Community Motivator

Automate Follow-Ups to Motivate and Activate Hard-to-Count Individuals


Hard-to-count communities need several follow-ups, encouragement, and reminders to motivate them to participate in the Census


Following up with community members can cost nonprofits much-needed time, as they have to send in-person canvassers

The Census is a highly technical process with a complicated schedule, so communicating about it is difficult

Nonprofits have diverse client bases who speak a range of languages

Nonprofits need an easy way for people to schedule in-person help


Nonprofits can quickly and automatically follow up with contacts multiple times over the course of the Census. Nonprofits can send automated follow-up campaign with timed messages from a Census content library


  • Easily follow up: Launch a follow-up campaign with nudges, reminders, and help options to a list of contacts
  • Simplifies content creation: Nonprofits can select from library of curated content templates in multiple languages
  • Reporting: Administrators can get live data such as how many people are receiving follow-up campaigns
  • Easily allows people to schedule in-person help or find local events for help
  • Sends outcome data directly to SwORD for reporting
2020 Census mobile tool for sending automated follow-ups and motivating Hard to count individuals

How It Works


Upload phone number contacts or provide opt-in number at an event, meeting, etc.


Select personalization features: Content can automatically be personalized by language, location, and common communication channels (SMS, Facebook, or WhatsApp).


Select interactive features: Respondents can easily request and schedule in-person Census help.


Campaign content is synced with timeline of educational and interactive content.

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