Census Timeline

Provided by www.census.gov

The first major deadline for Census operations is nearly two years before the Census forms are counted. The Local Update of Census Addresses program starts in 2017 with a deadline of April 2018. These are the other major milestones that lead up to the redistricting counts being delivered by March 2021.

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Local Address Census Update (LUCA)

Community-Based Address Canvassing

Nonprofits can conduct address canvassing in target neighborhoods with likelihood of missing addresses of unconventional housing.  This can be done even before the official Census MAF file is released to local governments

July 2017
Invitation to update to the Census Master Address File mailed to city mayors, tribal chairs, and state governors. These local governments can add to the addresses that the Census will send forms to. These local governments can deputize nonprofits or other entities to be LUCA participants.
December 15, 2017
Final day to register to be a Local Address Census Update participant. By this date, cities and counties must submit all required forms to the Census Bureau. More detail can be found at https://www.census.gov/geo/partnerships/luca.html.
January - February 2018
Census Bureau begins to deliver LUCA information to participants.
April - June 2018
The deadline to submit address updates is rolling and occurs 120 days after you receive LUCA information from the Census Bureau.

Completing the Census Form

October 2018 - February 2019
Conduct In-Office Address Canvassing
August - October 2019
Conduct In-Field Address Canvassing
January 2020
Enumeration of remote Alaskan communities takes place.
March 2020
Census postcards are sent to most homes.
March 2020
Mailing 1:  Letter with info to take survey online (the majority of people will get this) or Letter + Paper Survey (20-25% of people based on demographic characteristics and internet connectivity of a geographic area will receive this)
March 2020
Mailing 2:  Letter to non-respondents
March 2020
Mailing 3:  Postcard to non-respondents
April 2020
Mailing 4:  Letter + Questionnaire to non-respondents
April 2020
Mailing 5:  “It’s not too late” Postcard to non-respondents
March - August 2020
Conduct Self-Response
March - July 2020
Conduct Internet Self-Response, including Non-ID Processing
March - July 2020
Conduct Census Questionnaire Assistance
March - August 2020
Conduct Paper Data Capture
April 1, 2020
Census Day
April - May 2020
Conduct Update Leave
May - July 2020
Conduct Nonresponse Followup: Census workers visit addresses from the Census Master Address File that did not complete a Census questionnaire and collect information at the door.
May - July 2020
Conduct Nonresponse Followup Reinterview
June - July 2020
Conduct Group Quarters Advance Contact
July 2020
Conduct Group Quarters Service Based Enumeration
July - August 2020
Conduct Group Quarters Enumeration
December 31, 2020
The Census director delivers apportionment counts to the president.
April 2021
Publish Prototype P.L. 94-171 Data and Geographic Products
March 2021
The Census Bureau completes delivery of redistricting counts to the states.
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