Type your email address or username and password to access to the page

CurbSmart Login: Access to account Portal- Student’s Service

CurbSmart Login: It enables schools, camps, and after-school programs to manage carline and bus student release through a highly customizable school dismissal application. In this article, I will provide you with detailed instructions for accessing an online account on the website, and mobile app, registering for an account as well as customer services.

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About CurbSmart Portal

CurbSmart is a highly adaptable application for managing carline and bus student release that is used by schools, camps, and after-school programs. Modern technology that controls communications and all logistics can be used to create a safer, more effective dismissal process.

Overview of CurbSmart Portal
Overview of CurbSmart Portal

Our clients indicate that the wait time in the automobile line has decreased by up to 75%, and accountability has improved. For a quick and secure student release, modern educational institutions like schools, camps, after-school programs, and daycare centers can use Curb Smart.

Find out more about Curb Smart, a program for managing school dismissals that is surprisingly economical and simple to use.

How do the school dismissal features of Curb Smart work?

Each household is given a unique placard number. When parents or guardians arrive at the pick-up location, they hang a hangtag with this number in their rearview mirror. On the Curb Smart app, administrators can check children in, or their parents or guardians can check them in from their device.

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Access to CurbSmart Online account on the website

Requirement for CurbSmart Portal

You require the following before you can access your CurbSmart account:

  • The CurbSmart login information
  • The CurbSmart URL for the corporate website.
  • A gadget having a dependable internet connection
  • Internet browsers that are supported

With these details, you may access your account and manage it online.

Starting this tutorial off, let’s look at the CurbSmart Login processes. The following is a list of them. In order to access your CurbSmart account, make sure to follow the steps below:

Login CurbSmart Portal Guidelines

Step 1: Visit to the official website of CurbSmart Portal by the URL: https://www.curbsmart.net/login

Step 2: Type your email address or username and password to access to the page. Then click login button to complete

You can choose” Keep me signed in” button to keep in mind your login account.

Type your email address or username and password to access to the page
Type your email address or username and password to access to the page

Sign in account on the mobile app

School administrators inside and outside can work together to plan the orderly release of students thanks to the simple-to-use app CurbSmart, which instantly synchronizes pick-up lane arrivals.

School administrators can quickly enter placard numbers of arriving parents using Curb Smart. They can also view approved pickups, addresses, and vehicle information directly from the app.

Sign in on the mobile app

Sign up for a CurbSmart student account

Step 1: Visit to the official website of CurbSmart webpage by the URL: https://www.curbsmart.net/login

Step 2: Click create free account to move on to the register page of CurbSmart

Move on to the register page of CurbSmart account
Move on to the register page of CurbSmart account

Step 3: Choose type of account: Parent/ Guardian and click continue

Type the required information to create your account

Enter your first and last names, email address, username (which will automatically be your email address; you can change it if you’d like), and password (which must be at least 8 characters long and contain at least one uppercase, one lowercase, and one digit). If desired, you may also enter your relationship to your student and your contact information.

Next, enter the School Code and Placard Number that were provided by the school.

Step 4: After providing the required information, click Create Account, and you should see a message stating “Success.”

Note: You are regarded as the Account Admin if you are the first parent to set up an account for this placard number.

CurbSmart Parent Account Enroll

  1. Access create account page at https://parent.curbsmart.net/create-account
  2. Enter First Name, last name, email, username, password, relation, contact number, School code
  3. Click Create Account button

Recover your account password

Step 1: Visit to the official website of CurbSmart Portal by the URL: https://www.curbsmart.net/login

Step 2: Click forgot your password button to move on to the reset password page of CurbSmart Portal

Click forgot your password button to next to the reset login page

Step 3: Type your email address to reset your password. Then click submit button to complete to reset your password

Type your email address to reset your password

Manage your CurbSmart account

The placard number that the school provided will be used to link your pupils to your account once you’ve created one, and you’ll be listed as the Account Admin on that placard.

Basic Information

On this screen, fill up your account’s details. In the event that you don’t have your placard number when you pull up in the car line, the school administration can use this information to verify your account. For each authorized adult on your account, you can also add vehicle information.

My students

On this page, you can see a list of your students. You can change your students’ “pickup type,” or how they get home from school, by uploading a photo of them so that you can quickly recognize them.

