Child support payments MO 2022

Child support payments MO

Has anyone heard about child support payments MO? The Franklin County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office in Union, Missouri houses the Child Support Enforcement Office. The state child support office sends cases to the Franklin County Child Support division for court-related prosecution.

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Child support payments MO

Missouri Child Support Calculators

The Form No. 14 Child Support Amount Calculation Worksheet, which is Missouri’s child support calculator, asks for information on both parents’ incomes, support costs , maintenance (alimony) paid or received, the percentage of custody, and other costs related to raising the child. You can calculate the numbers on your own or with the aid of an online calculator.

You will need the following information to make a payment: Name of the Non-Custodial Parent, First and LastParent not in Custody’s Social Security Number8-digit Case Number for Valid PayorName of Credit Card HolderAddress of Credit Card HolderAuthentic Email AddressCredit card number, 3-digit security code, and expiration date for Discover, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Diners Club International, or JCB.

You can use these alternative payment methods if your credit/debit card is connected to an e-wallet account like Apple Pay, Google Pay, or PayPal.

Gross income for child support calculations typically includes pension and retirement benefits in addition to salaries, wages, tips, and commissions.

Missouri Child Support Calculators

It’s likely that a parent receives income in the form of social security benefits or unemployment insurance even in the absence of a job.

Income for the purpose of calculating child support may also include veteran’s benefits, capital gains from assets, and alimony from a prior marriage. Gifts, awards, and winners from the lottery all count.

Additionally, a parent who is a deadbeat cannot escape paying child support by refusing to work or even by working less.

A court may “impute” income to a parent who is wilfully unemployed or underemployed by estimating how much that parent should be earning based on characteristics such as employment history, education, and training.

Instead of punishing the parent who stayed at home with the kids, the state wants to hold this parent responsible. A parent without a history of employment and a child under the age of six, for instance, will not have any income assumed.

You must also include appropriate child care expenditures, payments for the child’s health insurance and medical care, and maybe unforeseen charges.

Unusual costs could include tuition for a private school or even activities like drum or gymnastics courses.

You will have an anticipated amount of child support based on the guidelines once you have completed the form or online calculator.

However, if following the results of the recommendation in an unfair outcome, a court may still raise or lower this amount.

About Child Support Laws in Missouri

The Child Support Enforcement (CSE) program, a branch of the Missouri Department of Social Services, is in charge of collecting child support in Missouri.

They provide a range of services to qualified families who require help with issues relating to child support.

About Child Support Laws in Missouri

How to apply for support through CSE

You must fill out an application if you want to use CSE’s child support services. The application is available online here, over the phone at 1-800-859-7999 for Missouri CSE, or in person at your neighborhood CSE office.

Determining your child support payment

Your monthly child support payment is calculated based on a variety of criteria. The number of children that need support, the combined income of the parents, the expense of daycare and health care, among other factors, are all considered in Missouri’s child support rules.

Enforcing child support orders

The CSE can assist in ensuring that the non-custodial parent pays their support dues.

In addition to requesting contempt of court or criminal non-support charges, CSE can assist in enforcing your order by withholding income, intercepting tax refunds, notifying credit bureaus about late payers, mandating that employers enroll non-custodial parents’ children in health insurance plans, placing liens on real estate or personal property, suspending licenses, intercepting lottery winnings, and withholding income.

Enforcing child support orders

There are 23 CSE field offices spread out over Missouri, so regardless of where you live—in Columbia, Independence, Lee’s Summit, Springfield, Kansas City, St. Louis, or anywhere else in the state—you may find a CSE office that is close by. Visit  for more information regarding child support in Missouri.

Missouri Child Support Guidelines

The rules are nothing more than a pricing schedule. The amount specified by the recommendations may be exceeded by parents, but not below it.

Even though a court will typically assume that the amount specified by the guidelines is the right amount for child support, there are some situations where that outcome would be unfair.

Missouri Child Support Guidelines

A court may increase or decrease the support payment in those circumstances.

If there are unusual expenses for educational or medical needs, or if there is a significant distance between the parents, these are two common reasons for departing from the rules.

A court has the authority to impose an amount it deems reasonable or necessary in these circumstances.

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