Census Services

Engage Your Hard-To-Reach Communities

For the 2020 Census, engaging hard-to-reach, low-income people and minorities requires new approaches and new solutions.

It not only demands an understanding of how the 2020 census works; it also demands an understanding of hard-to-reach communities, collaborative strategies, and data-centered, technological solutions.

We approach each engagement with a desire to understand your community’s unique challenges to an accurate count, your nonprofit and volunteer resources, and your processes. From that, we develop a customized solution to reach your goals, together.

We’re proud of our census achievements, including these key moments:

  • Working with the US Census Bureau to create requirements for the first community-based, address-canvassing tool for the 2020 Census
  • Training 1000+ nonprofit staff, volunteers and government employees in California, Utah and Rhode Island
  • Conducting Census engagement workshops in Silicon Valley, Salt Lake County and Pittsburgh, PA.

Our Services

Consulting Services

We provide outreach strategy and technical assistance to counties, cities and nonprofits on getting hard-to-count communities to respond to the 2020 Census. We provide expertise across all phases of the 2020 Census.

Census Engagement Workshops

We offer community education and training to engage your stakeholders. We explain the technical processes of the census and answer your or your community’s questions, helping clarify complex data privacy issues. There are options for design-thinking breakouts.


We work with you to outline your outreach goals, its costs, your resources, your local philanthropic options, and we build you a data-driven cost-model from that. We tailor this model to fit your budget process and help you develop a budget formulation and justification.

Coordination and Accountability

We help you develop a dashboard to track census outreach processes in your local area, which can be shown to legislators, political leaders and the general public. We help you establish key census KPIs, as well as effective reporting systems that alleviate manual reporting.

Community Engagement

We help you develop your census outreach strategy for engaging local stakeholders, such as nonprofits, volunteers, businesses and government. We advise you on how to balance and sequence outreach activities across all phases of the Census. Topics include how to make the most of your complete count committees, canvassing, community events, advertising and enumerator recruitment.

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