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LUCA State of California

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The New York Times covered how the City of San Jose used our tools to address undercounting for the 2020 Census.
Download report: "7 Things to Do to Reduce the Likelihood of Undercount in Census 2020"

Cities and Counties Can Get State Assistance for Canvassing

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$7M total available: ~$100K for a large city (like San Francisco or San Jose)

Cities, counties, and foundations can fund locally based nonprofits working in low-income, minority, and immigrant neighborhoods to conduct address canvassing.

How It Works

  1. Cities or Counties opt-in to the incentive program with the State Department of Finance
  2. The deadline to register is December 15, 2017. If you cannot locate your forms, e-mail the Census Bureau immediately at
  3. Reimbursement is paid AFTER LUCA program is conducted​
  4. If money is required for programs, 3rd parties can advance:
  • Local government signs MOU with Community Foundation
  • Community Foundation grants to nonprofit organizations who conduct canvassing
  • City is reimbursed after LUCA
  • City grants reimbursement to Community Foundation

How Incentives are Calculated

  1. The amount of the incentive each jurisdiction receives is based on the housing activity (building, demolitions and annexations) from April 1, 2010, to January 1, 2017, using estimates from the Demographic Research Unit.
  2. A minimum of $7,500 will be available for each jurisdiction that applies for the incentive and participates in the program. The award amounts may increase subject to the overall level of LUCA participation.
  3. See the List of LUCA Incentive Awards for the specific minimum award for your jurisdiction.
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3/30/2018 "120 Day Deadline: How Local Governments Can Conduct Community-Based Address Canvassing to Ensure Low-Income People Are Counted"