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Solutions Built for 2020 Census Outreach

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Census Q&A HelpDesk

Answer Constituents’ Census Questions:

Quickly and confidentially answer your constituents' questions anytime, even on weekends

Language Access in multiple languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese and more

Easily add this chatbot to your city, county, or library websites

Easily add this chatbot to your internal website — as a reference for your staff to use

For Administrators: Through the admin dashboard, see live questions asked by local residents

Optional: If local in-person help is available, the HelpDesk can direct people to nearest assistance based on location & language needs

Community Motivator

Automate Follow-Ups to Motivate and Activate Hard-to-Count Individuals

Invite individuals to Pledge to Be Counted via text

Participants receive a personalized, digital Pledge Card

Automated follow-up: Sends nudges and reminders in 2020 to fill out the Census

Available in multiple languages: English, Spanish, and more

Social sharing: built-in invite to friends

Easily track opt-ins and engagement

Field Staff Recruiter

Scalable field job application coach

Direct qualified candidates to Census application

Connect candidates to local resources for application support

Keep qualified candidates motivated and informed through complex application process

Inform local outreach/recruitment efforts by providing data on candidate pipeline (location, languages, progress)