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Alamo Aces Login: Access to account and services for Students. Students can access a variety of applications through the secure portal ACES Alamo by using a single sign-on. In this article, I will provide you how to login online account on the website, mobile app as well as useful services for students.

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About Alamo ACES

Students, staff, and teachers have single sign-on access to a variety of applications through the secure portal known as ACES. As an ACES user, you will have access to online course registration, financial aid details, email, library resources, and email. Additionally, ACES will update you on significant events and news that are happening at your campus.

About Alamo Aces Login
About Alamo Aces Login

Five institutions in the Alamo Colleges District provide a wide range of two-year degree programs. Alamo Colleges District has recently been able to build some of the top teaching and learning facilities in the nation because to capital improvement projects.

Instructions For Former Students to Log in to ACES

  • Enter your User ID and password in the ACES login fields as shown in the Secure Access Box if you can recall them.
  • Call the Help Desk at 210-485-0555 if you are still unable to log in to ACES.
  • After logging into ACES, go to the home Tab page and click the Web Services link in the bottom left-hand corner.
  • Enter your User ID and password in the ACES login fields as shown in the Secure Access Box if you can recall them.
  • After logging into ACES, go to the home Tab page and click the Web Services link in the bottom left-hand corner.
  • Only new users: Your default password will be your last name’s first two characters, ALL CAPS, followed by your birthdate in the format MMDDYY.

Some prerequisites to use ACES Alamo

  • A device that can connect to the Internet is required, such as a personal computer with the proper operating system, modem
  • Internet connectivity, and the appropriate web browser.
  • Due to the fact that internet banking is conducted over the internet, it can be done without the use of specific software or access to a private network.
  • You can do online banking from virtually anywhere in the globe if you have a computer with Internet access, a modem, a phone line, and an Internet browser. You also need to have enrolled for online banking with your financial institution.

Alamo ACES Login Student Portal?

You must first log in on the ACES Alamo login page in order to use all the features of your ACES Alamo online account. Therefore, read the instructions below to learn how to log in.

Step 1: Open your web browser and start a new tab. To preserve the security of your account and any financial transactions, we suggest using a reputable web browser, such as Chrome for Windows or Safari for Apple devices.

Step 2: Go to the ACES Alamo’s login site by clicking on this URL: https://login.alamo.edu/

Step 3: Type your username and password to login Alamo aces

Type your username and password to login Alamo aces

Step 4: After that, click on “Sign” button to access your Alamo aces online account.

Recover Your Alamo Aces Online Account’s Password

Step 1: Go to the Alamo aces’s login page. The link is already specified in the website login section above.
Click on “Forgot your password” on the login page to move on to the reset page

Step 2: In the next page, you need to enter your username to validate your account. After that, click on “Submit” button.

Type your username to recover password

Change your Alamo Aces password

Step 1: Access Alamo ACES.
Step 2: Click the My Account link under the home tab.
Step 3: Enter your current ACES password, a new password, and the new password’s confirmation. Password specifications:

  • The minimal password length is eight
  • The maximum password length is 20.
  • A letter must be in the password.
  • The password must include a digit.
  • Save Changes by clicking after entering a password that includes the special character % $ # *.

Step 4: Continue to follow the instructions until the verification procedure is finished. Following that, you must set up a new password to access your Alamo Aces online account.

How to use ACES to access Alamo courses?

The procedures below to obtain alamo canvas classes on aces. You may view all of your courses by logging into alamo canvas through aces. Please follow the directions below to access canvas.

  • Log on to Alamo ACES first.
  • Click on the My Courses link.
  • Next to the course name, select the house icon.
  • It might be necessary to choose the right phrase from the drop down.
  • A new browser tab should appear with your course.
  • The majority of the time, the course material will be accessible from the first day of lessons.

What features does ACES provide?

  • Registration/drop/add, course search, grades, academic history, class lists, web grades, Canvas, change of address, student email, and online billing and payment information are all accessible with a single sign-on.
  • 24/7 accessibility (the system will be unavailable between 1:00 a.m. and 2:00 a.m. daily for maintenance).
  • Direct delivery of customized information to your web browser!
  • Alamo Colleges-wide announcements in real-time (such as class cancellations).

Students Alamo Aces Customer Services

Customer services for Alamo Aces
Customer services for Alamo Aces

With the use of a single sign-on, ACES’ secure portal gives academics, staff, and students access to a number of apps. You’ll have access to email, email accounts, library resources, and online courses as an ACES user. You’ll also be able to register for classes and view financial aid data. Your college’s most recent activities and significant news will be sent to you via ACES.

Important Numbers


NLC: 210-486-5777
NVC: 210-486-4777
PAC: 210-486-3777
SAC: 210-486-0777
SPC: 210-486-2777
District: 210-485-0555

Admissions and Records / Enrollment Services

NLC 210-486-5401
NVC 210-486-4700
PAC 210-486-3700
SAC 210-486-0200
SPC 210-486-2700

Phone Number: 1-844-20ALAMO (1-844-202-5266)

FAQs about Alamo Aces

What function does the Portal serve?

The college community will receive integrated delivery of information, services, and online collaboration tools through the ACES portal, which will serve as a single web platform. The ACES portal’s main objectives are as follows:

  • Giving all internal resources a single sign-on environment.
  • Increasing web accessibility and self-service options.
  • Increasing the accessibility and availability of university computing infrastructure.
  • Speedy and effective delivery of tailored material to each portal user.
  • Delivering technical services at a level that satisfies the rising demands of teachers, staff, and students
  • Delivering integrated resources and tools to improve teaching, learning, and research
  • Enhancing user group and departmental cooperation in a real-time, online setting.

The ACES Portal will be used by who?

For all current students, instructors, and staff, there is an ACES portal. According to the user group that the person using the portal belongs to, channels have been created to provide material. This information will only be accessible to those who have Alamo Colleges ACES IDs.

Students will be the portal’s main users when it launches since they will use it to register for classes, drop or add classes, pay bills, and complete any other tasks that PALS previously handled for them.
While press releases and email announcements will be distributed to all current students and workers, communications are being delivered to incoming students with the portal address.

How can I sign up for ACES?

In addition to the gateway system known as ACES, Alamo Colleges presently uses a student record system named Banner (Alamo Colleges Educational Services). In order to access Banner Student Self-Services and register for classes, students must log in to the ACES site.

Visit Future Students for comprehensive information on the registration procedure.

We appreciate that you have read the content. Census Outreach believes this post would be helpful for those of you who are using your ACES Alamo account for the first time.

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