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Bakersfield Homeless Shelter: Basic Information about this organization

If so, you might use the information in this article to locate a  Bakersfield homeless shelter. Applying for work and volunteering at the homeless shelter in Bakersfield  are two ways to lend a helping hand. This post will discuss what  to expect and how to apply. We’ll also talk about the job openings at the homeless shelter in Kern County.

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Introduction about a homeless shelter in Bakersfield

Homelessness is a devastating  reality and the city of Bakersfield is committed to ending it. The city has committed to increasing services and investing unprecedented amounts in affordable housing to reduce the number of homeless people.

The city has established a collaborative relationship with housing providers and is working to end chronic homelessness by 2021. However, it’s still too early to declare victory. Here’s an introduction to a homeless shelter in Bakersfield.

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Flood Ministries has been working in Bakersfield for several years. The homeless population  is ninety percent of the county. A low home vacancy has caused many people to become homeless.

While the program is new, it takes time to see measurable results, but it has already made significant investments in the community. Unlike many other homelessness programs, Flood Ministries helps clients find affordable housing and improve their quality of life. Here’s how the organization works.

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Kern county homeless shelter

A new Kern County homeless shelter opened its doors to the public in  October. The new, 67,681 square foot facility is a result of the county spending $4.9 million to purchase the former headquarters of Calcot Ltd. and transforming it into a multi-service homeless emergency shelter.

The new shelter is designed to house all types of homeless individuals, including people with disabilities, and animals. It is a far cry from the encampments that were present during the previous shelter’s opening, but the new shelter has been a success, with 11 pets being housed at the site when city reports were made.

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The new shelter will provide medical, mental, and spiritual support to its residents . Services offered include financial education, substance abuse counseling, job and education assistance, and veteran services.

The new facility is located at 2900 M Street, just north of downtown Bakersfield. The county owns the property and manages it through a nonprofit organization, Community Action Partnership of Kern. M Street Navigation Center is a 24-hour shelter and a community outreach center for people who are experiencing homelessness.

Services at the center include meals, medical evaluation, sole personal care, mental health, and pet care, employment assistance, and housing placement assistance.

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Bakersfield homeless shelter jobs

The Bakersfield Homeless Center is an organization that provides meals and shelter to  people in need. This nonprofit also provides information on local rent assistance programs . In addition, it offers dormitories for single adults and free restorative showers.

It relies  on the generosity of the local community to help make these services possible. Here’s what you can expect from working at the Bakersfield Homeless Center. We’ve listed some of the most common job duties below, and you’ll also be able to find out more about your potential pay.

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As a shelter cleaner, you will clean up trash and surfaces. You’ll use  personal protective equipment and keep boundaries with clients, and you’ll assist with other upkeep tasks. You’ll also need to monitor sleeping areas and restrooms periodically, and complete guest  intake.

You’ll also need to document information and help new clients find their way to the restroom and bed. And of course, you’ll be working with the homeless and their families, so be prepared to put yourself in their shoes a few times a week.

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Bakersfield homeless shelter director

The Bakersfield Homeless Center recently gave the Kern County Board of Supervisors a  major update. It will soon be breaking ground on a new 340-bed multi-service facility. The new facility will provide services for the homeless population on the east side of town.

The city also has a large homeless population in east Bakersfield, with encampments on railroad tracks. It is unclear whether this new shelter will be enough to help the homeless in this area.

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The merger between the two shelters will be completed by July and the new name will be announced at that time. The Bakersfield Homeless Center recently shared the latest data on homelessness.

There are 580,466 people who are homeless in the U.S., including 28 percent of the homeless population in California. While white people make up the largest percentage of the homeless population, African Americans have also become more prevalent in the U.S.

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Bakersfield homeless shelter volunteer

Do you want to serve the community by helping those in need? If  you are looking for a way to do so, Bakersfield’s homeless shelter is  in need of volunteers! The M Street Navigation Center is currently seeking volunteers and sponsors to donate homeless to feeding and administering programs.

The organization partners with local organizations such as KGET and the Alliance Against Family Violence to help the homeless in our community. The next volunteering opportunity is on November 9th at 3:00 pm.

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If you have experience in working with the homeless, volunteering at a local  homeless shelter is a great way to learn more about the field. The Bakersfield  Homeless Shelter relies on volunteers to provide food, clothing,  and other services.

Volunteers can help out with  anything from helping out at the shelter to  sorting donations. The Volunteer Center recruits volunteers for KERN County agencies such as Golden Empire Gleaners  to provide services and shelter  for the  homeless.

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