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Solutions built for 2020 Census Outreach

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Canvassing Optimizer

Track canvassing efforts in real time

Coordination: Provides real-time data on areas being canvassed and who is canvassing

Reporting: Provides data that can be segmented by area, nonprofit, dates, etc. 

Easy to use: No need for canvassers to download an app

Accessible: Available in multiple languages for Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese speaking canvassers 

Community Motivator

Automate follow-ups to engage hard-to-count individuals

Automates follow-up: Launch a follow-up campaign with nudges, reminders and help options

Simplifies content creation: Nonprofits can select from a library of curated, content templates in multiple languages

Easily allows people to schedule in-person help or find local, informational events

Reporting: Administrators can get live data, such as how many people are receiving follow-up campaigns

Field Staff Recruiter

Build and nurture a pipeline of local candidates

Build a pipeline of local candidates with language skills

Keep qualified candidates engaged and motivated

Enable viral sharing of job opportunities

Reporting: Administrators can see progress of recruitment efforts on live dashboards and be able to better coordinate sourcing efforts

SMS help desk solution

Help Desk

Get automated or In-Person Help

  • Automated Help:

Available 24/7

Accessible in multiple languages

Leverages volunteers who do not currently live in HTC communities to staff for tough questions

Uses Census library of answers as primary source of information

Reporting: Administrators can get live data, such as how many people have had their questions answered

  • Nonprofit Assistance Center:

Easily allows people to find the nearest nonprofit assistance centers (nonprofits, libraries, etc.) hours and languages spoken

Get map and directions

Get reminders and other help options

Reporting: Administrators can get live data, such as how many people were referred and to what nonprofit assistance centers

Misinformation Reporter

Get the right information to your community

Enable communities to easily, quickly, and confidentially report misinformation or other problems.

Easily allows people to report misinformation or other on-the-ground problems with the census

Accessible in multiple languages

Reporting: Administrators get live data from on-the-ground local residents, nonprofits, and government staff about misinformation campaigns.

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