Modifying the Student’s Pickup Method or Return Route

  • To find out how each student is typically picked up, click the link that says “Change Pickup Type” underneath each student. It’s important to keep in mind that your school might only use Curb Smart to manage car riders; in this case, you won’t have any other options for pickup type and can ignore this one.
  • Click the blue pencil symbol in the Action column to alter the default pickup type or route home.
  • Use the ‘Schedule Pickup Type’ link to modify your student’s pickup type for a particular day or on a regular basis. You can use this to give your student a different route home for today, the entire school year, or a specific time period.

Ways to Add Parents/Guardians to My account

In the Parent/Guardian page, you can add additional guardians to your account. Any anybody who regularly has permission to pick up your children from school (such as grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc.) is considered to be a parent or guardian.

Notification: Prior to the other parents registering for a CurbSmart account, the account admin (the first parent who registered) must first add the other parents/guardians with their email addresses in the Parent/Guardian tab: daycare, afterschool programs, user-friendly, logistics, app, technology, accountability, video, client, credentials, glitches, mirror, communications, car, bus, parent, software, customer, tool, placard, campus

A checkbox labeled “Admin” will appear once you enter your email address. The new parent or guardian you add will have complete access to the account, save for the ability to deactivate the Account Admin, if this option is checked. By selecting the ‘Set Permissions’ link on the name of the parent’s information block, you can modify the new parent’s permissions.

Why should choose CurbSmart Portal?

Benefits of Using CurbSmart account

  • Control all dismissals from school
  • Designed to fit any dismissal process by public and private institutions
  • User-Friendliness for Parents & Teachers
  • Use of parent apps is optional.
  • Boost the effectiveness of student dismissals
  • Growing concerns about safety and security
  • Avoid Communication Failures
  • Reduce traffic and congestion in the area
  • Works on a variety of technology platforms, including tablets, PCs, and smartphones
  • Excellent customer service to assist you through it!

Features of CurbSmart Portal

  • Parent school dismissing app that is free
  • Carpools and route adjustments can be managed by parents
  • Geofencing capability for guardians to check-in
  • Management of the aftercare including check-in and check-out
  • Make arrival questionnaires that include health assessments
  • Release from any groups within the building
  • Set a filter to only display the students you are in charge of
  • Automatically switch the kind of pickup for students
  • Create “all-calls” or “quiet” announcements.
  • Automatic station and location assignment
  • Verify that each child has a valid adult.
  • Make several release windows
  • Check the list of adults that parents have approved.
  • Include images of the parents and students
  • Establish schedules for older students’ classes.
  • Assign pick-up locations for kids using cones or colors.
  • Site license for parents and all users
  • Make each user’s experience unique for them.
  • Admin panel to control all configurations

Customer services for CurbSmart account

Customer services for CurbSmart account

Nutri-Link Technologies is committed to giving everyone the best experience possible. This entails creating user-friendly software and offering unmatched technical support.

If you require technical assistance or have questions, use our support resources or give us a call to get in touch and discover the difference our individualized service can make.

  1. Phone: 888.811.8704
  2. Email: info@nutri-linktechnologies.com

FAQs about CurbSmart

How can a carpool be formed?

Log in to your CurbSmart account using a computer browser, then select the “My Students” option.
Each student on your list has a blue “Add to Carpool” link; click on that link.

  • Choose “Create Carpool” from the home screen of the CurbSmart Parent app (or a mobile browser), then pick the appropriate student.
  • The student your child will be riding home with should be listed.
  • Select the student by clicking the blue plus sign next to their name.
  • Next, decide when the carpool will take place. If the carpool is planned for today, choose “Today.” Choose “Date Range” and then “Date Range Start” if the carpool will take place on a single future date.

How can I set up an account with CurbSmart?

At www.curbsmart.net, parents can create a Curb Smart account. You must be aware of your school code and placard number prior to registering. The university offers both.
Once you have that data, click Create an Account and then fill out the form with your name, last name, email address, username, password, relationship to the students, and phone number.

  • Enter your school code next. Your placard number entry field will then be visible.
  • After finishing, select Create Account.

What is the location of the school code needed to create a CurbSmart account?

You will be given a 4-digit school code if your school has chosen to permit parents to register for an account. If you require this number, kindly get in touch with your school.

Thank for reading in this article. Census Outreach believes that this article will be useful to those of you who frequently use your CurbSmart account for its convenience.

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