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Elc Uga login – In this article, we will guide you how to sign in to an Elc Uga edu account, the way to reset password My ID, Non-My ID and so on.

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how to login to elc uga account

What is elc Uga?

ELC is eLearning Commons elc, and UGA is University of Georgia. Therefore, UGA ELC is the University of Georgia’s eLearning Commons. The University of Georgia’s online learning management system, or UGA ELC, is used by both teachers and students with privacy policy.

The ELC UGA online learning management system enables teachers and students to store and monitor data pertaining to their education. It provides students with an online learning environment.

UGA instructors can post all required course assignments via the eLC UGA.

Accessible resources include instructional materials, tests, class communications, and scheduling by students at UGA.

The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) and Enterprise Information Technology Services support eLC UGA together (EITS). To increase the caliber of their students’ education, CTL makes sure that their faculty members have access to eLC UGA Login tutorials, workshops, and guides.

With the aid of quizzes, class notes, discussions, and live chat features, educators can build dynamic classes with the help of eLC UGA. These lectures and tests are accessible to students, who can also see the associated grades on eLC UGA Login.

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Benefits of ELC Uga login

By providing students with a platform they may access from anywhere and at any time, the portal’s goal is to democratize learning for them. Learning has no longer been based on a basis; people can now learn wherever they feel most comfortable. Here are a few additional advantages:

  • Through the portal, the user will have access to all the educational resources.
  • The user will be able to view the assignment that the teaching staff has uploaded.
  • The assignment can be uploaded on the portal by the student.
  • Through the portal, the student will be able to view their grades.

Some requirements of login Uga Elc

Before you login to Elc Uga portal, you should see some issues below here:

  • Internet browser.
  • Valid username and password.
  • Have devices reliable with the internet.
  • Address of the Elc Uga official website.

How to login ELC Uga?

UAG My ID login

UAG My ID login

If you have My ID and want to access your Elc account, follow some step below here:

  • Step 1: Visit the Elc Uga login official website at https://sso.uga.edu/cas/login
  • Step 2: Next, enter your username and password in the blank.
  • Step 3: If you fill the information wrong, you can click on the “Clear” and fill in again.
  • Step 4: Now, press the red “Login” button to access your account.

UAG Non-My ID login

UAG Non My ID login

If you don’t use My ID, you can access your account by following the simple instruction below here:

  • Step 1: Go to the Elc Uga portal at https://uga.view.usg.edu/d2l/login
  • Step 2: Behind the “Uga My ID login” button, Press the “Click here for Non-My ID login” button.
  • Step 3: Next, fill in your username and password.
  • Step 4: Press the blue “Login” to finish the process.

Unfortunately, you forgot your password. Don’t worry! You can retrieve easily, keep reading.

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Reset elc Uga password



To access UGA services online if you forget your UGA MyID Login Password, you must reset it. 

  1. To change your password, go to MyID Profile Management at https://myidprofile.uga.edu/reset first
  2. Next, fill up the MyID form with your MyID username. 
  3. Then tick the box next to “I’m not a robot” to confirm. 
  4. You can reset your password in one of the following ways.
  5. Depending on your security preferences as specified in your MyID Profile.
  6. Answer the two Self Questions, then click Verify Answers. 
  7. Your mobile device will send you a code, which you must enter on the form before choosing Verify Passcode.
  8. Obtain a code using a different email address, type it in, and then click Verify Passcode.
  9. Now, enter and confirm a new password.

Non-My ID

Non My ID

  1. At the screenshot of the Uag Non-My ID login, Click on the link “Forgot your password”.
  2. Your username must be entered.
  3. Now, press the “Submit” button and continue to follow the instructions to finish.

Elc Uga login purpose

The following services are accessible to students and educators through the ELC UGA Login Student Portal:

  • In addition to providing students with access to course materials like syllabuses, class notes, quizzes, and grade postings, instructors can also include interactive tools like discussion boards and live chat capabilities in their eLC courses.
  • Course registration online
  • View your UGA grades
  • Both instructors and students can publish and access all necessary course assignments, readings, quizzes, conversations in class, and schedules, among other things.

UGA Athena Prepare for Registration

  • The Prepare for Registration page displays crucial details to be aware of before registering, including time tickets, academic standing, registration holds, and any approved overrides. 
  • Obtain any necessary overrides, release any holds preventing registration, and note your time ticket. 
  • A green bar indicating no holds indicates that you are free to register, while a red bar stating “You have holds which prevent registration” indicates that you have holds to release.

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Uag Athena student registration

Step 1: Select the Student tile on the home page to start the UGA Athena registration process.

Step 2: Choose Registration from the Student & Registration area.

There are six primary divisions on the registration pages:

  • Email from UGA
  • Login to UGAMail
  • Get ready to register
  • Think forward
  • Access Registration Data
  • Enroll in classes
  • Search Classes
  • Examine the course catalog

Contact Uga ELC Uga

    • You can reach them at 706-542-3106.
    • Send an email to this address: helpdesk@uga.edu
  • Official address: 101 Cedar Street, Athens, GA, 30602-1130

FAQs of ELC Uga

How do I access my UGA eLC?

Answer: eLW is accessible in FYW courses’ eLC menu with other tools like Discussions and Grades. When you click the eLW menu symbol, a new tab will appear with eLW. Students are automatically enrolled in their FYW courses on eLC and do not need to register for eLW.

How do I pay my UGA tuition?

Answer: Checks, electronic ACH, 529 disbursements, credit cards, and overseas payments made through Flywire are all accepted by UGA. Additionally, UGA provides an internal payment plan to help you pay off your debt at the term’s halfway point. For further information, see the enrolling instructions for our payment plan.

What learning platform does UGA use?

Answer: ELC is also referred to as “Brightspace” and “D2L” at times. This is because eLC is our adaptation of Brightspace, the learning management system developed by D2L. The Enterprise Information Technology Services department at UGA and the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) work together to support ELC (EITS).

How do I access my UGA email?

Answer: You can set up a desktop client or mobile app to access your account, access UGAMail over the web, or use the UGA Mobile App. Use your complete email address to log in. Your MyID password serves as your password. You must use ArchPass, powered by Duo, to log in if you are off-campus.

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