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Axon Evidence Login: Digital Evidence Management System Update

Axon Evidence login guide. You are still having trouble in your setting up the digital evidence account. This post is for you, keep reading to know the way to access, law enforcement, troubleshooting and customer service.

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Axon Evidence overview

Axon Evidence overview

The all-inclusive Digital MyEvidence Management System (DEMS) known as Axon streamlines data management and electronic distribution within a single secure platform.

In addition to storing your digital MyEvidence, our dependable cloud-based system offers cutting-edge tools like redactions, case building, transcriptions, distributing, and integrations.

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What is Axon?

The Axon network is a system of hardware, software, and people that make law policing more knowledgeable and secure. Life protection is our goal. Our technological advancements provide law enforcement with the assurance, clarity, and time they require to keep their communities safe. Every aspect of an officer’s daily experience is impacted by our products:

  • In the field: our Smart Weapons provide a less lethal intermediate use of force reaction, while our body-worn and in-car cameras gather video MyEvidence to record the reality of an occurrence. Our mobile applications also make it easy to gather MyEvidence.
  • At the station: Using forensic, redaction, transcription, and other features, our secure, cloud-based digital MyEvidence management technology enables officers and command staff to manage, review, distribute, and process digital MyEvidence.
  • In the courtroom: our solutions for prosecutors make it simple to work with other jurisdictions and organizations to efficiently resolve cases.


  • Eliminate data silos by uploading and managing data in any format.
  • Manage devices and automatically ingest Axon/TASER data with privacy policy.
  • Add free-text tags and customized metadata fields to annotations.
  • All system entities can be found using an intelligent, thorough search engine.
  • Distributing with the Crown or other stakeholders in a secure digital manner.
  • Review and report on all system usage, entities, and connect.
  • Combine with current systems to enhance operations.
  • Integration of Active Directory deployment, groups, and reporting.
  • Tools for manual, automatic, and robust redaction.
  • Tools for case management, request connect, and collaboration.


  • Grant granular connect to features and resources.
  • Set up automatic tagging to start workflows (retention, connect, search-ability)
  • Instantaneous scaling of resources and storage at a reasonable price
  • Multiple levels of redundancy, catastrophe recovery, and physically different datacenters
  • Keep the originals unaltered, verify the SHA-2 hash, and maintain the chain of custody
  • Utilize a single application to manage individuals, assets, devices, cases, and metadata.
  • Playback, redaction, transcription, creation of clips, and enhancement within application while preserving original
  • Up to four videos can be played back in synchronized fashion from various angles.
  • Significant research and development incorporating moral artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Automatic monthly updates and enhancements, early connect options

MyAxon Evidence login

What need you do before access?

  • Check your internet browser.
  • Address of the Axon official website.
  • Valid email/ username and password.
  • Have devices with reliable internet connection.

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My evidence login

My evidence login

If you want to connect the account, you can follow the instructions below here:

  • Step 1: Visit the portal at
  • Step 2: Now, enter email/ username and password.
  • Step 3: Then, click Sign in. login login
  • Step 1: Go to the homepage at
  • Step 2: Specify your login information.
  • Step 3: Press Log in to finish.

Axon employee sign in account with okta

Axon employee sign in account with okta
  • Step 1: At the MyAxon sign in site, choose the employee Log in.
  • Step 2: Tap “Log in with Okta” to log in.
  • Step 3: Your username and password must be entered.
  • Step 4: Choose the blue “sign in” button to complete.

It’s very easy. Goodluck to you! help login

In your using process, you can contact the system or report via the telephone number 800-978-2737 (US& Canada).

Create an account sign up sign up
  • Connect the MyEvidence.
  • Choose the register option.
  • Provide your personal information and set up a security answer.
  • Then, read the Terms of use carefully before clicking Submit.

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Register for the MyAxon account

Register for the MyAxon account
  • Select the Sign up link.
  • Put in your first and last name, email and title.
  • Press the Sign up button.

Reset The Forgotten Password

Recover MyEvidence password and username

Recover MyEvidence password and username

At this part, we will provide you the way to reset your credentials when you forgot:

  • At the bottom, choose the “Forgot password” link.
  • Enter your valid email address.
  • After that, you can choose things you want to change.
  • Write down letters above
  • Then Submit.

Retrieve MyAxon password

Retrieve MyAxon password

To recover the password of MyAxon account, follow these steps below here:

  • Press the “Forgot password” link.
  • You will be taken on a different site.
  • Fill the email in the blank.
  • Now, Tap Send password reset email.

That’s all. Hope you succeed!

Axon video Evidence

Social media

  • Youtube:
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • Linkedin:
  • Instagram:

Customer service

  • US & Canada: 800-978-2737
  • UK: +44 01327 709 666
  • AU: 1-800-512-069
  • NZ: 1-800-005-161
  • Online store, training, and general customer service:
  •, BWC, CEW, and product related questions:
  • TASER civilian support:


How do I get into evidence com?

Answer: When they first receive a link to video, users sign up on Each time you want to connect a link after registering, you must enter your user name (a secure email address) and password (which must be changed every 90 days).

How do I download evidence sync?

Answer: You can download the most recent version of MyEvidence Sync by logging into your account, going to the Help tab, and clicking Download Sync, as explained in this article.

How do you share Axon?

Answer: To distribute every piece of MyEvidence in the case, click Add All MyEvidence to Case Share. To add every piece of pinned MyEvidence to the case distribution, click Add Pinned MyEvidence to Case Distribute. To add evidence to the case, select it, then click Add to Case Distribute.

How much does MyEvidence cost?

Answer: Currently, there are two connect levels: standard, which permits unrestricted data storage for all distributed MyEvidence, and pro, which unlocked premium features like redaction and enhanced reporting. The monthly fee for pro connect is $39.

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In summary

MyAxon Evidence login is essential for optimal use. Users can safely access evidence and information with a secure login, which is vital to the criminal justice system. Axon Evidence streamlines business processes and saves time searching for vital information. The login process protects sensitive data by limiting access to authorized users.

We hope this content will be useful to you. If you have any questions, please contact CensusOutreach or leave a comment below.

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