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Census Q&A HelpDesk

Answer Residents' Questions About the Census

Quickly and confidentially answers your residents' questions anytime, even on weekends

Accessible for your hard-to-count communities' multiple languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, and more

Easily add this chatbot to your city, county, or library websites

Easily add this chatbot to your internal website — as a reference for your staff to use

For Administrators: Through the admin dashboard, see live questions asked by local residents

Optional: If local in-person help is available, The HelpDesk can direct people to nearest in-person assistance based on location & language needs

Community Motivator

Automate Follow-Ups to Motivate and Activate Hard-to-Count Individuals

Pledge to Be Counted — easily get opt-ins

People will receive a personalized, digital Pledge Card

Automates follow-up: Sends nudges and reminders in 2020 to fill out the Census

Available in multiple languages: English, Spanish, and more

Social sharing: built-in invite to friends

Easily track opt-ins and engagement

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