Census Engagement Workshops

Catalyze Your Community to Get Counted

Spark local strategy and solutions on the 2020 Census. Bring together leaders from your local nonprofits, businesses, foundations, and government agencies. Develop and execute innovative solutions to ensure a fair and accurate count of your community.

engagement workshop

Transformative Half-Day Workshop

CommunityConnect Labs provides planning, content, and facilitation for half-day Census Engagement Workshops.
Designed to engage a variety of audiences (e.g., department heads within your organization; business, nonprofit, or foundation leaders; or your Complete Count Committee), these workshops have been proven to activate and motivate people to take action.


  • Quickly get participants up to speed on the basics of Census 2020 and its challenges
  • Spark practical and local solutions to reach diverse communities
  • Staff may not have sufficient Census knowledge to answer questions

Sample Agenda

  • Census Overview: Briefing on basics of the Census and Q&A
  • Present local “Challenge” statements
  • Facilitated Ideation, post-up, clustering
  • Facilitated group discussions to cluster and synthesis
  • Presentations and group discussion
  • Share individual next steps
  • Collect/record individual next steps
group coordination
budget planning


Awareness, adoption, and ownership of local solutions for Census 2020

Solutions and clear next steps, such as:

  • Cities/Counties: promoting enumerator hiring through workforce development programs; providing local Census assistance helpdesk
  • Foundations: funding nonprofits to do Census outreach
  • Businesses: sponsoring volunteering opportunities for employees, CSR funding to local government, nonprofits to do outreach
  • Technology: training nonprofits to use technology
  • Media: creating local videos about the Census
  • Nonprofits: recruiting and training youth to serve as trusted messengers


The workshop costs $5,800 to $12,000, with discounts available for multiple workshops. The fee includes:

  • Workshop materials, content, and facilitation
  • Planning: Strategy consultation and templates for invitations, checklists
  • Workshop facilitation by experienced CommunityConnect Labs facilitator
  • Event summary capturing key takeaways, individual “action items”/contributions, and recommendations for next steps
  • Travel costs for CommunityConnect Labs facilitator

Costs do not include event planning or coordination of logistics for the event.

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