Canvassing Optimizer

Track Canvassing Efforts in Real Time


CBOs and local governments need accurate data to coordinate canvassing efforts, but existing tools are hard to use and don’t provide consistent data


Reporting canvassing data manually is time- and staff-intensive, resulting in delays and inaccuracies

Most canvassing apps are English-only, require canvassers to download apps, and are incompatible with older phones that staff and volunteers in HTC communities use


Canvassers can easily record their activities and administrators can track real-time canvassing progress


  • Coordination: Provides real-time data on areas being canvassed and who is canvassing
  • Reporting: Provides data that can be segmented by area, nonprofit, dates, etc.
  • Easy to use: No need for canvassers to download an app
  • Accessible: Available in multiple languages for Spanish-, Vietnamese-, and Chinese-speaking canvassers 
  • Sends outcome data directly to SwORD for reporting
2020 Census mobile tool for canvassing

How It Works


Canvassers mark households that they visited on their mobile phone.


Canvassers add info such as “not home,” “left info,” or “self-reported.”


Data visualizations will enable administrators to see when and where doors were knocked and by which organizations and generate reports.