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Dcas login article which guides you to access your NYC Dcas account, recover your account information and guide you to apply for an examination.

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What is Dcas OASys?

The Online Application System (OASys) is the first stop for employment in the City of New York’s civil service, which includes over 70 organizations that provide services to its residents and employees. Aspiring and present City workers can use OASys to register for examinations, pay application costs, find out when their test sessions are scheduled, get the results of their exams, and qualify for merit-based civil service posts.

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Features of NYC DCAS login portal

  • Comprehensive profile self-management.
  • Features for improved password recovery with privacy policy.
  • The capacity to save and reuse information about education and experience.
  • Affirmation statements submitted electronically,
  • Dashboards for the Civil Service Examination, which provide details about the most recent tests you’ve applied for and taken and the standing of your active eligibility lists

Browser requirements of Dcas login

Some requirement you should read before sign in the account:

  • Use only the supported web browsers listed below for optimum results: Safari, Internet Explorer (versions 10 and 11 only), or Google Chrome.
  • OASys 2.0 is incompatible with mobile devices.
  • Please clean your cache if you experience any issues (web browser history). There are more detailed steps to clear your cache under FAQs.
  • Use only the links and navigation buttons found inside the individual pages when accessing this website. Using the Back, Forward, or Refresh buttons on your web browser could result in the loss of any unsaved data or unintended logouts.
  • Please preserve your data if you leave because the system will log you out after 15 minutes if you are not active.
  • Every day between 2 and 2:15 in the morning, the system won’t be available due to planned maintenance procedures.

Dcas login step by step

Dcas exams login

Dcas exams login

The below instruction will show the way to sign in NYC Dcas exams:

  • Step 1: Go to the Dcas exam login website at https://a856-exams.nyc.gov/OASysWeb/Account/Login
  • Step 2: In the screenshot,enter your valid username and password.
  • Step 3: Choose the Recaptcha to show you are not a robot.
  • Step 4: Now, click on the “login” button to finish the process.

Dcas student login

Dcas student login

If you want to access the LMS portal of Dcas student, you can follow some simple steps here:

  • Step 1: Open the Dcas LMS at https://lms.ntsi.com/dcas
  • Step 2: Fill your username and password in the blank.
  • Step 3: Then, press the “Submit” button to finish.

Hope you succeed! 

How to reset the password?

How to reset the password

You knew the way to recover your Dcas account password, didn’t you? It’s very easy, follow the instruction below here:

  1. Access the home page of exam login.
  2. Click on the “Reset your password” link.
  3. You can choose a reset method (email or Security question).
  4. Then fill in the email address registered and press Submit.
  5. Follow the next guide to finish.

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How to reset username?

How to reset username

Unfortunately, you forgot your username, you can retrieve by following this instruction:

  1. Open the Dcas login official website.
  2. Click on the “Forgot username” link.
  3. Use the email address registered account.
  4. Now, press the “Submit” button.

Dcas registration

You have to have an account first to use all the features of Dcas. If you still not know how to enroll, please continue to read to register successfully:

  • Step 1: Access the https://a856-exams.nyc.gov/OASysWeb/Account/Login# link.
  • Step 2: At the right corner, choose the “Register” button or “Register as a new user”.
  • Step 3: Then enter all your information.
  • Step 4: Set 3 security questions and the answer.
  • Step 5: Choose recaptcha to show you are not a robot.
  • Step 6: Now, Click on the “Register”.

That’s all. Hope you succeed!

The Oasys application and payment process

The Oasys application and payment process

It is necessary to explain the Online Application System’s application and payment procedures because they differ from those for the majority of other New York City Civil Service tests. You might wish to print this overview to use as a reference because it is lengthy.

How can you find the dcas exam list?

Learn about all future civil service examinations. To get notifications for upcoming exams, join our email list and choose “City Jobs and Civil Service Announcements.” The exam schedule is given in both application period order and alpha order.

Every July, we publish our exam schedule, which includes a list of all of our future tests and is updated each month. It should be noted that in order to be eligible to take the specified examinations, you must apply, pay a price, or secure a cost waiver. 

The monthly exam applications schedule and the tables on this page both show the most recent modifications. If you intend to apply for or take a test, be aware that certain exams may be canceled or postponed, so be sure to check the schedule frequently.

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Notice of examination

The official document that provides applicants with all necessary information regarding the examination is the Notice of Examination. The Notice of Examination outlines the minimal requirements you must meet in order to pass the test and be deemed qualified.

It could also provide information on how to earn additional credit in the Additional Credit section. You should print a copy of the Notice of Examination and have it on hand for future reference because it also contains other crucial information.

Applying for the examination

Only within the filing period specified in the notice of examination are applications for exams accepted. After reading the notice of examination and ascertaining that you are qualified, you must submit an application using one of the following procedures:

  • Online Application System (OASys).
  • Computer-based Testing & Applications Centers (CTACs)

Dcas exam results receive

At the conclusion of computer-based multiple-choice tests, we will provide you quick, provisional results. We will eventually post your scores for multiple-choice tests taken on paper and pencil in our Online Application System dashboard.

The method differs depending on the results of education and experience. When you finish an education or experience test, some will give you preliminary findings right away, while others will post your results on your dashboard later. When results are final, we provide a list of all candidates who passed, sorted by score. When the results list is finalized, we mail your official results.

To check the status of an exam or list, dial (212) 669-1357, sign into your account in the Online Application System, or go to our open data portal and type “civil service examinations” into the search bar. Scores are valid for a maximum of four years.

Contact the Dcas exam support

Contact the Dcas exam support

You can get help via 2 ways 

  • Phone: 212-669-1357
  • Email: LMACustomerService@dcas.nyc.gov


Can you reschedule DCAS exams?

Answer: If you need to postpone your appointment, make sure to do so at least six days before the examination date. You are unable to reschedule your exam once the six-day window has passed.

How long does it take DCAS to establish a list?

Answer: It typically takes 9 to 12 months after an exam is given before a list of qualified test takers is created from which agencies can make hiring decisions.

How long does a NYC civil service list last?

Answer: Initially, most eligible lists are created for a period of four years. After a year, a list may be replaced with a new list. Your name could be deactivated for the particular type of appointment, shift, agency, or location if you decline a canvass by letter, phone, or in person.

What does an exam in progress mean?

Answer: A status of “In Progress” indicates that not all exam sections have been administered or graded.

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