendedreach.com.

It’s done! Goodluck to you.

How to Change Extended Reach login Password?

If your password have not enough security and you want to change, so you can follow some steps below here: 

  • Step 1: Open the Extended Reach webpage at extendedreach.com first.
  • Step 2: You may now access your account.
  • Step 3: Please enter your password and email address.
  • Step 4: Go to the My Preferences section of your login home page right away.
  • Step 5: Your password can be changed right now.

How to update your name at Extended Reach portal?

The answer to the question, “How can I update my name?” then kindly follow the instructions:

  • Access the Extended Reach website by logging in at extendedreach.com.
  • Please select My Preferences after logging into your account.
  • Now visit your email address and make any necessary changes.
  • You can also modify your work title in addition to your first, middle, and last names.
  • Once you’ve made all the necessary adjustments, kindly save your work.

You can easily update or change your name at Extended Reach. 

Texas extended reach

The PMET Foster Home Visit Questionnaire now includes a section for “Education Portfolio” updates.

Texas extended reach

To avoid confusion, the Education Portfolio has been dropped from the General tab of the Case screen’s education section.

If your organization currently updates the PMET dashboard using a “Education Portfolio” report, it will continue to do so.

Extended reach app

Simply search for extendedReach in the App Store on your iOS or Android smartphone to get the new mobile app.

You must choose a security pass-code after the program has loaded on your smartphone. After that, you can log in to extendedReach using your desktop as usual.

Extended Reach Pricing

Storage is limitless, and user IDs for support workers are free.

  • Beginning cost: $500.00 monthly
  • Free trial: Not accessible
  • Free version: Not accessible

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Extended Reach foster care software

The innovative, user-friendly case management software solution for contemporary social service agencies is called extendedReach. Technology can help them become more productive by streamlining your workflows.

Information on the go

Extended Reach is supported by all desktop, tablet, and mobile web browsers, and can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Compliance checklist

Stay in compliance with our built-in compliance checklist, which shows all impending due items for customers, residences, and staff members in an easy-to-read manner.

Signature collection

Use our remote signature collecting tool to quickly approve notes or safely ask for signatures from outside parties.

Custom forms

Users can fully personalize and manage their casework thanks to the simple conversion of internal and state files into Word documents, online web documents, and custom forms.


Receive notifications of forthcoming case events and share papers with the leadership team, county employees, or your superiors.


With our scanner inbox, becoming paperless is straightforward. You can upload and manage all casework with simplicity.

Contact Extended Reach Customer Service

Please make use of the Extended Reach contact information and help provided below. These facts can assist you in quickly finding solutions to all of the issues you encounter. Let’s go right to the specifics.

Extendedreach.com is the official website of Extended Reach.
Telephone: 800-277-0474
Official Address: Colorado 80122, 7950 Lincoln Street, Suite 101 Littleton.

If you have a problem when using, you can contact Extended Reach Extended information.


Can I open the Extended Reach Com on my mobile phone?

Answer: Yes, you can use your mobile device to access the services in full screen mode.

What is the compliance TaB in Extended reach?

Answer: The Extended reach software’s compliance tab resembles the brains more than the body. This tab resembles a table of contents or a checklist. Many brand-new clients had something resembling this in front of their binders. They could quickly reference everything within by viewing what was inside.

How to use Extended Reach Foster care login?

Answer: Please follow the procedures listed below in the proper order if you are a foster parent attempting to log in to the official Extended Reach Foster Care Login portal.

  • To begin, go to http://login.extendedreach.com and access the website.
  • Then fill in the fields with your credentials.
  • To open and use the foster portal, log in right away.

How do I delete a noteHow to delete activity on Extended Reach Foster?

Answer: Click the Delete button on the action bar to remove a note, a duplicate, or any other report or activity that has been finished or is in draft mode.

If you can’t access this button, ask your agency administrator or supervisor to disable it for you.

Who are the typical users of extendedReach?

All types of individuals and businesses, such as freelancers, big businesses, mid-sized businesses, nonprofit organizations, and small businesses

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