Child Support Calculator Massachusetts

Child Support Calculator Massachusetts

To use the child support calculator Massachusetts, select or enter the necessary information next to each statement. In Massachusetts, these obligations typically continue until the child turns 18 years old. However, if the child is still enrolled in high school, child support may continue to be paid by the parents until the child is 20 years old.

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Child support calculator Massachusetts

About the child support calculator Massachusetts

You can easily calculate your child support obligation by using Massachusetts’s Child Support Calculator. 

The Child Support Calculator uses Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines which went into effect on October 4, 2021 and are required for child support orders in MA as of October 4, 2021. 

Please click here to open Massachusetts’s Child Support Calculator. 

Massachusetts child support calculator

Use the 2018–2021 MA Child Support Calculator for orders pertaining to child support entered into court between June 15, 2018, and October 3, 2021.

Enter the necessary details and click “Calculate” to determine how much child support you should be paying or receiving.

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Note: This calculator is simply intended to provide information. The amount of child support you must pay or receive will be determined by the court. The Court will determine the ultimate amount, however, the calculator tries to take into account as many aspects as it can and is based on the most recent Guidelines.

Massachusetts parenting time calculator

Although the “custodial parent” designation is the main focus of Massachusetts child support standards, parenting time allocations may have an impact on child support. Calculate your parenting time percentage using the overnights calculator here.

When the parents have almost equal custody and visitation rights, both parents must complete the child support worksheet. The difference between the two amounts is paid to the parent who receives less weekly support.

Massachusetts parenting time calculator

Where a parent spends more than one-third but less than half of their time with their child, the parent who spends the most time (greater than 50%) should fill out the form as the Recipient. Then you must perform the computation one more as though the parents had equal time together (as in the paragraph immediately above). The amount paid to the Recipient will be the average of the base support (the first calculation) and the second, shared calculation.

The calculations are the same as for splitting equal time when parents have joint custody, which means one child lives with Parent A and the other with Parent B.

How child support is calculated

You’ll need to know both parents’ gross incomes in order to calculate support. Gross income is defined as all money earned, including wages, bonuses, salary, dividends, royalties, pensions, military pay, disability benefits, and social security income, for the purpose of calculating child support.

In Massachusetts, child support is often paid on a monthly basis by the parent who has less time with the kid. The parent with the higher income is liable for paying if both parents contribute financially and share the children almost equally.

How child support is calculated

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To assist you in determining your share of support under the state’s rules, the Massachusetts Courts offers an online worksheet for child support guidelines (in a fillable PDF form). When you file for divorce in Massachusetts and have minor children, you must include this form with the rest of your documentation.

The amount of child support is determined by summing up the combined incomes of the parents and dividing it equally between them. In addition, parents are responsible for paying for a child’s education and health insurance.

If one parent claims a lower income than they have in the past due to willful or unwillful unemployment or underemployment, the court may impute (assign) that parent a higher income. Simply put, a parent cannot avoid paying child support by not working.


Your child support obligation under the 2021 Guidelines might rise to $1,498 per week depending on two main factors: the increase of the combined income “limit” from $250,000 to $400,000 and the higher multiplier for a second child from 25% to 40% under the 2018 Guidelines.

According to the support standards, parents who make less than $250 per week in gross income should pay between $12 and $20 in child support each month. A judge may impose a smaller or larger payment if they believe it would be more appropriate given the facts.

Even unemployed parents were required to provide at least $25 in child support each week under the 2018 Guidelines. The 2021 Guidelines lower the required minimum amount of child support to as little as $12 per week for parents making less than $210 per week.

Child support is paid up until the age of 18. The court may order payments to continue until the child is 21 if the child has no ability to cover themselves or they are still in school.

Basic education costs, health insurance, food, clothing, and housing. Besides, extracurricular activities, extraordinary medical costs, visitation travel expenses, and child care fees could also be included.

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