CT child support

CT child support in 2022

CT child support? The Child Support Enforcement Program’s objectives include establishing paternity for children born out of wedlock in Connecticut and enhancing family self-sufficiency through enhanced financial and medical support.

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CT child support in 2022

Overview of Connecticut child support 

In Connecticut, you are expected to provide financial support for your kid if you are a non-custodial parent.

In addition to being paid directly to the custodial parent or through the state child support enforcement office, child support is typically deducted from employees’ paychecks.

Your monthly child support obligation is determined by your income and the number of kids you have.

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You might be able to change your payment amount if you are unable to make your child support payments. The child support enforcement office will also help you set up a payment schedule.

If you don’t make your payments, you risk having your wages withheld, having your possessions seized, or even going to jail.

CT child support payment

The amount of child support you will be required to pay is determined by the court using state guidelines.

The court first considers the entire weekly income received by both parents. The parents’ combined net weekly income is what it is called.

For instance, if each parent earns $500 per week, their total net weekly income would be $1000.

The percentage of the parent’s combined income that should be spent to support the children is then determined by the court using the state guidelines. The term “basic child support obligation” refers to this.

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The minimum amount of child support due for parents making a combined $1,000 per week is as follows:

  • $229, or around 23% of one child’s combined net weekly income
  • $322 (or around 32%) for 2 kids
  • $385 (or around 39%) for 3 kids

For parents making $1,000 per week, the percentages utilized in this example are for them. If a parent makes $1,000 or less, a different percentage will apply. On the internet, you can find the Connecticut regulations at www.jud.ct.gov/Publications/ChildSupport/CSguidelines.pdf.

CT child support payment

The court then considers the share that each parent makes of the family’s combined net weekly income.

In our case, the parents each give 50% of the total net weekly income because they each receive the same amount of money each week.

In this case, the cost of raising the children would be shared equally by both parents. Therefore, the parent who must pay child support would provide 50% of the required minimum amount, or half of:

  • $229 for 1 child
  • $322 for 2 children
  • $385 for 3 children

CT child support phone number or contact 

Department of Social Services, Bureau of Child Support Enforcement

  • 55 Farmington Avenue
  • 10th Floor
  • Hartford, Connecticut 06105-3725
  • Office: (860) 424-4989
  • Fax: (860) 951-2996

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